If You're Cheap But Want To Upgrade Your Home, Check Out These 45 Clever Things Under $35

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We’ve all been there; you look around your living room or kitchen and think, “Why do I still have that?” And don’t worry, there’s no judgment here. I just took down every piece of art that hangs in my living room, so I get it. When that mood strikes, it might be time for an upgrade.

The good news? You don’t have to totally deplete your bank account, or spend endless hours pacing the aisles of a store in search of something new. Sometimes, the perfect home upgrade is just a few clicks — and a few dollars — away. And I’m not talking about the kind of upgrade that involves extra labor or hours of effort. There are plenty of easy purchases that can completely revitalize the look and feel of your space, and many of these cheap and clever things are even under $35.

For starters, I’m a huge fan of the transparent storage container movement you’ve probably noticed if you spend any time online, or have flipped through a lifestyle magazine recently. I’m also here for simple and elegant ceramics that make great display pieces and bring functionality to the table, too. And while I’d never tell anyone how to live, if you don’t currently own a super soft throw blanket, then you might want to reconsider. Sometimes, it’s the little things that can make the biggest upgrade-y difference.


This Set Of Dry Food Dispensers That Feel Luxe Every Time You Use Them

You’ll no longer be at the whim of random product packaging when it comes to organizing your kitchen. These dry food dispensers can be mounted to your wall, saving you space and time, and keeping your supply on display so you never run out. Each container holds up to 13 ounces of food, and mounting screws are included.


These Smart Light Bulbs That Let You Set The Mood Lighting Of Your Dreams

A set of smart light bulbs gives you nearly endless options when it comes to lighting your home and enhancing the ambience. You can make commands with voice control, use the app via phone or tablet from anywhere you have a connection, and set schedules and timers. Even better, they save energy compared to incandescent bulbs.


A Cute Smart Speaker With Bluetooth & Voice Controls

If you could use a little assistance around the house, an Echo Dot with Alexa might do the trick. This smart speaker can respond to all kinds of commands, ranging from music and podcast listening, to light and lock controls, to news and weather updates. It currently has a 4.7-star average from more than 700,000 (not a typo!) ratings.


These Art Prints That Make A Sophisticated Gallery Wall

This set of minimalist art prints is the perfect start to a chic home art display. You can use all nine pieces on one wall, or pick and choose accordingly, or even spread them throughout your home to tie it all together. They’re done in classic black and white, and are a versatile 8 by 10 inches in size. The set comes with easy glue dots for hanging, too.


This Trio Of Stylish Gold Mirrors That Makes A Statement

These round, framed mirrors are equal parts form and function. They dress up any wall, yet still give you the chance to check your hair, makeup, or mask before you leave your home. With eight different sets to choose from, the plastic frames appear metallic, making them durable and easy to hang, yet still elegant in appearance.


This Fuzzy Rug That’s Super Soft & Versatile

Is it weird to want to snuggle with a faux sheepskin rug? This fluffy floor covering instantly ties a room together and adds a sumptuous, textured touch. It comes in 19 different colors, from neutrals like white and grey to brights like purple and red. A range of 10 shapes and sizes are available, including squares, rectangles, and sheepskin.


This Soap Dispenser For Your Shower That Holds 3 Different Products

Cut down on clutter in your shower with this wall-mounted product dispenser that has three separate compartments. Waterproof adhesive is included, and it can be installed tool-free in just a few simple steps. The best part? It fits flush against the wall, or in a corner. Plus, it’s easy to remove for refills and cleaning.


These Rustic Shelves That Are Simple & Sophisticated

These floating wood shelves come in a set of four, giving you plenty of options for spacing (and styling) in your home. The metal accents give an industrial vibe, plus an added a towel rack provides additional hanging space. Each shelf holds up for 40 pounds, and the necessary hardware is included, too.


This Bedside Organizer That Has Room For All Your Essentials

This convenient hanging organizer is a great substitute for a bulky nightstand or headboard. Made in a classic white color, it comes complete with adhesive and sticks right on the wall, so no tools, screws, or elbow grease are needed. It’s just over 8 inches on each side, with two shelves that are roughly 6 inches each. It’s great for a dorm, apartment, or bedroom of any size.


A Set Of 3 Ceramic Vases That Instantly Upgrades Your Shelf Or Table

Perfect for an elegant centerpiece or as stylish accents on shelf or table, this set of three ceramic vases is practical and pretty all at once. Each vase is a unique size, ranging from 5 to 10 inches tall, and there are four different color palettes to choose from — distressed white, gray, red, and a multicolored option.


This Energy-Efficient Light Kit That Upgrades Your Ceiling Fan

This classic ceiling fan light kit comes with three energy-efficient LED bulbs, and three frosted glass shades with an oil-rubbed bronze finish, making it an elegant addition to your space. Plus, LED bulbs last longer than traditional bulbs and use less electricity, so it can save costs while lighting you up.


These Sophisticated-Looking Plastic Planters That Spruce Up Any Space

Whether you already have a green thumb or want to try growing your first flower, this set of five indoor planter pots is a great (and lightweight) set to have on hand. Included are five different planters ranging from 4.5 to 7 inches in diameter, plus drip trays for each. The set comes in four different colors; black, white, speckled white, and speckled grey.


An Ultra-Fuzzy Throw Blanket For Cozy-Day Snuggling

How many blankets is too many blankets? This faux fur throw blanket is so comfy, you might be tempted to have one in every room — and no one would blame you. It comes in a classic throw size (50 by 60 inches), or in twin and queen sizes, too. It’s available in seven luxe colors, and it’s even machine washable.


A Set Of 3 Nesting Baskets That Embody Form & Function

With this trio of woven nesting baskets, you can stash and store blankets and books in your living room, or organize soap bottles, washcloths, and more on your bathroom counter. The neutral-tone fibers work with all styles of decor, and they’re sturdy and versatile, too. Each basket has two handles for easy lifting and shifting.


These Flameless Candles That Easily Pass For The Real Thing

If you want to enjoy candle vibes without any fire-safety concerns, this set of nine flameless candles will do the trick. Ranging from 4 to 9 inches tall, each candle is battery-operated and can glow with a steady flame, or be set to flicker mode with the included remote control (so Hogwarts-esque!). Four different colors are available.


This Peel-And-Stick Floral Wallpaper That Instantly Refreshes A Room

If you love the idea of a statement wall, but are afraid to commit to a full wallpaper installation, this peel and stick floral wallpaper could be just the ticket. It adds modern botanical flair without requiring the effort and commitment of real wallpaper. It’s easy to install, adjust, and remove when necessary, so it can be a great choice for sprucing up rentals.


A Set Of Pantry Labels That Streamlines Your Shelf Space

You can apply this set of pantry labels to containers of various shapes and sizes to give your kitchen a cohesive look, and to make it easy to tell your sugar and salt apart. Each pack comes with 144 pre-printed labels, plus a reference sheet. They're made of matte vinyl, and are water resistant in case they’re in the kitchen splash-zone.


This Organizing Storage Container That’s Perfect For Tea, Spices, & More

This simple plastic storage container is a game-changer for tea drinkers, crafters, nail polish collectors, and more. With a total of 27 clear compartments, you can keep an eye on your supplies while keeping them nice and neat, too. It’s available as a completely transparent piece, or you can opt for the frame to be one of six other neutral colors.


A Set Of Three Whimsical Faux Flower Plants With String Lights

Facts are facts; twinkle lights make everything better. Case in point are these artificial flowers with LED lights. Each container has a cutout design that you can illuminate, while the string of lights reaches and winds around the flowers, too. If flowers aren’t your thing, there are also lavender and succulent styles, too — and no green thumb required.


These Glass Containers That Give You Elegant, Airtight Storage

These food storage containers have a glass body, plus a bamboo lid with an airtight silicone ring, making them a great choice for dry foods, baking supplies, and anything you like to keep fresh. The glass pieces are dishwasher safe, and they range in size from roughly 4 to 11 inches, making them practical and pretty on counters, cupboards, and shelves.


These Clip-On Basket & Bin Labels That You Can Reuse Throughout Your Home

What good is a storage basket if you can’t see (or keep track of) what’s inside it? Enter these clip-on basket labels, which come with two white chalk markers. You can write on the clips themselves, or slide in labels of your own. They can clip onto containers up to a 1/2-inch thick, so you’ll find lots of helpful uses on bins, boxes, baskets, and more.


A Rack That Turns Those Stacks Of Cans Into Neat, Tidy Rows

If you’ve ever knocked over cans in your pantry, then you know how this can organizer rack can be a clutch addition to your storage system. With three rows, and room for 12 standard-sized cans on each row, that’s up to 36 containers, contained. It comes in four colors: white, bronze, silver, and chrome. And, if you get more than one, they’re stackable too.


This Cozy Jar Candle That’s Perfect For Gifting Or Keeping

Candles bring a special type of comfort, and this delightful scented one by Sweet Water is no exception. Each 9-ounce candle comes in an elegant glass jar, and with a long burn time of up to 40 hours. Plus, with scents like Sweater Weather, Christmas, Merry and Bright, and Warm and Cozy to choose from, the essence of hygge is ready and waiting to be fired up.


An Elegant Wreath That Puts A Seasonal Touch On Your Front Door

What better way to greet guests (and yourself!) at your front door than with a gorgeous seasonal wreath? This 20-inch fall-themed decoration makes a festive addition, indoors or out. It comes ready to hang, complete with leaves, stems, and feathers in rich autumn tones. The toughest part will be deciding where to put it.


These Statement Faux Grass Stems That Add Height & Texture To Your Space

If you’ve got a corner in your home that’s begging for zhuzh, or if you’re looking for a bold centerpiece, you probably want to consider these luxe faux pampas grass stems. Each package comes with three pieces, with a lofty height of about 43 inches apiece. They come in three different colors (brown, white, and ivory) and the best part? They don’t shed.


A Multipurpose Ottoman That Folds Up When You’re Not Using It

Ottomans are useful on their own, but a folding ottoman with storage takes it to the next level. At 12 inches on each side, it’s a practical size that fits toys, books, and more, while still serving as a comfy foot rest. It’s available in four versatile colors — grey, beige, black, and navy — that complement any room decor.


These Boot Shaper Inserts That Keep Your Favorite Shoes In Great Shape

If your boots have ever gotten droopy or lost their shape, you may want to check out these boot inserts that help your highest shoes stay tall and straight. The shapers are made of flexible PVC that stays put, but is still easy to bend and shape as desired. Plus, they come in different heights and sizes, and in black or clear, so you can treat your boots according to your closet’s color scheme.


A Set Of Food Storage Bins That Will Make You Feel Like A Professional Organizer

Imagine looking into your pantry and seeing, not clutter, but a shelf full of neat and tidy containers. That could be your reality with these these clear food storage bins. They’re stackable, and they’re designed with handles so you can easily tote your snacks around the house. Three different sizes are available, and they come in sets of four.


These Shelf Dividers That Make Your Closet Feel Like A High-End Boutique

Sorting your clothes doesn’t have to be stressful. These acrylic shelf organizers are an easy, sturdy addition to your home, allowing you to categorize and store your favorite things in a neat and visible way. They’re great for piles of folded clothes, purses, and books, or even craft supplies, dry foods, and more. They come with adhesive so they stick right in place, and you can get a set of two or four.


A Set Of Luxe Velvet Hangers For An Immediate Closet Upgrade

These matching, non-slip velvet hangers can take your closet from a mishmash of plastic and dry cleaning relics to feeling elegant and organized. They’re slim yet strong, with a weight limit of up to 10 pounds, so they can hold even your heaviest winter coats and bulkiest sweaters — and their velvet surface makes them nonslip. They come in packages of 30, 50, or 100.


A Rotating Makeup Organizer Rack That Will Totally Streamline Your Bathroom Counter

If you want to channel your inner Sephora store, this sleek and easy-to-customize makeup organizer neatly does the job. It comes with a rotating base plate, plus adjustable trays that allow you to make compartments the exact height you need. Plus, there are six colors to choose from, so you can coordinate with the rest of your vanity decor.


This Elegant Trio Of Transparent Apothecary Jars For Swabs, Supplies, And More

A set of apothecary jars can be a pretty and practical addition to any shelf or counter. With sizes ranging from 10 to 20 ounces, you’ll be set whether you want to use them in your bathroom for cottons swabs and sponges, or on your desk for paperclips and pushpins. There are four styles to choose from.


A Palette Organizer That Keeps Your Eyeshadow Collection Neat & Tidy

If you’ve ever tried to store your palettes in a stack, you probably know that there’s a better way. Enter this divided palette organizer, which has nine tiered compartments that fit a variety of palettes and compacts. A number of coordinating organizers are available to go along with it too, so you can store your whole makeup collection in a matching set.


These Sleek Cosmetic Drawers That You Can Use On Their Own Or Stacked Together

It’s a truth universally acknowledged that if you buy transparent, stackable organizer drawers, you’ll have the urge to fill them with your prettiest makeup. Two freestanding drawers come in each set, and there are three different sizes to choose from, so you’ll be able to fit everything from palettes and polish to brushes and blenders.


This 2-Tiered Jewelry Tray That Stylishly Displays Your Little Treasures

Keep all your essentials on hand with this two-tiered, plated metal tray. It’s pretty and practical, and works well on a vanity for jewelry, by the front door for keys, or even on a desk for supplies. Plus, there’s a felt pad on the bottom so it won’t leave scratches behind. Three colors are available: brass, white, and black.


These Folding Storage Boxes That Can Tidy Up Drawers, Under Beds, And More

A pack of foldable cloth storage boxes can completely revamp your storage system. A whopping nine bins are included with this set, with three each of small, medium, and large sizes. They can be folded down flat when they’re not in use and when you’re ready, they zip into their shape, so you can trust that they’ll sturdily hold your belongings.


A Matching Set Of Oil Dispensers So You Can Feel Sophisticated Every Time You Pour

Whether you prefer the look of these simple and sophisticated oil dispenser bottles, or you like the functional style of pour spout, you’ll be glad you upgraded. Each bottle holds roughly eight ounces of liquid, and spouts come with stainless steel lids. Plus, a funnel and nozzle-cleaning brush are included, too.


These Timeless Glass Mugs That Insulate Hot & Cold Drinks

With this pair of double-walled glass mugs, you can enjoy your drinks at their preferred temperature, for longer. Each mug can hold up to 16 ounces of your favorite drink, and they’re versatile enough to use with both hot and cold beverages. And, thanks to the double layer of glass, your hands will never overheat.


This Dish Brush & Holder For A Sophisticated Kitchen Sink Upgrade

This soap dispenser and dish brush will help you keep your counters clear of clutter, and will simultaneously make you feel fancy whenever you use it. The handle of the brush is made from smooth bamboo, and the soap holder is a versatile ceramic, which you can even pop in the dishwasher when necessary.


A Bamboo Salt & Pepper Holder That Will Elevate Your Mealtimes

If your regular salt and pepper shakers just aren’t cutting it, this two-compartment spice holder with a handy magnetic swivel lid might be just the upgrade your table needs. It includes Himalayan salt and pre-ground pepper so you can fill it and start using it as soon as it arrives.


These Gorgeous Ceramic Bowls That Will Have You Looking For Excuses To Start With Dessert

While technically this set of ceramic bowls is the perfect size for ice cream and other desserts, it’s versatile enough that you can use it with a variety of foods and dishes. They’re safe for the microwave, oven, and dishwasher, so you’ll find yourself reaching for it for breakfast, lunch, and probably dinner, too. They’re available in grey, white, and multicolored sets.


A Set Of Reusable Glass Straws That Are Eco-Friendly & Easy To Clean

Enjoy drinks while keeping up your eco-friendly habits thanks to this 12-pack of glass straws. It comes with six bent and six straight straws, plus two brush cleaners (and the straws are dishwasher-safe, too). They’re good to use with hot and cold drinks, and the 10-inch diameter lets them work with dank shakes and smoothies, too.


A Decorative Colander To Bring A Pop Of Shine To Kitchen

This stainless steel, copper-plated colander will remind you of your excellent taste every time you get a peek of its gleaming surface. While the protective coating that protects the copper shine means it’s not meant for heavy hot-water usage, it makes a great display piece and doubles as an ultra-elegant fruit basket.


A Container That Keeps Berries Fresher For Longer

This brilliant berry keeper, made with BPA-free plastic, has a remove able strainer that fits right into the serving container, plus a leak- proof lid that makes your berries easy to store or transport. There are three color choices to choose from — pink, green, and blue — so you can pick your favorite or choose all three to tell your strawberries from your blueberries.


This Handsome Lazy Susan So Your Favorite Things Are Just An Arm’s Reach Away

Whether you use it on your table, in your pantry, or your cupboard, this bamboo lazy Susan turntable makes it easy to grab exactly what you need — no more reaching across the table or peering in cupboards on tiptoes. With a 13-inch diameter and weight limit of 25 pounds, it holds full-sized food products, cosmetics, skincare products, and more. You can even use it for crafting and cake decorating, too.