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How To Curate A Series Of Emojis, According To TikTok

The ones that get it, get it.

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It’s time we finally admit something to ourselves: choosing the perfect emojis is a lot tougher than it should be. It’s hard to play it cool with your crush when you’re agonizing over which colored heart to send, and having so many options to pick from doesn’t make it any easier. That’s probably why TikTok users are so impressed with @jillblaire’s ability to curate emojis like it's nothing — the user has practically created her own algorithm for choosing the animated emoticons based on outfits, occasions, and everything in between.

Everyone knows that where words fail, emojis prevail. But what happens when you can’t find the emoji to describe how you’re feeling, either? You could recruit your group chat for emoji assistance, or you could just open @jillblaire’s TikTok account, where you’re sure to find some clutch emoji selection tips. The creator first went viral for her secret talent when she admitted in an April 4 TikTok that her dream job is to be an “emoji curator” so she can pick the “perfect emojis” for an Instagram Story. She explains her qualifications for the job by sharing some of her “rules” for picking emojis, like only using an odd number and picking ones that look aesthetically pleasing together.

The video has accumulated over 200K likes as of April 21 and left the audience eager for even more emoji hot tips. This prompted the creator to make a part two on April 5, in which she broke down even more of her emoji curation rules, specifically for Instagram Stories.

“First rule is that the colors have to go together, and so do the shapes,” explains the TikToker. She references an emoji sequence that features a disco ball, two champagne glasses toasting, a hamburger, a sparkle, and a plate of pasta as an example, explaining that the disco ball and hamburger weren’t placed next to each other because they’re the same shape. She also separated the champagne glasses and sparkle because they’re the same color.

Next, she advises using emojis that are “all related to the activity that’s going on in the Story.” That means if you’re at a concert, you’re probably going to want to use emojis that represent music. If you’re on a hike, your best bet is to stick to the “Animals & Nature” tab.

Another rule you probably wouldn’t have thought of is: if you use an emoji that leans in one direction (i.e. the avocado emoji), you’ll need to pick another that leans in the opposite direction. They don’t have to be placed next to one another in the sequence, but they do need to balance each other out. It’s so simple, yet so effective.

The creator also mentions that she often uses the sparkle emoji in her sequences, calling it the “perfect filler if you don’t have enough [emojis].” As for where she situates the emojis in a Story, the TikToker shares she either puts them in the center of a post or shifts them over to the left or right depending on the “composition of the Story.” Genius.

If her thorough list of rules wasn’t enough, followers can also ask the creator for emoji advice for just about everything you could post about, from graduation to a weekend at Coachella.

If you’re enthralled with @jillblaire’s emoji curation skills but not sure why, user @socialmediagirlie does a good job summing up why the creator’s content is so impressive. “The fact that she’s addressing you can make emojis cute is so cool to me, because I do social media, and I feel like everything has to be aesthetic in my brain,” says the fan. “I feel like she’s speaking to me because I so understand what she’s saying. But some people just don’t get it, you know?”

The TikTok has over 68.5K likes as of April 21, so it’s fair to say a lot of people actually do get it.

Next time you’re unsure which emojis match your Instagram Story the best, or even make the most sense in a text, just remember these tips: color, shape, lean. It’s that simple.

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