If You're Lazy But Want Your Home To Look Better, You'll Love These 46 Things On Amazon

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Maybe your home could use some sprucing up, but you’ve been putting it off because it seems like too much work. I totally get it because I’ve been there. But here’s the thing: there are so many products out there that do the job without asking too much of you. Seriously, if you’re lazy but want your home to look better, you’ll love these 46 things on Amazon.

If you haven’t gotten around to adding curtains or blinds to that one set of windows, just get this frosted film that adds a pop of pattern and provides privacy without requiring any tools. Upgrade your kitchen or bathroom in an afternoon with this peel-and-stick backsplash that’s embossed to look like real tiles. And do you want to know the quickest way to make all your favorite snacks or bags of pasta look organized? Just tuck them into these beautiful steel and wood baskets. Oh, there’s a reason any good home tour has fresh-cut flowers in each room, and you can get the same look with these pretty silk peonies that require absolutely no maintenance.

It really won’t take a lot to freshen up your home’s vibe, and you’ll be so glad you did. So keep reading for dozens of things you’ll love for improving the look of your home without putting in much work.


This Organizer That Keeps Your Bedside Or Couch Tidy

Corral all the small items you need before bed or keep near the couch with this easy-to-use caddy. Just slide it underneath your mattress or couch cushion. With five pockets, it keeps your space looking tidier and makes it easier to find what you need. The felt pockets can hold a laptop or tablet, a phone, remote controls, magazines, glasses, and more.


These Remote-Controlled Candles You Can Set On A Timer

With the press of a button, you can enjoy the glow of these battery-powered candles. The flames even flicker like real candles, and you can set them to run for a set time using the timer function. They’d be great for effortlessly setting the mood in a living room or bedroom.


This Long Reacher So You Can Easily Pick Up Items On The Floor Or On A High Shelf

Instead of bending over or reaching for a stool, you can tidy up the floor or grab what you need easily using this reacher tool. Its non-slip rubber jaw is strong enough to lift items weighing 1 to 2 pounds and secure enough to grab a wine glass. This 32-inch picker upper is a fan favorite with over 20,000 reviews, and you’ll quickly realize everyone loves it because you can pick up around the house so much faster.


The Folding Board That Will Help You Deal With That Pile Of Clean Laundry

Does your clean laundry also sit in the dryer or a basket for days? You need this board to fold the load in minutes. Seriously, in just three swift moves, the board folds shirts, pants, or towels. It maintains a 4.6-star rating with nearly 20,000 reviews, and one shopper raves, “I get my laundry done in six minutes max. Flat.”


Restore Your Grout By Coloring It In With This Waterproof Marker

When your tile grout has seen better days, take a few minutes to color it in with this marker and it’ll look like new. The non-toxic white ink is waterproof to protect against new spots and stains, and it dries quickly. One pen will cover up to 196 feet of grout.


This Pair Of Potted Plants You Never Have To Water

If your space needs a little greenery but you never remember to water plants, you need these faux ones. Each 5-inch plant is small enough to bring life anywhere in your home: try it on a coffee table, in a bathroom, on a dining table, or on your nightstand. The plants are a vibrant shade of green, and their round, concrete-like pots are modern and neutral to fit in with contemporary decor.


This Mesh Liner With Pockets To Keep Your Shower Free Of Clutter

The shampoo and body wash bottles always seem to multiply, and this clever curtain with pockets will keep them off your shower or tub floor. Its nine pockets can conveniently hold all your other bath accessories, too, and the mesh design allows wet items to drain. Use it a shower curtain outside the tub or tuck it inside to use as a liner.


These Motion-Activated Lights You Can Stick Anywhere You Need Them

Illuminate a dark closet or hallway with these motion-sensor lights that light up only when you need them. They’re battery-powered and turn on for 15 seconds when they detect motion within 10 feet. Best of all, you don’t need any tools to set them up. They’ll stick to any flat surface using the adhesive pad on the back of each light or the built-in magnet.


This Versatile Woven Basket For Corralling Items In A Room

I keep one of these baskets in every room to gather all the random things that end up around the house. When I need to tidy up quickly, this seagrass belly basket is a lifesaver for looking cute while hiding clutter. But I also love this woven basket because it can work just as well as a laundry basket, toy storage, planter, or even a beach bag.


A Set Of Cable Boxes To Organize All Your Cords

Hide the mess of your cords by tucking them into one of these cable boxes. They’re designed to fit power strips and adapters, and they instantly remove visual clutter from your office space or other areas. Each of the three boxes is ventilated with side openings for the cords, and they’ll also deter pets or kids from touching electrical equipment.


These Shower Shelves You Don’t Need Any Tools To Install

The fastest way to make your bathroom look better is to organize items onto trays or shelves. This pair of acrylic shelves holds multiple bottles and containers. Even better, you don’t need to screw holes into the wall because they are designed to stay up with provided adhesive. And they’re designed to drain, if you’d like to install these in your shower.


An Automatic Pet Feeder That Lets You Record A Message For Your Pet

Set up this pet feeder to automatically dispense up to six portioned meals for your dog or cat each day. You can even record a 10-second greeting that lets your pet know it’s time to eat. Plus, this feeder has backup battery power in case the power goes out, and it looks super sleek in your home.


The Handheld Vacuum You’re Way More Likely To Use Than A Full-Size One

Rather than lugging out your big vacuum cleaner, take care of daily messes with this nifty handheld one. This 2-pound vacuum cleaner is super easy and comfortable to use anywhere you need it, and it cleans with strong suction thanks to cyclonic action. It comes with a wall-mounted charger, and reviewers report the battery life is impressive.


This No-Touch Soap Dispenser With A Sleek Design

Now that we’ve learned the importance of washing our hands, upgrade to this automatic soap dispenser in your home. Place your hand under the sensor, and it’ll dispense just enough soap without having to touch it. And the waterproof dispenser’s sleek design fits right in with modern decor.


This Privacy Film That’s Easier To Install Than A Curtain Rod

You don’t need any screws or glue to adhere this privacy film to your windows. Add water to the glass, and the static cling design of the sheet will stick to the window. The frosted herringbone design is attractive, and it’ll add privacy while helping block UV rays. And if you ever want to remove the film, the sheets easily come off without leaving behind any annoying residue.


A Wood Composite Cutting Board That’s Dishwasher-Safe

If you love the look of a wooden cutting board but are tired of washing it by hand, you need this cutting board. It’s made of wood composite fiber, like the kind use for skate park surfaces, so you know it’s durable. The board is dishwasher-safe, won’t dull knives, and is heat resistant up to 350 degrees Fahrenheit.


This Cute Door Mat That Captures Dirt So It Doesn’t Get Tracked In

The heavy-duty coir fibers on this doormat scrape the bottoms of your shoes, so dirt gets trapped instead of tracked into your home. The mat itself is pretty low-maintenance since it’s water-resistant and dries quickly to avoid mildew. And you’ll love coming home to the sweet message on the mat.


A Magnetic Organizer For Keys & Other Small Items

Stick this organizer to any metal surface and its magnetic backing will hold it in place. With six hooks and a slim tray, it can hold keys, umbrellas, sunglasses, and other small items. This sleek rack will look great and be useful in an entryway, but shoppers also love it in the kitchen or a garage. It also comes with screws if you do need to attach it to the wall.


This Cult Favorite Drain Protector That Means You’ll Never Have To Snake The Drain Again

Snaking the drain is the worst, but this hair catcher prevents clogs altogether by trapping debris. The mushroom-shaped protector tucks right into the drain with holes designed to trap hair without slowing water flow. All you have to do is take it out and clean out the debris periodically. With an impressive 4.5-star rating and over 82,000 reviews, it’s a must-have that’ll save you so much time.


Update Your Backsplash With These Easy Peel-And-Stick Tiles

For a quick and easy upgrade with substantial visual impact, use these peel-and-stick tile sheets for a new kitchen backsplash. The embossed textured of the vinyl tiles makes them look real, and they’d also look great in a bathroom. The stick-on tiles resist heat and moisture, and they come in five colors, including white, black, and blue.


The Reusable Pet Hair Remover For A Clean Couch & Clothes

Banish pet hair from your home with this reusable hair remover. Just roll it back and forth over a couch, pants, or bedding, and the brush will pick up hair and lint. Unlike other ones, this remover requires no refills or batteries. One reviewer commented, “This thing is a gamechanger! I used to spend hours vacuuming my couch weekly and now I’m done “dehairing” them in just 15 min.”


The Classic Scrubber That Erases Scuffs & Dirt

Just add water, and the Magic Eraser eliminates dirt, scuffs, and other marks from surfaces with little effort. Reviewers rave about this scrubber, which they report gets rid of surprisingly tough stains like grease on oven doors and crayon scribbles on walls. And with a pack of six, you’ll be set for a while.


This Repair Putty That Makes Holes In The Wall Disappear

Patching any holes in the wall is a breeze with this repair putty. The handheld applicator makes it easy to dispense the product, which fills in holes or cracks in plaster, drywall, or wood. It’ll dry white, and the filled-in surface can be sanded or painted over.


A Jute Rug That’s A Grounding Neutral & Super Low-Maintenance

A great rug can transform the feel of a room, and this neutral one is a perfect backdrop to any style that’s also wonderfully low-maintenance. It’s made of jute, a renewable fiber that’s durable, doesn’t shed, and resists stains. The featured rug is 4-by-6 feet, but it also comes in sizes ranging from 2-by-3 feet to 12-by-18 feet and four other colors.


A Beautiful Bouquet Of Peonies That’s Always In Bloom

There’s nothing like flowers to liven up a space, and this bouquet of silk peonies will always look fresh. Cut flowers never last long and require changing their water, but this comes arranged in a vase with everlasting pink and white flowers. Add them to your living room, dining room, or bedroom to instantly make the space look better.


This Funny Tool For A Clean Microwave Without Scrubbing

If your microwave is splattered and stained, you need this popular microwave cleaner to help you make quick work of cleaning it up. Add vinegar and water inside the Angry Mama according to the fill lines, and then place it in the center of the microwave. After running it for seven minutes, the steam will have loosened all the stuck-on gunk, and you’ll be able to simply wipe away the mess.


The Brush Kit That Lets Your Power Drill Do The Heavy Scrubbing

Instead of elbow grease, use your power drill and these brush attachments to scrub surfaces clean. Attach one of the three brushes with stiff nylon bristles to a drill, and it’s ready to scrub without scratching. It’s no wonder this kit is a favorite with a 4.5-star rating and over 47,000 reviews since it does the heavy lifting on cleaning day for you.


A Spa-Like Bamboo Bath Mat That’s Low-Maintenance

Step out of your bath or shower onto this bamboo mat that looks like it belongs in a spa. Not only does it look great, but the water-resistant bamboo dries quickly with its slatted design and doesn’t require the frequent machine washing of a cloth mat. It also features non-slip backing and can simply be wiped clean periodically.


An Acrylic Organizer For Storing Makeup, Skincare Or Jewelry

Store your cosmetics, skincare, or jewelry in this clear organizer for a tidier bathroom or vanity. All your favorite products will look great on display, and it’ll be easier to find what you need, too. The bottom drawers slide smoothly and have mesh backing that keeps necklaces and earrings from moving around. With over 24,000 reviews, shoppers rave about the organizer’s size, compartments, and quality.


These Wildly Popular Hanging Strips That Require No Tools

With a 4.6-star rating and over 83,000 reviews, people absolutely love these Command strips for quickly and easily hanging picture frames and art. They’re heavy-duty adhesive strips you simply peel and stick to hang something on a wall without drilling any holes. Four strips can support up to 16 pounds or a 24-by-36-inch frame.


A Set Of Solar-Powered Pathway Lights You Can Set & Forget About

Light up your pathway, patio, or garden with these solar-powered lights. Insert the spikes into the ground wherever light is needed at night, and you’re done. The solar panels will charge during the day and automatically illuminate when it’s dark with a cool starburst pattern. The lights emit a warm white glow, and they’re weatherproof and waterproof.


This Popular Set Of Smart Outlets For Hands-Free Control

Connect these smart outlets to your WiFi network, and you’ll be able to control lights and appliances hands-free. You can command lamps to turn on and off with just your voice via Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. Or use the corresponding smartphone app to set electronics on a timer or regular schedule. Seriously, you’ll love being able to turn on a lamp without getting off the couch.


A Self-Watering Planter For Happier & More Independent Plants

It can be so hard to tell whether your plant wants more or less water, but this self-watering planter takes the guesswork out of it. Pour water into the reservoir — not the soil — and the plant will take exactly what it needs for at least two weeks. You’ll do less maintenance, and your plant will soon thrive since it won’t be drowning in water or thirsting for it. The 6-inch white planter also comes in three other sizes and five colors.


A Tufted Ottoman That Also Functions As Extra Storage

Add this tufted ottoman to any room for extra seating or as a table/footrest, and it’ll also moonlight as a clever storage box. It’s a great spot to store extra blankets or pillows and is impressively sturdy with a weight limit of 350 pounds. Plus, the linen ottoman assembles easily in minutes but can also be folded flat if needed.


A Woven Tray That’s A Cute Catch-All For Organizing Stuff

Trays are my secret weapon to making spaces look more put-together, and this woven one is a great addition to any table or dresser. Your coffee table will instantly look better by storing remote controls, a candle, or anything else within the tray. The 13.8-inch tray also features built-in handles, so it can work as a serving tray, too.


A Non-Toxic Spray That Keeps The Shower Fresh Between Cleanings

With a few spritzes of this tea tree oil-based spray, you can keep your shower or tub fresher and stretch the time between cleaning sessions. Seriously, just spray it on after a shower, and it’ll cut down on soap scum without requiring any scrubbing or rinsing. The non-toxic spray will also deter stains from hard water or mildew.


A Steel Storage Basket That’s Beautiful & Useful

Snacks, books, or any other group of items just looks instantly better when organized in a basket. I use these beautiful steel baskets in my kitchen and pantry to keep snacks or other shelf-stable foods tidy. The wooden handles add a natural element, and they’re pretty enough to keep on display.


A Pair Of Lazy Susans For Organizing Items In Your Kitchen Or Bathroom

These 9-inch lazy Susans are a sure way to organize your spice collection, condiments, toiletries, or other items. Whether you use them in your pantry, bathroom, or fridge, they corral things into groups that look more polished when contained in the organizer. And they swivel, so it’s easier to access and reach what you need.


This Self-Adhesive Drawer For Tucking Small Items Underneath A Desk

Peel and stick this drawer underneath your desk to store pens, charging cables, and other small accessories. It’s a great way to create extra storage space and eliminate clutter from your workspace. And you can set it up in less than a minute without needing any tools.


A Smart Switch For Hands-Free Control Of Overhead Lights

If you want to control overhead lights in your house remotely, install this smart light switch. Setup is surprisingly simple and it connects to existing wires in your home. Then connect it via WiFi to your Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant to adjust the lights with just your voice.


These Wall-Mounted Shelves That Decorate An Empty Corner

For that corner you don’t know what do with, put in these wall-mounted shelves. The five tiers can display photos, plants, or small decorative objects. And it comes in six finishes, including gray, walnut brown, and white.


This Microfiber Duster With An Extra-Long Extension Pole To Reach Anywhere

Clean any hard-to-reach area with this microfiber duster that extends 2.5 to 8 feet. You’ll easily reach ceiling fans and high ceilings, but it’s also great for effortlessly cleaning baseboards or underneath furniture. The duster head is bendable, and it’s also conveniently machine-washable.


The Slippers That Make Cleaning The Floor Kinda Fun

Slip into a pair of these funny-looking shoes and let the microfiber nubs clean the floor as you walk. They’re also stretchy enough to fit over a mop head for the occasional deep clean. Plus, they’re reusable since they’re machine-washable.


This Cushion Support Insert That Fixes A Sagging Sofa

Save your sagging sofa simply by inserting this cushion support piece. The sturdy wooden panels are covered in waterproof vinyl, and when tucked underneath your sofa’s cushions can alleviate sagging and extend the life of furniture. The added support can also improve your posture when sitting.


A Color-Changing Light Bulb That’s Bluetooth-Capable

With this Bluetooth-enabled light bulb, you can change it to any color using a smartphone app. You can also remotely adjust the bulb’s brightness or even set it on an automatic timer. For a fun effect, sync it to change colors according to the beat of your music or set it to sunset mode.


This Silicone Tool That Makes Washing Your Dog’s Paws Super Easy

This portable Mudbuster makes cleaning your dog’s paws easy at home or when you’re on a hike. Just fill the container with water, stick your pet’s paw inside, and gently move it around so the silicone bristles brush off any mud or dirt. It comes in small, medium, or large sizes to fit your dog’s paws.

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