Here’s How Creators Get Paid On JustForFans

Signing up for the OnlyFans competitor is easy.

How To Get Paid On JustForFans
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Curious about how to make money on an adult content subscription platform that promises not to remove explicit videos, no matter what? Getting paid on JustForFans as a performer is easier than other platforms due to their market-place format. While OnlyFans is built for creators who already have followings on social media, JustForFans includes all of its performers into their search-able database. Fans can browse keywords like “BDSM” or “Couples” and whether you’re a seasoned performer with tons of followers or just getting started, your page will be discoverable to the masses. The Browse Categories feature makes JustForFans more equitable and user-friendly than other sites that favor already-established performers.

While the majority of performers on JustForFans take home 80% of their earnings, there is an Exclusive Performer status level— which basically means you can’t be on OnlyFans or any other competitor site — that ensures 85% payout on all tips, private media sales, texting exchanges, and store sales. This status also comes with some other perks like anti-piracy protection and referral codes.

The payment threshold for basic performers is $50, and you can opt to get your payouts weekly or monthly. While all you need is an email address to sign up as a fan, performer accounts require more information, including banking details. Here’s everything you need to create an account, and start making money as a “model” — as the site refers to its performers.

Sign Up As A Performer On JustForFans

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While you don’t need to be Twitter-famous to be a JustForFans performer, you do need to have an account, and you do need to give the platform access to it. The first step of registering as a performer is logging into your Twitter page, via JustForFans. Next, you’ll need to select a gender, as searches are organized by this classification. Tap Select Gender, and Edit Your Profile to declare your pronouns and change your bio if you want something different than what’s displayed on Twitter. You can change your name, select Explore categories that suit you, like “goddess” or “fetish” and tweak the display a bit.

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You’ll also want to spend some time in General Settings, establishing whether you want to be paid weekly or monthly, control your usage, and consider permissions — like if you want the platform to tweet out updates about your uploads on your behalf, or if you want your content to show up in the “Model Findr” database.

Next you’ll want to establish your pricing, whether you want allocate some funds for charitable partners, like Black Lives Matter or The HIV League — note that the platform makes the donation on your behalf, from your earned funds, so it’s not a tax write off for you.

You can also make changes to other default settings in General, like signing up for SMS alerts, adding a sexting feature to your page with a faux phone number, or even signing up for NextGen health care.

The last step to finalizing your account is to verify it. While you don’t have to use your legal name on your public-facing profile, you do need to share your legal details to establish an account with either your driver's license, ID card, or passport. Once you verify your identity, you can set up your payment information under account settings. You’ll also need to fill out a W9 form if you’re a U.S. citizen.

Create & Upload Your Content On JustForFans

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A minimum of five video posts are required to submit your account for official review. The videos must be at least three minutes long, and the platform suggests uploading as many as you can for a more successful launch. To upload a video or photo, tap the “+” button in the center of the lower menu bar. This will take you to the Media Center where you can upload files from your desktop.

You can also charge fans for individual clips — you can record special custom videos and sell them — text messages, and merch. Though you’ll need a few videos to become discoverable in the Model Findr, you can continue add on these other services to increase your revenue on the site. The more active you are, the more likely you are to get traffic, which can increase your chances of getting tips, too.

Promote Your Work On JustForFans

Once you upload a few videos and submit your account for review, you’ll get email notifications about where you are with the verification process. Once your account is live, you can promote your content on Twitter to bring in external viewers, or connect with other Models to rally internal interest. By following and friending other performers and establishing relationships, you can make plans to do “Shoutouts” to cross promote your pages — which is essentially like tagging someone in a tweet. You can also share links to your page on other social media platforms, but your friends and followers will have to sign up as Fans to view the preview, and pay for a subscription to see the content.