Here's How You Can Join The #DontRush Challenge On TikTok & Instagram

by Syeda Khaula Saad
How To Do The "Dont Rush" Challenge On TikTok & Instagram
Pratiwi Istiningdyah / EyeEm/EyeEm/Getty Images

With social distancing guidelines still in full effect, people on social media are continuing to get creative with different virtual challenges they can try out and share with friends. One of the more recent ones (and a personal favorite of mine) is the #DontRush Challenge. With a makeup brush, some friends, and your TikTok account, you too can partake.

While you're probably not going to go anywhere that requires getting really dressed up anytime soon, the #DontRush Challenge is a fun viral trend you and your friends can still take part in — even from different houses. The trend is called the #DontRush Challenge because the videos are set to the song "Don't Rush" by Young T & Bugsey featuring Headie One. It's also supposed to be ironic, because in the #DontRush Challenge videos, the edits make it so it looks like you get ready within seconds. The whole essence of the challenge is to gather your besties (virtually) and show off your best transformations from your sitting-at-home wear to your going-out looks.

The #DontRush Challenge requires each person in the compilation to shoot their own parts separately, and then someone to combine them all at the end. As part of the challenge, you're supposed to start off a video in your "home attire." Whether this means being in your bathrobe, bonnet, or favorite jammies is up to you. Once you show off your cute loungewear, you're supposed to take a makeup brush and cover your phone camera with it, then end the first part of your video.

Though the makeup brush is most commonly used, other people get creative and use other items like towels, their hands, or anything else relevant to their rendition of the challenge. In one video that went viral, Black women pilots took part in the #DontRush challenge and used their aviation headsets instead of makeup brushes. In another video, women doctors used their lab coats. The Orange is the New Black cast even participated in the challenge and used oranges for their transitions. Whether you want to showcase people in your field, your culture, or just your closest friends, the #DontRush Challenge is meant to demonstrate the duality of everyone's lives.

Then, while off camera, you get dressed up in the way you feel most confident. How to do your makeup, what to wear, how to do your hair — these are things you get to individualize.

Once you finish getting ready, you restart recording. To give your video the effect that you got ready within a few seconds, start the recording with the makeup brush (or other item) covering the camera in the same fashion you ended the previous video. Then, pull the makeup brush away from the screen to reveal your transformation. Once you show off your incredible transformation, toss your makeup brush off screen to give it the illusion that you're passing it to the next person in the video.

Before your friend records their parts of the video, make sure to let them know which direction to "grab" the brush from off-screen. The transitions for each person in the video should be discussed before filming so that the video comes out cohesive. To make the final product easier to edit, make sure each individual friend edits their two videos together. With this video, you don't have to do any crazy editing or effects. Simply meshing the videos together will make the transitions smoother and make for a better overall video.

When each person you want in your video has finished filming and editing their parts, it's time to put all the videos together. You can do this using TikTok, Instagram, or any video editing software you might have. For TikTok, the app has plenty of editing tools that allow you to mesh together different videos. The basic editor allows you to upload clips from your library, cut these clips, and then place them all together. For Instagram, you can do the same thing. Go to upload the first video and then instead of tapping the option to upload multiple videos, go to the video editor's Trim tab and add your other videos there. This will combine all the videos together.

Remember to set the entire video to "Don't Rush." This can be done directly on the TikTok app using the "+" icon and searching for the song on Sounds. On Instagram, you don't have the option to add music after already recording videos, but you can always save the Instagram video and use TikTok or any other video editing software to add music.

Once your video is edited, it's ready to be posted on your social media accounts. Remember to use the hashtag #DontRush so that other people online can see your finished product. Who knows, you might even go viral off of the video.

It doesn't matter who you are or how you dress — the point of the #DontRush Challenge is to show your friends and followers how you look when you feel your best. And sometimes, getting all dressed up (even with nowhere to go) is what you need to get through the rest of quarantine.