7 Tips For Hosting Your New Year's Eve Party On Zoom

Goodbye 2021.

by Lauren Grant
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As we get closer to celebrating the New Year, and the Omicron variant shows no sign of slowing down, you may be spending another New Year’s Eve at home. While it may not be your first choice for the champagne-filled holiday, you can usher in 2022 with what’s been the most reliable tool since 2020: Zoom.

Don’t know where to start your celebratory plans? You've come to the right place. Celebrate what is truly the most wonderful time of the year and kick off your NYE party with games, resolutions, and champagne while in the comfort of your own home. Goodbye 2021 and hello 2022! Here’s how to host a virtual New Year's Eve party that will start the year off right.


1. Set A New Year’s Eve Dress Code & Theme

Choosing a theme and dressing up for New Year's is a must and will add some grandeur to your virtual party. As we head deeper into the '20's, choosing a theme that fits the decade like the roaring twenties or a classy masquerade is a fun way to celebrate. You can also choose to go the comfy route. The dress code can be anything from dressing up in your fanciest ensemble to rocking your favorite onesie.

2. Send Out The Invitations

Once you've set the dress code and time, you'll need to send out those invitations. Check out Greenevelope or Evite to create your own virtual NYE invites that you can customize to fit your theme and dress code.

3. Decorate Your 2022 Backdrop

2021 was anything but boring so you cannot have a boring backdrop when you and your friends are kicking this year to the curb. Enter your party in style and check out some cool New Year's backdrops.

4. Party Time

Now that everything is all set up, it's time for the real fun to begin. If you're celebrating with a mix of friends, grab some Zoom icebreakers for big groups that will help everyone ease into the night.

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5. NYE-Themed Activities

Now that you and your guests are cozy and in the swing of things, it's time to get creative and have some more fun. New Year's resolutions are of course a topic during this time, so take out some time with your guests to all write or discuss what goals you plan to accomplish in 2022. You can also use this time to get creative and make some NYE props like DIY party hats.

6. Virtual Ball Drop

The time has finally come! There are a couple of minutes left in the year, the champagne has been poured, and everyone is ready. Not only is your party virtual this year but so is the traditional New Year's ball drop. Be sure to share your screen so that you're all watching at the same time and kiss 2021 goodbye.

7. Start 2022 With A Movie Night

You've finally made it to the new year and if you aren't too buzzed by now, a nice way to end a night with friends is with a movie. Ring in 2022 with a timeless New Year's film like Sleepless In Seattle or Bridget Jones' Diary.

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