The Best Career For Leo Zodiac Signs, According To An Astrologer

The lion will always seek out the spotlight.

Young singers perform. This is the best career for leo zodiac signs.
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Not only is your birth chart a useful tool for understanding yourself better, but it’s also a great way to uncover your astrological strengths in the workplace. When it comes to fierce Leo, who seldom takes life seriously, they thrive best in a professional atmosphere where they can express their creativity. These feisty fire signs are fueled by passion, which is why the best career for Leo zodiac signs involves entertainment and the arts.

“Leos are very outgoing and expressive signs of the zodiac, and comfortable taking center stage, quite frankly they desire it,” Imani Quinn, a quantum mystic and astrologer, tells Bustle. “Leos make great artists and performers in entertainment because they have the energy source as their planetary ruler, the sun.” If you’re getting major J. Lo vibes right now, it’s probably because the triple threat is a textbook Leo.

Even if you aren’t a Leo, you may still share the lion’s imaginative vision if you have Leo placements. If your Mars sign, which rules your sense of determination and ambition, is sitting in Leo territory, chances are you have star power, too. People with their Mars in Leo are often in their element when they’re center stage. They make for great leaders, but having independence at work is important for them. Your creative tendencies manifest in your work if Leo is sitting in your tenth house of vocation as well.

Leo Career Compatibility, Explained

Leos are high-spirited and passionate fire signs, so they thrive in a profession where they can nurture their lust for life. Fire signs are known for their strength and intensity, and Leos have the kind of guts and dedication necessary for the arts. Plus, they love the spotlight that comes with expressing their vibrant emotions.

There’s a planetary reason for the lion’s thespian flair, too. “They’re ruled by the sun, which is radiant and the center of our universe,” explains Quinn. In astrology, the sun represents our vitality and sense of self, which is why it’s important for a Leo’s work reflects who they are. “Not only are they made for creative expression, but they also want to share it with the world, which makes them a natural talent for entertainment,” Quinn says.

Planets aside, Leos are also ruled by the fifth house of creativity and pleasure. Mixing the two themes, it makes sense why the artsy fire signs make great creatives or at the very least, a professional that involves supporting others’ passions, like an art teacher or stage director. “No matter what the sun rises every day, which is very similar to Leo’s personality,” Quinn says. That’s because Leos are sturdy fixed signs, so you can always count on them to be loyal and supportive.

Whether they’re on stage or behind the scenes, Leos are obsessed with bringing art to life. As long as their career allows them to show off their talents, the natural entertainer is satisfied. “Next time you show up to Leo’s performance, make sure to bring flowers,” Quinn says.