21 Zoom Icebreakers For Big Groups That'll Save The Day

Team Edward or Team Jacob?

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With September in full effect, it means summer is winding down and it's time to get back to school, work, and the everyday hustle and bustle of things. But that doesn't mean we're exactly returning to normalcy. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, meetings and classes will still mostly likely be taking place via Zoom video calls. And even though we're going on six months of social distancing, Zoom calls can still feel pretty awkward at times, especially if you're in a big group with people you don't know that well. This is why you should stay equipped with Zoom ice breakers for big groups.

It can be intimidating to be the first person to speak in a big group, even if that group is meeting virtually. But if you keep a few ice breakers up your sleeve, it can make talking on your Zoom calls (and having a great discussion with other people in the call) a lot more easy. Plus, when everyone's talking comfortably and the conversation is flowing, they'll have you to thank. So the next time a Zoom call with a big group falls awkwardly silent, just try a few of these ice breakers to save the day.

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1. Let's take a poll...

Find out favorite ice cream flavors, Netflix shows, or if people are Team Edward or Team Jacob.

2. How much longer do we think this will last?

Taking bets on when all of this will end can be a funny way of getting the conversation going.

3. Who's tired of these Zoom calls?

A little honesty never hurt anybody.

4. Who has pajamas on right now?

It can be fun to see who else has mastered the just-the-top put-together look.

5. Let's play Zoom I-Spy.

Play using only what you can see on your screen. Is it a clock? An interesting wallpaper pattern? Whatever it is, it'll get people talking.

6. Everyone get to know the person "next to" them.

In Gallery View, Zoom places people's screens next to each other. Having everyone break off into groups of two to get to know each other better can create a better sense of familiarity in a big group.

7. Let's play social distancing Bingo.

Who else has gotten dressed up just to sit in their room? Bingo!

8. Let's go around and say one fun fact each.

This may seem like a dread in regular settings, but in video calls, this is a great way to get everyone to speak and feel more at ease.

9. What's everyone's Zodiac sign?

It's a good idea to point out the Geminis beforehand.

10. Show and tell.

Maybe someone has a stuffed animal they've had since they were five or an autographed first-edition of their favorite book. Either way, giving them a chance to show it off can help them feel more comfortable in a big group.

11. Let's play Name Tag.

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This is a great and easy way to hear everyone speak and learn how to pronounce their names. To play Name Tag, all you have to do is "tag" someone by saying their name (displayed at the bottom of their screen). This way, if you don't know how to say it correctly, the person can correct you for everyone to hear. Keep playing until everyone's name has been called.

12. Say something you're grateful for.

Starting off a Zoom call on a positive note can really set the tone for the whole call. What better way to do this than getting everyone in a thankful mood?

13. What show are you binging?

I mean, how else is everyone getting through quarantine?

14. What did you want to grow up to be when you were younger?

Do have any astronaut princess doctors in the room?

15. Is anyone here still baking?

This can give you a good idea of what phase of quarantine everyone is in.

16. Show of hands: Who thinks pigeons are real?

Whether you believe in this conspiracy theory or just need a good laugh, this is a great way to get some conversation flowing.

17. In your opinion, what's the weirdest trend to come out of quarantine?

Extra points if you say pillow dresses.

18. Who here is actually enjoying quarantine?

Find out who the introverts in the Zoom call are.

19. Has anyone did any drastic makeovers since being in quarantine?

Bangs? Dyeing your hair blue? Shaving off your eyebrows?

20. What has been the wildest news of 2020?

Do you think it was the firenado? The UFO sighting? The murder hornets?

21. Does anyone have plans for 2021?

Spreading a little hope for the next year to come is probably the best thing you can do right now.