How To Create A Peaceful & Cozy Bedroom, According To Designers

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Your bedroom is your sanctuary — and as your sanctuary, it should be as cozy as you can make it. But if I’m being honest? I’m not the best when it comes to making a cozy bedroom, as mine is definitely on the stale side. That’s why I’ve reached out to a handful of interior designers who were more than happy to share their best tips and tricks when it comes to upgrading your bedroom into a cozy oasis of relaxation.

From soft throw blankets to chic lighting, there’s a reason why these designers are huge fans of all the products you’ll find below. Need an example? Andra DelMonico, the lead interior designer for Trendey, recommends switching out your light bulbs with yellow ones like these. “To add warm light, you can use accent lighting with a yellow tint,” she tells Bustle. “This creates a softer glow with a slight yellow tint that creates a warm feeling.” Or, if your bedding could use an upgrade, there are also cute throw pillowcases, as well as comfy duvets — all recommended by professionals.

There should be at least one room in your house where you can go to relax, and these designers know just how to make your bedroom as peaceful and cozy as can be. Keep scrolling for more.


A White Noise Machine Loaded With 24 Soothing Sounds

Joe Cangelosi, the interior designer of Joe Cangelosi LLC, suggests adding a white noise machine to your bedroom. “One of my favorite things in my bedroom is a sound machine,” he explains. “It is wonderful to tune out the world and just listen to white noise.” Plus, it even comes with 24 different sounds: ocean waves, crackling campfire, ticking clock, and more.


This Stylish Table Lamp With A Chic, Pleated Shade

Cindy Ngo, the founder of Ink + Porcelain, suggests taking a look at this affordable table lamp by LongTN if your nightstand needs some lighting. “For $30 and a variety of options, it is the perfect lamp for the bedroom on a nightstand or a desk,” she explains. “An essential little addition for a cozy room.” And unlike some lamps, this one has a small frame to help save space. It even has a stylish pleated shade that comes in various colors.


A Window Film That Shades Your Room Without Making It Too Dark

Need a little less light in your room, but not so much less that you’re left in the dark? Kate Diaz, an interior designer and co-founder of Swanky Den, recommends using “an appropriate screen to control how much sunlight is allowed in” — and these window films are a great pick. Not only do they block up to 98% of UV rays, but they can also help keep your furniture upholstery from fading in the light.


A Snake Plant That Can Thrive In Low Light Conditions

Diaz also suggests using plants to “make your bedroom seem more cozy and peaceful [...],” but if your bedroom doesn’t have a ton of light? Growing plants can be hard — unless you’ve got this snake plant. Not only can it handle low light conditions, but each one is grown in slow-release fertilizer to help keep it looking thriving over time.


The Spider Plant That Comes Pre-Potted

Plenty of indoor plants arrive without pots, whereas this spider plant comes with a clay pot included. It thrives in bright, indirect, or artificial light, making it ideal for everything from bedrooms to offices. One reviewer was so satisfied that they even raved “it has grown 5 times its size and even threw out a new shot! Now I have two spider plants!”


Having A Spot To Conceal Your TV In Between Uses

Diaz suggests finding a place to hide your TV in between uses. She says, “If you like to keep the television in your bedroom, make sure it’s hidden by placing it behind a cabinet or screen that matches your decor.” A room divider can even help conceal your TV while you’re not watching it.


An Ottoman That Doubles As A Comfortable Seat

Diaz also tells Bustle, “If you're trying to create a cozy feel in your bedroom, think about adding comfortable furniture with good back support that encourages lounging like chairs, daybeds or ottomans.” Luckily, this ottoman not only features a comfortable top for sitting, but also features hidden storage space inside where you can stash everything from children’s toys to throw blankets.


A Table That Helps You Separate Work From Relaxation

If your bedroom doubles as your home office, Diaz believes separating work from relaxation can help create a peaceful space. This desk — which is under $40 — can help. She says, “Think about what you want your bedroom to be used for and try to create harmony between work and relaxation.” Diaz continues, “For example, if you have a laptop that you frequently use at night, place it on a desk or table to have space to work surrounded by a peaceful environment.” And since this desk comes in four different finishes, incorporating it into your bedroom design should be a total breeze.


A Floor Lamp With A Bonus Reading Light

Diaz also tells Bustle that you should “avoid using overhead lights when you can and use recessed or floor lamps instead for a cozier lighting scheme.” This lamp is a great choice, as it features a smaller, built-in reading light (in addition to the top portion), so you don’t have to sit in the bright light of the larger bulb when trying to wind down.


This Long, Cushioned Ottoman With Tons Of Hidden Storage

Need a little extra storage space in your bedroom? Diaz suggests a storage bench, and this ottoman is a good choice (not just because the roomy interior can be used to store practically anything). She tells Bustle that storage furniture “can be used for both storing items and as a place to sit and relax.” The cushioned top on this one provides a comfortable spot for guests to relax.


Choosing Calm Colors While Painting The Walls Of Your Bedroom

According to Diaz, calm colors are important. She says, “Keep the colors in your bedroom cool with pale blues, grays, or greens, which are calming color schemes for bedrooms.” Diaz continues, “A room’s smooth looking surfaces also provide more tranquility than rough ones.” If you’d rather not paint your place, wallpaper could also help.


A Set Of Shelves That Make The Most Of Awkward Corners

Don’t have a ton of storage in your bedroom? Diaz recommends “using bookcases to save floor space for other items in the room” — and this set of corner shelves come in so many finishes they’re almost guaranteed to match your decor. Plus, the shelves are scratch- as well as water-resistant.


A Small Fan To Keep The Temperature Cool In Your Room

Diaz also suggests keeping your room at a cool, comfortable temperature, and having this small fan on your nightstand can help keep the air flowing. She says, “A fan or AC unit should do the job, especially if you have a small bedroom.” Plus, this model in particular lets you adjust its wind speed up to three levels.


A Dimmable Lamp That Can Encourage You To Relax

Your bedroom is somewhere you want to kick back and relax. Alessandra Wood, VP of Style at Modsy (where an interior wellness report was conducted which led to Wood’s suggestions), tells Bustle to “incorporate task lighting on bedside so you can easily read a book, as opposed to watching TV” — and this compact lamp is a great choice. The soft lighting is perfect for reading, and you can even adjust the brightness up to five levels.


The Book Light That Stays Lit For Up To 70 Hours

Don’t have enough space on your nightstand for a lamp? This reading light is another option for task lighting, because it clips onto books, tablets, and more — all without taking up hardly any space. The flexible gooseneck also lets you adjust where it’s pointed, and you can even adjust its brightness up to three levels.


A Multi-Use Charging Station (Kept In The Other Room)

Wood also recommends limiting how many charging cables are near your bed. She says, “Think about creating a charging station in a completely different room so you leave your phones outside the space.” Plus, this charging station in particular can wirelessly power up phones, AirPods, and Apple Watches.


A Pair Of Plush Throw Pillows That Shouldn’t Flatten Out

Soft pillows can make or break your bedding, which is why Wood suggests that you “incorporate plush, cozy elements that allow you to relax and really sink into your bed.” These pillows, for example, are made with a high-quality brushed fabric exterior that feels soft against skin, as well as a fiber filling that won’t fall flat over time. Choose from 10 different sizes.


This Paint That Comes In Dozens Of Calming Shades

The color on your walls can also affect how well you’re able to chill, which is why Wood suggests that you “choose color palettes that make you feel calm.” And since this paint comes in dozens of shades, you’re almost guaranteed to find one that inspires relaxation. Plus, the formula is thick enough that you don’t need to apply a primer coat beforehand.


These Throw Pillow Cases Made From Polyester Velvet

Need a few covers for those pillows? These pillowcases are made from soft polyester velvet that feels oh-so heavenly against skin. And with dozens of shades to choose from, they work exceptionally well for adding little pops of color to dull rooms. Plus, the hidden zippers won’t snag on your hair or clothes.


A Comforter That’s Filled With Cozy Down Alternative

Some comforters are too heavy, whereas others are too light — but this down alternative comforter is just right in the middle. Not only is it suitable for year-round use, but eight corner and side loops help keep it from shifting around inside of a duvet. “Truly the most comfy comforter I've ever owned,” raved one reviewer. “Very soft. Very cuddly.”


This Fluffy Mattress Pad With An Extra-Deep Pocket

Adding a mattress pad to your bed is an easy way to make it feel softer without buying an entirely new bed, and this one even features an extra-deep pocket so that it doesn’t ride up over your mattress. The best part? Its down alternative fill paired with the 100% cotton top is breathable to help keep you cool on hot nights.


The Bed Pillows With Thousands Of Positive Reviews

If the pillows on your bed are a little lackluster, make sure to check out these ones. They’re filled with plush hollow fibers that won’t let them fall flat over time, and thousands of reviewers also left glowing reviews. “These are soft, but they have a lot of filling that keeps your head supported so that I don't end up with a kinked neck when I sleep on my side,” explained one. “You can tell they're great quality.”


A Body Pillow Cover That’s Lined With Oh-So Soft Faux Sherpa

Body pillow in need of a cover? This one is made from seriously soft polyester-sherpa, with a hidden zipper that won’t snag on your hair or clothes. The oversized fit is great for larger pillows, and it even comes in 11 different colors.


The Blackout Curtains That Help With Outside Noise & Drafts

Wood also suggests taking a look at blackout curtains, as they can “help cut down on noise and drafts!” Unlike some curtains, these ones are also wrinkle-resistant — and the grommet top glides effortlessly across your curtain rod without snagging. Choose from 37 colors, as well as 13 different sizes.


These Chenille-Lined Floor Pillows That’ll Help Create Cozy Corners

Sarah Gaffney, the lead designer at Next Stage Design, tells Bustle that “if you have enough space, you could create a cozy corner with a comfortable chair or some cushions” — and these cushions are available for less than $35 each. They’re plush and hypoallergenic, as well as covered with 100% chenille fabric.


Using “Travel Keepsakes” As Decor For Vacation Vibes

Gaffney suggests adding travel keepsakes to your setup. She tells Bustle, “Little elements like matching the same pattern or color throughout can make a bedroom feel more luxurious (and at the same time not too overwhelming) while DIY items like travel keepsakes and extra eye masks on hand could make your stay feel more like a weekend getaway.”


A Small End Table That Won’t Clutter Up Your Room

Gaffney also suggests keeping your bedroom “stocked with good reads, plants, maybe a small table — but be sure it doesn’t get too cluttered though, or it’ll just feel like another part of the living room.” And since this table in particular is on the smaller side, it’s less likely to leave your bedroom feeling overcrowded.


This Bouquet Of Dried Lavender For Soothing Scents

“There's nothing quite like a bouquet of dried French lavender in a vessel or even tied neatly resting on the top of a stack of books,” explains Lisa Galano, the principal of Lisa Galano Design Consultancy. “Not only does it look gorgeous and sophisticated, but it also smells incredible.” Plus, this bundle in particular is hand-picked.


A Fuzzy Throw Blanket That Comes In On-Trend Colors

Galano also suggests the additions of “throw blankets,” “accent pillows,” and “guest hand towels,” telling Bustle that they’re “beautiful ways to appreciate the color of the moment.” She continues, “These are items that one gets cozy with but can also put away in a year when tastes or trends have changed.” Plus, this blanket is even made from fuzzy faux fur that’s perfect for snuggling. Choose from seven different trendy colors.


These Calming Canvas Prints That’ll Add A Mountain Scene To Your Room

Galano also recommends adding artwork to your bedroom, and says, “Always, art for color!” She continues, “I like to let work be the showstopper regardless of its palette, which is why prints are such a fantastic way to incorporate specific colors.” And unlike some canvasses, these ones come with a built-in metal hook for easy hanging — and they’ll make it look like you’ve got a calming mountain scene right in your bedroom.


A Bedside Organizer That’ll Store Your Belongings Nearby

Stefan Bucur, founder and owner of Rythm of the Home, and Maegan Bucur, writer and editor and chief of the company, both recommend utilizing bed storage — and this bedside organizer could help if your frame doesn’t have built-in storage areas. “Decide if you need some extra compartments aside from what’s already available in the room,” they explain. “Beds with integrated storage have become quite popular nowadays, and they are very convenient.” Plus, installation for this organizer is as easy as sliding the anchor flap underneath your mattress.


These Under-The-Bed Organizers With Structured Walls

With adjustable dividers and hard-style walls, these organizers can help get the space underneath your bed looking neat and tidy again (which is convenient if your bed doesn’t have built-in drawers). The handles are reinforced so that they’re less likely to rip when dragged over carpet, and the transparent top makes it easy to see what’s inside without having to unpack anything.


A Set Of Dreamy Fairy Lights That Cast A Cozy Glow

Lighting plays a big part in making a room feel comfortable. Stefan and Maegan Bucur tell Bustle that they also “recommend string fairy lights and recessed canned lights for a cozier feeling.” You can packs these lights inside of a Mason jar for some cute decor, or even string them around your headboard as a gentle night light.


This Smart Switch That Can Help Dim The Lights

“I recommend improving the lighting in the room to improve sleep and relaxation,” says Stacy Lewis, the interior designer at Eternity Modern. She continues, “You can use dimmer or yellow lights to reduce the brightness inside the room.” Not only is this smart dimmer switch compatible with Alexa and Google Home, but you can also program it so that your lights gently fade off while you’re trying to sleep.


A Dimmer Switch That’s Easy To Use With Your Existing Lamps

Simply plug your lamps into this dimmer switch, and you’ll be able to adjust their brightness by moving the slider up or down — no programming required. It should work with incandescent or halogen bulbs (300 watts), and it features a 6-foot power cable so that it’s easy to use with distant outlets. Choose from two colors: black or white.


The Plush Area Rug That’s Undeniably Luxurious

Lewis recommends adding a “soft carpet” to your space, specifically telling Bustle, “These soft carpets will not just present luxury and elegance but also coziness and warmth.” This carpet is available in 14 different colors as well as five sizes to choose from, so you’re almost guaranteed to find one that suits your space.


The Amber Light Bulbs That Produce A Soft Glow

Andra DelMonico, the lead interior designer for Trendey, tells Bustle that “having multiple layers of light lets you have daylight light for getting ready in the morning and warm light for creating a cozy atmosphere in the evening.” But if you aren’t sure where to find warm light bulbs, don’t worry: These amber ones produce a soft glow, and they even have a lifespan of up to 25,000 hours.


These Night Lights That Emit Soft, Warm Light

Amber, warm white, blue, red — this night light comes in a variety of colors to help you set whatever mood you’re feeling. Unlike some night lights, this one is shaped so that it won’t block the second outlet on your wall. Plus, the built-in sensor keeps it from turning on when the room is already bright.


Eliminate The Echos For A Cozier Atmosphere

DelMonico tells Bustle, “Adding furniture and textiles to a room eliminates the hollow and echo sound that happens in an empty room.” She continues, “This echo sound also works to eliminate the open, airy, and potentially cold feeling in the room. Dampening the sound helps to create a cozy atmosphere by creating a feeling of comfort and closeness.”


This Throw Blanket That Looks Just As Warm As It Is

DelMonico suggests that you can use certain fabrics to help inspire a feeling of warmth. “Wool, flannel, shearling, velvet, fleece, and chenille are all fabrics that create a visual effect of feeling warm and cozy,” she explains. With that being said, this throw blanket could be a comfortable addition to your decor. The microfiber sherpa and fleece linings not only look warm, but they also feels oh-so soft against skin — a must-have for your next nap.


These Soft Velvet Pillowcases For Your Bed Setup

With hundreds of positive four- and five-star reviews, there’s a reason why these pillowcases are so popular. They’re made from super-soft velvet, along with hidden zippers to help prevent snags. But if that isn’t enough? One reviewer wrote that they’re able to wash it without any “dreaded pilling, pulls, or twisting.”


This Dark, Moody Wallpaper With A Silky Design

If the walls in your bedroom are a little on the lackluster side, Caroline Lovelace, Director of Furniture Sales for Murphy Maude, recommends using a dark wallpaper to upgrade your space. “We love dark moody walls and warm accents for a clean, sophisticated and contemporary design that feels very cozy and livable,” she explains. And unlike some wallpapers, this one features an adhesive backing that lets you put it up just like a sticker.


A Diffuser That Looks Better Than The Rest

Marco Bizzley, certified interior designer at HouseGrail, suggests taking a look at this diffuser. Not only does the tree design look good wherever you put it, but the large water reservoir even provides up to eight hours of soothing mist. Or, if you aren’t into trees, it also comes in three other styles: owl, deer, or butterfly.


This Wall Sconce With A Chic Frosted Shade

Looking for some chic lighting that won’t break the bank? Bizzley is also a big fan of this wall sconce. The frosted shade diffuses light to give it a softer feeling, and it’s so versatile that you can install it horizontally as well as vertically. Choose from two colors: warm white or cool white.


A Duvet That Comes In Gorgeous Earth Tones

If you aren’t sure where to start when it comes to upgrading your bedding, Bizzley suggests using Earth tones to help bring peace to your room. “Earth tones are relaxing,” he explains. And since this duvet is made with naturally wrinkled fabric, it also has a vintage touch that adds style without overpowering the rest of the bedroom.


This Faux Cashmere Blanket For Layering On Your Bed

Katie Simpson, the senior interior designer for Mackenzie Collier Interiors (MCI), suggests layering your bedding as a way to make your room cozy. She tells Bustle, “Nothing feels more cozy than being bundled up in your bed surrounded by piles of blankets! Layering textiles is a simple trick that not only adds a sense of coziness to your space but also texture and dimension to your bedding.” This faux cashmere blanket can add to the layers, and it’s available in six colors.


A Highly Rated Tray Made With Handwoven Rattan

Simpson says that “Layering in pieces made of natural materials like wool rugs, wood lamps or rattan trays can help make a space feel cozier and less stark,” and this handwoven rattan tray can be a stylish addition to your bedroom while keeping up with those neutral tones.