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7 Ways To Help People Impacted By Hurricane Fiona In Puerto Rico

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How to help those affected by Hurricane Fiona in Puerto Rico and beyond.

It’s common to feel a sense of powerlessness after a natural disaster. If you’re looking to help those affected by Hurricane Fiona in Puerto Rico (and beyond), rest assured there are things you can do to make an impact, whether you send a monetary donation, non-perishable supplies, or both.

Hurricane Fiona hit Puerto Rico on Sunday as a category 2 storm with heavy rain and winds reaching 105 mph, according to the National Hurricane Center. On Sept. 20, the island was flooded with even more rain, which knocked out power and water access, according to reporting by AP News.

This comes nearly five years to the day after Hurricane Maria, an almost category 5 storm that devastated the island on Sept. 20, 2017, killing nearly 3,000 people and destroying the power grid, according to The New York Times. While not as big as Maria, Hurricane Fiona has still wreaked significant havoc, especially since many people and areas are still in the process of recovering and rebuilding all these years later.

Beyond Puerto Rico, Hurricane Fiona also hit the Dominican Republic on Tuesday and is building into a category 3 storm as it makes its way to Turks and Caicos. Many non-profit organizations are calling for support as Fiona continues to cause floods, damage, and power outages in the Caribbean.

Read on below for a list of organizations you can support to help those affected by Hurricane Fiona.

1. Taller Salud

Help support Taller Salud, a women-led non-profit organization that’s coordinating relief efforts, by donating money via their website or their PayPal. Taller Salud is also accepting non-perishable donations like rice, pasta, gallons of water, water filters, toiletries, solar lanterns, diapers, and more via mail.

You can send packages to Calle 1 D40 Urb Jardines de Loiza PR 00772 or Carr 187 km 24.4 Parcelas Vieques #33 Mediania Alta Loiza PR 00772.

2. PRxPR

100% of funds donated to PRxPR and Rebuild Fund go directly to those in need in Puerto Rico. Launched in 2017 by a group of Puerto Rican business leaders in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria, this fund aids in short and long-term humanitarian needs, provides clean water, and more.

Support PRxPR monetarily via credit card, ACH deposit, wire transfer, or check.

3. Hispanic Federation

The Hispanic Federation is already on the ground in Puerto Rico providing emergency relief services and essential supplies to the communities most affected by the storm. The non-profit organization reminds everyone that because Puerto Rico is still rebuilding from the damage of Hurricane Maria, the flooding and power outages caused by Fiona are “already more severe and life-threatening than they should be.”

You can donate to the Hispanic Federation via credit card, wire transfer, or check to help children and families across the island.

4. Global Giving

Global Giving, a non-profit that supports other non-profits by connecting them to donors and companies, has just launched a Hurricane Fiona Relief Fund that’s aiming to raise 1 million dollars.

Donate once to Global Giving to help provide emergency disaster relief and long-term recovery support, or donate monthly and the organization will match 100% while funds remain.

6. Direct Relief

Direct Relief aims to equip health professionals in “resource-poor communities to meet the challenges of diagnosing and caring for people in need.” The organization is currently responding to Hurricane Fiona by leaning into networks and relationships they established during and before Hurricane Maria. They note that staff members are contacting health centers to assess the needs after Fiona.

Donate to Direct Relief one time or on a recurring basis to help support these efforts.

7. Stronger Than Maria

Stronger Than Maria is a registered 501(c)(3) organization that’s working to improve the standard of living for those affected by Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico and now those affected by Hurricane Fiona. Since 2017, the organization has distributed over 800,000 pounds of water, food, and supplies, and is currently on the ground responding to Fiona.

To support Stronger Than Maria you can donate money via Facebook, PayPal, or purchase goods from Somos Puerto Rico to assist in recovery.

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