4 Ways To Manifest Your Dreams During January's Full Wolf Moon

Here's how to set the tone for new beginnings.

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One way manifestation ritual for the January full Wolf Moon on Jan. 25, 2024 involves writing down y...
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If you’re tuned into the universe, chances are you’ve heard about the power of manifesting, the practice of attracting your goals with the belief that what you want is already yours. The full moon sets the groundwork for channeling your inner magician particularly well. On Jan. 25, 2024, the full Wolf Moon rises in passionate Leo at 12:54 p.m. ET (9:54 p.m. ET). To take full advantage of this fire sign’s confident energy, take action with a manifestation ritual.

When it comes to manifestation, vibes are important. Getting in the right headspace can help you hone in on your future. Because January’s full Wolf Moon hails in artistic Leo, expect creativity and passion to take center stage.

“Being ruled by the center [of the universe, the sun], Leo is no stranger to being the center of attention and they know how to bring the drama,” says astrologer Jennifer Neville. Twists and turns are on their way.

You’ll feel the lion’s tumultuous energy even more than usual, since Pluto — the planet responsible for transformation, rebirth, and endings — shifted into rebellious Aquarius on Jan. 20.

“With the Leo moon opposing Pluto and the Sun at five degrees, this full moon is setting the tone for a dramatic release that will surely lead to new beginnings,” Neville says.

That baggage you’re holding onto? Now’s the time to let it all go. A good manifestation ritual can help.

Script Your Future

In the art of manifestation, writing down your desires is a staple. It’s a way to show yourself and the universe that you’re ready to receive the blessings that rightfully belong to you. List what you’d like to see come to fruition, including how each will feel.

For a flaming hot twist, lean into this season’s energy. “Because Leo is represented by the element of fire, if there’s anything you want to let go of once and for all, you can write it out in a burn book and toss it in the fire,” Neville says.

Light A Smudge Stick

Setting things ablaze symbolizes cleansing yourself and releasing unwanted energy. It can help you let go of whatever’s preventing you from entering your next chapter.

Light a smudge stick made with lavender, pine, thyme, or cloves. Hover it over your body and space while reflecting on what you’d like to release and chanting, “I am protected against negative and critical thoughts.” (If that doesn’t resonate with you, swap into another mantra.)

Take A Risk

Leo is known for being fearless, making January’s full Wolf Moon an auspicious opportunity to take a leap. For example, if you’re manifesting a relationship and typically rely on dating apps, go on the prowl IRL.

“Go for an opportunity you wouldn’t normally have the confidence for,” Neville says. “This Leo energy is supporting all your delulu ideas.”

Get Creative

Leo rules the matters of the heart, and its supportive energy gives you the confidence to express yourself. “Start the creative project you’ve been putting on hold or launch ones that you’ve finished but have been too scared to share,” Neville says.

While you get lost in your art of choice, visualize what it would feel like to have what you want to attract. For example, if you want to attract your dream job, imagine the confidence you’ll feel during the interview and how fulfilled you’ll feel by your new role.


Jennifer Neville, astrologer and author of Through Rose-Colored Glasses

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