Here’s How To Use JustForFans

The OnlyFans counterpart will “never abandon its adult content creators.”

by Kaitlyn Wylde
Women signing up for JustForFans adult content subscription.
Mikhail Reshetnikov / EyeEm/EyeEm/Getty Images

It’s officially the year of NSFW fandom, thanks to adult content subscription platforms like OnlyFans, Fan House, and JustForFans. In 2021, being a fan doesn’t mean waving a foam finger at a stadium; it’s entering your credit card information online to sign up for exclusive content from adult performers. Sites like JustForFans allow cyber sex fans to patron their icons by paying for personal services like texting or purchasing custom video clips, while taking a 30% cut of all transactions. With OnlyFans pulling explicit sexual content off the table for performers — and then reversing its ban — you might be hearing more about JustForFans, OnlyFans’ distant, porn-forward cousin.

On Aug. 19, OnlyFans announced that it was banning sexually explicit content in order to ensure they could continue to process payments and secure investors. But on Aug. 25, after a lot of backlash, they reversed their decision. JustForFans, on the other hand, has said they would never ban sexual content in the first place. Read: Porn isn’t going anywhere on JustForFans, so if you’re looking for a stable platform to sign up for as a performer, or to support creators as a fan, you’ll want to know how to use JustForFans.

JustForFans has a lot in common with OnlyFans, in terms of the kinds of content it has to offer. But the way you search and view content on JustForFans is more like a classic porn site, less like a social media app. Here’s what you need to know about signing up for JustForFans and finding the content you’re looking for.

How To Sign Up For JustForFans

Unlike other porn sites, JustForFans doesn’t offer any free content or samplers without registering. To enter the site, you’ll need to create an account, which requires you to enter your email and pick a password. Once you log on, you’ll be greeted with a blank explore page, which very quickly fills in with NSFW content after you establish gender filters, which will organize the genders of the performers who you want to see.

Once you save your settings, you’ll be able to access free previews from creators. Previews typically include a little biographical information, some naughty photos, and maybe a .GIF, if you’re lucky.

To watch any videos, even free samples, you’ll have to set up your wallet within the site. You can access your account and wallet from the menu on the left side of the screen. Tap Account, then Credit Card information (or Cryptocurrency if you’re a Bitcoin bae).

How To Watch Videos & Subscribe On JustForFans

To gain access to performer’s full bios, see live or archived videos, text them, or get anything more than a very basic overview, you’ll need to pay. Once you enter and confirm your card information, you’ll be able to subscribe to performers by tapping the subscription button on their profile.

While each performer picks their own monthly fee — upon browsing, you’ll notice most hover around $10 per month — you can chose from one, three, or six-month subscriptions and save the longer you subscribe upfront. You can also checkout “Today’s Sales” in the left-hand menu for daily discounts and 14-day trials for other good bargains.

How To Find Content On JustForFans

There are various ways to find sexy stuff on JustForFans, whether you have specific content in mind or want to be surprised. On the left-hand side menu, you can tap Recommendations. At first, this will show you a random assortment of popular content, but as you subscribe and click around, JustForFans says your recommendations will become smarter, thanks to AI.

Under Browse Categories, you can also look for specific themes, like BDSM or Cos Play, and set your gender settings with each search to really fine-tune the results.

If you literally have no idea what you want to see, see it all by tapping All Models from the left-hand side menu. In what appears to be an endless scroll of performers, you can browse thumbnails and take note of subscription prices listed below.