13 Instagram Bio Ideas

In my flop/villain/Kate Bush era.

Women edit their instagram bios to be funnier. Funny instagram bio ideas.
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If a picture is worth a thousand words, then an Instagram profile full of photo dumps, story highlights, and selfies is like a 12-volume encyclopedia set on the subject of you. Still, for new followers (or profile creepers), you might feel like you need a proper introduction beyond your most recent pics. This can be especially true if you have a private profile, in which anyone who doesn’t follow you can only see your photo, name, and bio. If you’re at a loss for how to sum up yourself in 150 characters or less, you might be stuck brainstorming funny Instagram bio ideas.

As much as our profiles might say a lot about us, a bio can function as the proper introduction of yourself to friends online. Maybe you want any new followers to be aware that you are not afraid of documenting a night out until the dashes at the top of your story tab turn to dots. Or maybe you want a friendly synopsis of your vibe for potential followers. Sure, you can always add your current job title along with your pronouns, but clever Instagram bios are an immediate opportunity to show off your sparkling sense of humor.

Whatever you’re aiming for, there’s sure to be a perfect bio to suit your personality. From zodiac sign disclaimers to clever quips, here are some Instagram bio ideas to get you inspired.

1. In my [blank] era

Nothing marks the passage of our many personalities quite like our Insta presence. If you’re someone who’s ever changing, why not keep your followers in the loop with a quick synopsis of your current era? Whether you’re mid-flop or in peak main character mode, this bio is sure to make things crystal clear.

2. Before you ask: Yes, I’m a [insert zodiac sign here].

Use this as a warning for your selfie-heavy Leo photo dumps, or as a welcome mat for your Capricorn-y stories of WFH life. Plus, this can be a perfect icebreaker for any potential DM sliders.

3. 6 feet tall, if that matters…

Because nothing says “I don’t take myself too seriously” like summoning the energy of a Hinge himbo’s bio.

4. Thanks for stopping by

Break the fourth wall with a warm welcome to your Instagram profile.

5. Even cooler IRL

If you’re not very savvy on how to keep a polished IG presence, or just want to poke fun at how silly social media can be, this disclaimer can be a great reminder to followers that there’s a whole human behind your account.

6. a pleasure to have in class

Whether you were a star pupil or the class clown, this callback bio is sure to get some smirks (and maybe some gold stars, too).

7. Come here often?

This bio could be a playful wink at anyone who’s a repeat creeper on your profile.

8. Loading…

While your digital footprint might be forever, humans are always in flux. Why not give a playful nod to your ever-changing social media presence with a classic “loading” bio? If only there were a rainbow wheel emoji to go with it.

9. Follow for chaos

No false advertising here. Whether you’re guilty of posting photo dumps of trash or post hour-long stories on weekends, this bio will ensure that followers know exactly what they’re getting into.

10. micro-micro-micro-influencer

Because we’re all influencers to some degree… even if we only have a few hundred followers.

11. Don’t scroll to my high school pictures, please

If you hoard old posts instead of archiving or deleting them, this earnest bio can be the perfect disclaimer. Of course, it can also encourage your more mischievous friends to dig up your brace-faced prom pics.


An especially great bio for a finsta, or any profile you use as your personal diary. If you’re looking to channel the energy of your inner angsty teen’s bedroom door, this will be sure to let followers know how edgy you are. (Bonus points if you add some skulls and crossbones.)

13. [insert favorite food] enthusiast

Find fellow sriracha stans, or spark up some DM debates with a hot take in your bio.