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How To Repost Your TikTok Videos To Instagram

Because sometimes content is so good you need to crosspost.

How to respost TikToks on Instagram
Klaus Vedfelt/DigitalVision/Getty Images

As much as Instagram might have replicated TikTok with its Reels feature, there is a certain level of content that might be harder to find on Instagram. Maybe it’s the TikTok algorithm that makes our FYP feel almost frighteningly tailored to our interests. Or, maybe it’s just the mere fact that many TikTok creators don’t post the same content on Instagram Reels. Whatever the reason, Instagram still might not be a “one-stop shop” for your photo scrolling and short-form video needs. This means you might often find yourself wishing you could share the fruits of your TikTok scrolling with your IG followers.

There are plenty of reasons why you might want to repost a TikTok on Instagram. Maybe it would just make for a hilarious story that’s sure to get friends laughing in your DM replies. Or, maybe you even want to add a chaotic TikTok to your latest photo dump. But, crossing the bridge from TikTok to Instagram might feel like no man’s land if you don’t know how to repost TikToks.

Here’s everything you need to know about posting TikToks to Instagram.

How To Post A TikTok To Your Instagram Story

If you want to repost a TikTok to your Instagram story, the process is very simple. Just open the TikTok that you want to repost in the TikTok app, and tap the “Share” button in the bottom right corner (the icon looks like an arrow).

Tap Instagram from the list of sharing platforms. This will redirect you to the Instagram app. Tap the “Story” option in the bottom left. The icon is a plus (+) symbol with a circle around it. Then, choose whether you’d like to post the TikTok to your public story or your Close Friends.

How To Post A TikTok To Your Instagram Feed As A Reel

Sometimes, a TikTok is so good that it just needs to hit your grid. To repost a TikTok as a Reel, open the TikTok and tap the “Share” button in the bottom right corner. Tap Instagram from the list of sharing options.

Once you’re redirected to the Instagram app, tap the “Feed” option in the bottom right. The icon is a plus (+) symbol with a square around it. Edit the post as you would with any Reel – adding any text or stickers that you’d like. Then, tap Next.

Add a caption of your choosing, then tap the blue “Share” button in the bottom right for it to be added to your feed permanently.

How To Post A TikTok To Your Instagram Feed In a Photo Slideshow

It’s become a trendy photo dump move to add a TikTok within your carousel. Some users, especially meme pages, will even curate entire photo dumps consisting of TikToks.

If you want to add a TikTok to your photo dump, then the approach is slightly different. Open the TikTok video and tap Share as you normally would. But, in this instance, you’ll want to tap “Save video.” The icon looks like a download button.

Once you’ve saved the video to your camera roll, prepare your photo dump as you usually would by holding down on and selecting each photo thumbnail from your camera roll. Add your TikTok video wherever you’d like, and post as you would any other photo dump.

Now, just sit back and wait for your Instagram followers to thank you for delivering the greatest TikTok they’ve ever seen to their feed.