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How To Delete A BeReal Post From Your Feed

Fear your followers will be notified? Here’s what to know.

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How to delete a BeReal post.
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Ah, BeReal. The forcefully-candid social media platform can tend to catch users in rare forms. Or rather, in the extremely-common form of ourselves that you usually conveniently hide from your social media presence. With a random-timed notification each day (in which you’re prompted to post a selfie and photo of what you’re doing), and added pressure to take your BeReal as soon as possible, you might find yourself feeling some regret over your BeReals. So much regret, in fact, that you might be curious about how to delete a BeReal post.

You likely know that the app shows your followers how many times you retake a BeReal. So, if you don’t look great in the first one or two, you might feel pressure to just post whatever you get out of fear of Being Fake.

Whether you posted your BeReal with haste, or, maybe realized you snapped your BeReal at home just after texting “On my way!!” to your friend, there are plenty of scenarios in which you might realize you want to delete your BeReal post altogether. But, since the app seems to have so many consequences for any attempt to curate your BeReal presence, you might be fearful of what would happen if you Ctrl+Z’ed your latest selfie. Will you be banished from BeReal forever? Will your followers be notified that you’re a poser?

First of all, take a deep breath. The good news is, no matter what you’ve already posted on BeReal, you absolutely can take it down. Here’s everything you to know about deleting a BeReal post — including its possible consequences.

How To Delete A BeReal Post

To delete your latest BeReal post, open your BeReal app. Your latest post should be at the top of your feed if it is still visible for followers to see. Tap the three horizontal dots at the bottom right corner of your post, then tap “Options” in the bottom right corner.

Tap “Delete my BeReal” in red text. The window will notify you that you can only delete a BeReal post once a day, meaning that the next BeReal you post within the same day cannot be deleted.

If you’re certain that you want to delete your latest BeReal post, indicate your reason for deleting the post. Then, tap “Yes, I’m sure,” in red text. Your BeReal will be deleted from your feed.

How To Delete A BeReal Post From Your Memories

After the next BeReal notification goes out, your latest BeReal post is automatically removed from your followers’ feeds. However, all of your posts are still visible to you in the “Your Memories” folder.

If you want to delete a BeReal post from your Memories, open BeReal then tap on your profile picture. If the BeReal post that you want to delete is from the last fourteen days, you can tap on its thumbnail. Or, to see all of your Memories, tap “View all my Memories” underneath the photo gallery. Tap the thumbnail of the BeReal post you wish to delete.

Next, tap the three horizontal dots in the top right of your screen then tap “Delete from Memories” in red text. You will be asked if you’re sure that you wish to delete your BeReal memory. Keep in mind that once you do so, the post cannot be recovered. If you’re sure you want to say goodbye to that post forever, go ahead and tap Delete.

Now that your BeReal is cleansed, take this as a reminder to not feel any pressure to post a BeReal when you don’t want to. After all, BeReal is not all that real.

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