Here’s How To Subscribe To OnlyFans

Access to NSFW-ish content is just a few taps away.

by Kaitlyn Wylde
Two girls take a sexy selfie together to post on OnlyFans. Here's how to subscribe to onlyfans.
PixelsEffect/E+/Getty Images

If you somehow managed to make it through the entire pandemic without figuring out how to subscribe to OnlyFans to take, uh, full advantage of working from home, there are still plenty of reasons to get familiar with the platform. You know, like supporting independent creators and getting your NSFW content fix.

After launching in 2016, OnlyFans hit a peak in popularity during quarantine — this April, the company reported paying out over $2.4 billion to creators. And with over 120 million users, compared to six million on Patreon and 52 million users on Twitch, OnlyFans is likely here to stay.

As of December, there were over a million creator pages to subscribe to, so the options for entertainment are certainly more bountiful than your cable subscription, which also might make browsing equally more complicated. So whether you want to cruise around semi-anonymously to support performers — like to peep Instagram influencer Caroline Calloway’s cheeky cosplay — or start your own creator page, you’ll want to get familiar with the platform. Here’s how to get access to both the creator and user sides of OnlyFans.

How To Purchase A Monthly Subscription On OnlyFans


To subscribe to a creator’s content, you have to have an OnlyFans account. If you want to stay relatively private, you can just create a basic profile, with an impersonal username and forgo pictures or biographical information on your profile. To do this, just tap sign up, add an email address (you’ll have to confirm it) and create a username. You can also join by linking your Twitter or Google, which will bring over your username and other personal info.

Head to your new profile, tap Your Cards and enter your bank info to be able to access subscriptions. Once you have a card or account loaded, you can go to a creator’s page and select the monthly subscription button. Subscription prices range from $4.99 per month to $49.99, with a minimum tip amount of $5. Some creators, like Bella Thorne, offer free subscriptions, or a combination of content that’s protected by a paywall and free for OnlyFan users. Some creators also offer subscription bundles, like six months upfront for a 20% discount. If that’s an option, you’ll see it listed on the right side of their profile.

How To Get Free Content On OnlyFans

When you first join OnlyFans, your newsfeed will just be posts from the OnlyFans account, and it will feature lots of free content and subscriptions to give you a taste of what’s out there. On the right hand side of the screen, you’ll see some suggested content, which is also free. You can flip through these pages at random, or go to a specific creator’s pages to see if they offer free content.

How To Offer Your Own Subscriptions On OnlyFans

If you want to share your own content on the platform, you’ll have to establish your own subscription rate. You can choose to make your page free, while still putting up a paywall on certain posts, or features like messaging, or start at the minimum rate of $4.99. You can also choose to offer bundles and discounts.

Once you know you game plan, head to your profile and tap Edit, then scroll down to Subscription. There, you can set up your monetization preferences and edit them at any time. To use these features, you’ll have to put in your banking information and verify your card info and identity. (Pro tip: it’s easier to do this on mobile.) Once your OnlyFan wallet is set up, you’re both free to offer subscriptions and purchase them.