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2021 Is Bringing Major Relationship Changes For Each Zodiac Sign

There's no need to fear the new year, but prepare yourself.

Each sign will undergo different romantic transformations in the new year.
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With 2020 (thankfully) almost over, many people wonder how their love lives will pan out in the new year. Will long term relationships turn into something more substantial? Will new relationships fizzle or flourish? Though we may know who we're bringing as our plus ones to the upcoming holiday parties, what's beyond the new year is anyone's guess. According to astrologers, how your relationship will change in 2021 depends on your zodiac sign, as the stars will inspire each sign to seek or maintain different things.

Some relationships will go forward, and others will go elsewhere, and that's not because the future is already determined — that's because you and your lover's signs may or may not be compatible in the new year in the same way you were in 2020.

For example, astrologer Clarisse Monahan tells Bustle, "Instead of Cuffing Season, we are now in what I am naming Culling Season, aka Saturn in Aquarius (which lasts through 2022). To cull means to reduce. The impact of COVID has winnowed down social connections somewhat, and more of that could be on the way. That isn’t a bad thing: in terms of romance, it means that this will be a time of more concentrated affection."

There's no need to fear the new year; just prepare yourself by learning what to expect. Bustle talked to astrologers about what the upcoming years may have in store for us in the romance department. So here's how your relationships will change in 2021, based on your zodiac sign.

Aries (Mar. 21 – Apr. 19)

Aries' ruling planet, Mars, is currently in their sign, which means rams will be quite headstrong when it comes to love. "This is one sign that has a lot of romantic energy right now which they'll need to focus somewhere," Monahan says. Aries will be looking for a lot more adventure, excitement, and passion in their love lives in the upcoming years.

Singles will be looking for someone they have a lot of fun with, while coupled up rams will find ways to infuse more fun into their relationship. If their partner can't keep up, Aries may even decide to look elsewhere. "This is a no surrender time for Aries," Arriana Fox, an astrologer at Keen, tells Bustle. "It is now time to find that match who shares all their goals and doesn't sit still."

Taurus (Apr. 20 – May 20)

Bulls will find themselves ready to settle down for the long-term in 2021. "This year, they'll see that it's essential to find that right one to shine with as Taurus likes to be seen and seen in the right light," Fox says. If you're already in a relationship, taking that next big step is a possibility this year.

If you're a single Taurus looking for that special someone, keep the second half of July into mid-August in mind. According to Leslie Hale, an astrologer with Keen, Venus and Mars will be traveling through your fifth house of love, which can up their chance of meeting someone significant.

Gemini (May 21 – Jun 20)

For the twins, expect major changes in life and love for 2021. According to Monahan, the north node, which is the site of solar and lunar eclipses, always foretells change. If you're already in a relationship, you may decide that it isn't working for you and will look for someone who is a better match.

If you're single, there's the possibility of meeting someone new and promising. "2021 looks like all things are possible," Hale says. "In mid-September into October, Mars transits your house of love along with Jupiter, which presents an auspicious time." She says you could meet someone through travel, education, or on the internet. There's also a good chance that you may reconnect with someone from your past. Overall, it's going to be a pretty good year for you in love, Gemini.

Cancer (Jun. 21 – Jul. 22)

Home will be a major focus for this Water sign in the new year, which is perfect because Cancer thrives at home. It's where you truly feel safe and comfortable. In 2021, Fox says you may be looking for commitment or more from your current relationship. "This is a sign ready for the plunge, and commitment is the goal," she says. "If already committed, a new baby or new home will be on the agenda this year."

November and December will be particularly good for crabs in 2021. According to Hale, Mars, the planet of passion and action, will be moving through your fifth house of love. This energy could bring some excitement to those already in a relationship or a passionate time for singles looking to meet someone new.

Leo (Jul. 23 – Aug. 22)

Leos will go into 2021 knowing exactly what they want, and they won't settle for anything less. According to Fox, single Leos will be on the prowl for that right match but will be very particular about who they go out with. "They'll looking for the perfect fit for their needs as they've just spent a lot of time reflecting on that partner," she says. Leos already in a relationship may be more direct about their needs in the new year. 2021 is a year where Leo will refuse to settle for anything less than they deserve.

With that said, Leos can expect to see some surprising changes in their love lives. According to Hale, Jupiter, the planet of gain and expansion, will fall into your seventh house of marriage and partnerships this year, along with Saturn. This could bring endings and new beginnings, or it could finally bring resolution to issues that have been hurting your relationship for some time.

Virgo (Aug. 23 – Sep. 22)

Virgos may not see too much change in their relationships in the new year. According to Fox, single Virgos will still be on the lookout for someone stable to settle down with. Those of you in a relationship will find yourselves happy with the way things are going and will enjoy what you've built in your relationship over the past year.

There may be some drama and bumps in the road due to Neptune opposing your Sun, especially if you start a new relationship in 2021. But according to Hale, couples who survive it will come out stronger. On a more positive note, anyone looking for love may want to keep an eye out for someone special in the late summer. From July 22 to mid-August, a Venus-Mars meet up in your sign will make you irresistible to others.

Libra (Sep. 23 – Oct. 22)

In 2021, Monahan says Libras will feel like cementing a relationship or gravitating towards relationships with a long-term outlook. "Saturn, known for endurance over time, will be forming a sturdy trine, which is super helpful and harmonious," she says. Libras looking for a change in their love life will get a lot of support from the universe.

In fact, Fox says single Libras are most likely to find new love or a new path in 2021. "They'll be open and ready for it," she says. Libras already in a relationship will have the courage to talk to their partner about making positive changes or taking the next big step.

Scorpio (Oct. 23 – Nov. 21)

Dark and mysterious Scorpio will want "out of the basement and into the light" in the new year, Fox says. They've spent a lot of time reflecting on what was missing and will confidently go into 2021 looking to add more fun and adventure into their love lives. "Single Scorpios will hunt for what they want this year with confidence and security, and coupled Scorpios will find themselves wanting to share more with their loved one and grow their commitment," Fox says.

According to Hale, Uranus transits Taurus, which falls in Scorpio's seventh house of marriage and partnerships. This can bring new people in and also end current relationships that are no longer working. The good news is, opportunities in love will present themselves for singles in March. There's a chance you can meet someone who really interests you.

Sagittarius (Nov. 22 – Dec. 21)

Sagittarius will look for more excitement and variety in the new year. "Fun, adventures, and parties are their goals this year, as well as meeting new faces and trying new places," Fox says. Single Sagittarius will be the light of the party, while coupled up Sags will find that it's time to shape up the routine. No major changes, especially in terms of settling down or making big moves. "They'll want more spice in their life in 2021," Fox says.

Singles looking to change their relationship status could meet new people in late March through mid-April. According to Hale, Venus will be transiting through your house of love, so it's an opportune time to put yourself out there.

Capricorn (Dec. 22 – Jan. 19)

Hard-working Capricorns spent 2020 looking at how their choices have led them to the life they have now. In 2021, they'll have a better understanding of what they want in their relationship. According to Fox, single Caps will be looking for someone to include in their lives and may open themselves more than they have previously. Capricorns already coupled up will use the new year to "fine-tune" their relationship, so it's more balanced and harmonious.

Love will be particularly good in the first few months of the year, as well as the fall. According to Hale, Capricorns looking for love will have every chance to find it in 2021. Couples will also find their relationship getting much closer throughout the year.

Aquarius (Jan. 20 – Feb. 18)

Aquarius has Saturn in its sign, which means that the pressure is on. "Saturn only wants secure committed relationships, so anything that isn't secure will tend to dissipate," Monahan says. "On the positive side, though, Saturn tends to cement what is solid." If you're already in a committed relationship, expect your bond to grow in 2021.

If you're single and looking, you won't waste your time on people who don't have lasting potential. "Single Aquarius will take time and date much to find the right fit," Fox says. "They will be on the prowl for the right partner, not settling for close enough anymore." February to April will be a great time for you to meet someone special.

Pisces (Feb. 19 – Mar. 20)

The past year was brutal for many Pisces, who typically like to see life through rose-colored glasses. Because of this, they'll devote a lot of time to finding joy in the new year. According to Fox, "Single Pisces will be all over the place exploring new lovers and adventures, while coupled up Pisces will find that they need to ignite their passions again or find a new path in life."

Those looking for love will have some luck in the summertime when Venus and Mars move through your house of committed relationships. According to Hale, Mars and Venus don't team up often, but when they do, "sparks can fly." Those in relationships may find themselves getting much closer to their partner during that time as well.


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