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The Best Finsta Bio Ideas, According To Gen Z

No rinstas allowed.

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A woman checks her finsta after doing yoga. Gen Z shares finsta bio ideas.
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The process of creating a finsta can be daunting. From finding a username, to selecting your finsta followers, it can almost start to feel like you’re crafting a parallel universe of content. While most of the steps are easy enough with some consideration (and the help of a trusted group chat), there’s one final hurdle that many of us forget about: What should I make my finsta bio? Whether you’re in the market for finsta bio ideas, or want to know what to keep in mind for crafting a personalized bio, here is the full finsta 411.

There’s plenty of reasons why Instagram users might choose to start a finsta. For some, it’s a much-needed outlet for venting, or a place to share life updates that you wouldn’t want certain friends, acquaintances, or relatives to see. Maybe your finsta FOMO has finally caught up to you, or maybe Senator Blumenthal’s threat to “end finsta” has you worried about soaking up the experience before it’s over. Entering the world of finsta can feel like traversing a whole new terrain, whether you’re a U.S. senator or a well-versed Instagram user.

Given that the concept is intentionally shrouded in secrecy, finstas sort of play by a “IYKYK” code. To break it down in simplest terms, finsta stands for a “fake insta,” which is usually used by someone in addition to their “rinsta” (real insta). The account is typically private, and allows only a select audience to follow it, making it a safer and more confidential space for its creator to post freely on it. Andy, a 25-year-old photographer, says that she often uses her finsta to post about everything from mental breakdowns to break-ups, with life realizations often sprinkled in between her introspections.

If you’re ready to create your digital diary, but are stuck on creating that “mission statement” for your cyber alter ego, here’s everything you need to know about making a finsta bio.

How To Come Up With A Finsta Bio

A finsta bio can be many things: a manifesto, a “KEEP OUT” sign, or, in some cases, not much of anything at all. “My bio is pretty empty,” says finsta user Tationa, 22, “just a small simple phrase to keep the mystery of what’s actually in it.”

Maybe you’ll choose to leave something for the imagination, or have a cryptic teaser like, “Follow if you dare,” to pique followers’ interests. Some other options, according to Tationa, are to reference popular memes or quotes (Think: “It’s Britney, b*tch,” “Haters will say it’s fake,” etc.). She also says that some people will even list their rinsta username in their bio — though that’s not the best move if you’re trying to remain anonymous and avoid unwanted follow requests.

If you’re looking to keep things under lock and key, your finsta bio can also help to lay some ground rules. “The main rule is you can only follow a finsta with another finsta,” says Tationa, adding that many people will clarify this in their bios in order to avoid follow requests from real Instagram accounts.

For Andy, she learned from experience which follow requests she wanted to filter out through her bio. “A bunch of my guy friends used to be in my follower list before, but I’ve had enough of men and their sh*tty attitudes,” she says, adding that she ended up removing all of her straight male followers. Now, her bio clearly communicates her target demographic: “for the girls and gays only.”

If you keep your username and profile picture fairly anonymous, it’s easy to stay incognito without much effort in your bio. When in doubt, you can always leave it blank. Or, Andy points out that she’s seen many finsta bios along the lines of, “Go away. I do not want to be found.” Straight forward and assertive: The best way to be on finsta.

Of course, as much as a finsta might seem like your own self-governed island on the internet, it’s important to remember that playing by your own rules online should still incorporate your personal golden rules. Despite your carefully selected audience, there’s no guarantee that anything you post online is totally private. Be kind, be smart, and don’t post anything you wouldn’t want real Instas — or anyone IRL — to see. After all, the best benefits of finsta come from its avenue for authenticity, and, ironically, the ability to keep it realer with your followers than you would on your rinsta.

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