Apple's New iOS *Finally* Has Another Pink Heart Emoji

BRB, updating my phone then texting everyone in my contacts.

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Apple iOS 16.4 includes new emojis like a pink heart, light blue heart, and more.

It feels like there’s already an emoji for everything, but as soon as an update with a new crop of the beloved emoticons comes along, there’s always one (or two, or three) that you didn’t realize you needed. Apple released its latest update for iOS 16.4 on March 27, and this time around, there’s a handful of new emojis that you’ve likely been waiting for, including hands high-fiving and a plain pink heart (!).

According to MacRumors, iOS 16.4 comes with a series of practical improvements, including changes to Shortcuts, voice isolation for phone calls, and tweaks to the Podcasts app. Among the most exciting changes are the 21 new emojis that rolled out with the software, which run the gamut from animals like a jellyfish and a donkey, to three more colored heart options — because you can never have too many hearts. Plus, there’s also a “shaking face” emoji that’s perfect for when you receive a truly shocking piece of gossip in the group chat, or texting your bestie after a first date while your nerves are still running high. It’s the only new facial expression of the bunch, which is a pretty big difference compared to the seven expressions added with last year’s iOS 15.4 update, but hey — I’ll take what I can get.

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The emoji fun doesn’t end there, though. The new collection of emoticons also includes a wing that you can use even when you’re on your worst behavior, a folding hand fan for when the conversation with your crush starts to get ~spicy~, and a pea pod that’s practically begging to be used in your best friend group chat name. There’s even a set of maracas and a flute that has Lizzo’s name all over it, so you can send out a signal to your high school bandmates to get the band back together.

iOS users got a preview of the new crop of emojis, including the highly requested pink heart, when the iOS 16.4 beta dropped in February 2023, according to Emojipedia. If you’ve had an iPhone for a while, you know the addition of a plain pink heart emoji has been long overdue, but thankfully the wait is finally over, and now you can spread the love with just about every color under the sun.

Here’s the full list of new emojis in the iOS 15.4 update:

  1. Pink heart
  2. Light blue heart
  3. Grey heart
  4. Shaking face
  5. Donkey
  6. Jellyfish
  7. Moose
  8. Goose
  9. Wing
  10. Hyacinth
  11. Ginger
  12. Pea Pod
  13. Maracas
  14. Flute
  15. Hair pick
  16. Folding hand fan
  17. Wing
  18. WiFi signal
  19. Khanda
  20. Rightward pushing hand
  21. Leftward pushing hand

To get these emojis and all the new features that come with the software, you can update your phone to iOS 16.4 by opening the Settings app, selecting the “General” option, then navigating to Software Update and following the prompts to download it from there.

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