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12 Cheeky Instagram Captions To Use When You Haven’t Posted In Weeks

Make way for the comeback kid.

Instagram captions to use when you haven't posted in a while

Whether due to a social media detox, or just a drought of good photos, there’s a good chance that, at some point, you’ve taken a break from posting on Instagram. Sure, maybe being perceived is a major component of solidifying your main character energy. But there’s also something distinctly main character about being aloof and out of touch for a bit — especially when that hiatus is marked by a grand reentry onto Instagram.

Maybe you’ve been steadily plotting the debut of your rebrand post — completely swiping your feed of aesthetic thumbnails in favor of a new leaf. Or, maybe you’re excited to post a photo dump of all of the things that have filled your time while being off the grid. Whatever you’re going for, the first Instagram after some time off can feel like a major statement. Which might have you wondering, “What do I caption this?”

Whether you’re trying to subtly sneak back into your followers’ daily scroll, or want your first post back to be ushered in with a red carpet down one’s timeline, here are some Instagram caption ideas for when you haven’t posted in a while.

1. Is this thing on?

Testing, testing. If the algorithm is hiding your content due to lack of activity, here’s the perfect soundcheck for your followers to engage with.

2. On the grid again

In this life, you’re either on the grid or off the grid. And nothing says “on the grid” like announcing it with an Instagram post.

3. What have I missed?

If your GC hasn’t briefed you with a “Previously on: Your feed” recap, let your followers know you’ve been MIA for a bit. (But, let’s be honest, this is also a subtle flex that there’s nothing to miss on IG when you’re not posting.”

4. Took a break from IG to let the rest of you catch up…

Nothing says “I’m back” like hitting the ground running with a little cheeky banter on the feed. Bonus points if your comments section turns into a playful trash-talking contest over whose feed is the best.

5. “[insert your username] just posted for the first time in a while.”

It’s never not a good idea to poke fun at the many notifications that flood our phones every day. And mimicking this Instagram notification is particularly meta.

6. Did you miss me?

You already know the answer, but it never hurts to check. Plus, nothing says engagement like all of your friends spamming your comments section with compliments.

7. Backstreet’s back ALRIGHT

Whether you’re a millennial or a Gen Z’er obsessed with the Y2K revival, chances are your followers are sure to appreciate this Backstreet Boys reference.

8. Pics of your Instagram hiatus or it didn’t happen.

One of the best ways to remain humble about a social media detox is by reminding your followers that you still post every facet of your life on social media, too – even if it’s a photo dump of your time off the grid.

9. Gentle reminder that this is what I look like.

Sure, your IRL friends probably haven’t forgotten. But, why not remind the masses of acquaintances and Hinge matches in your followers list that you’re still looking great?

10. “Surprise, b*tch. I bet you thought you’d seen the last of me.”

Whether someone’s a hardcore American Horror Story stan, or just very online, chances are most of your followers have seen the hilarious gif of an American Horror Story scene with Emma Roberts. Bonus points if you add to the dramatics by including a “swipe to” of the meme.

11. Hold the applause…

For when you’re ready to return to IG but aren’t prepared for the deafening fanfare of your followers celebrating.

12. IG intermission is over

A sign to your followers to please return to their seats and prepare for another riveting act of your social media presence.