Here's How To Decode The Spiritual Meaning Of January's New Moon

The date has numerological significance.

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A woman reads a book in front of a cityscape. Here's the spiritual meaning of January's new moon.
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Welcome to 2024, cosmic babes! If you’ve yet to feel rejuvenated by the new year, allow the first new moon to deliver a total reset. Arriving on Jan. 11 at 6:57 a.m. ET (3:57 a.m. PT) in ambitious Capricorn, the new moon heralds a special opportunity for fresh beginnings. The lunation’s spiritual meaning is about shaking off old energy that’s holding you back in order to face the future with optimism and hope.

The moon’s major phases hold deep significance in the world of astrology. New moons are particularly restorative as they prompt rest, planning, and intention-setting. Because January’s new moon rises in diligent Capricorn, this lunar event is naturally steadfast and focused, and serves as a reminder to slow down when trying to reach your goals. As a pragmatic and meticulous earth sign, Capricorn also pushes you to determine what energy you want to keep for 2024 and what you want to leave behind.

“It’s a good time to look at the practicality of your current strategy and be humble enough to admit what isn’t working,” says astrologer Lauren Ash. “It’s also important to celebrate the routines that bring you success and center those more in your daily life.

What’s more, this lunation has numerological significance. It arrives on 1/11, aka the 111 Portal. “It sends out the collective signal to break free from the powers that try to control you. The angel number 111 represents novelty — a departure from what’s normally expected of you,” Ash says.

The Spiritual Meaning Of January’s New Moon

As the cardinal earth sign ruled by no-nonsense Saturn, Capricorn oozes with initiative, grit, and tough-as-nails leadership. The sign of the sea goat cares a lot about how they’re perceived by others, especially when it comes to receiving recognition for their hard work.

That said, January’s new moon is heavily concerned with ambition, whether that’s finally applying to your dream job or training for the marathon you’ve been talking about for ages. Your efforts could pay off.

“It’s not unusual for Capricorn transits to bring overdue rewards!” Ash says. “There’s the question of how dedicated and focused you stayed in achieving your goals, even when it wasn’t easy, and for those of you who stayed the course, this new moon is a bright moment.”

How To Work With January’s New Moon Energy

There are plenty of ways to set yourself up for success under this enterprising new moon. Getting down to business is the best way to honor the new moon, but there’s a lot more to it than just plunging into your work. It’s also about stripping away distractions and zooming in on the details. What habits do you need to kick? What skills do you need to sharpen or learn?

“Rethinking the strategies you use to achieve your goals will be the primary focus of this new moon,” Ash says.

You Might Struggle Through January’s New Moon

The most recent Mercury retrograde ended on New Year’s Day, and its shadow period runs through mid-January. It’s not unusual to still feel slightly off.

Don’t let the cosmic theatrics sidetrack you. “This is an opportunity to redirect your focus toward the important things in your life and to cultivate a mindset of success and abundance,” Ash says.


Lauren Ash, astrologer

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