Your Guide To Earth Signs

What Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn have in common.

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Reliable and pragmatic, earth signs are the true realists of the zodiac. Like their ruling element — the earth itself — this trio of zodiac babies are known for being sturdy, resilient, and incredibly resourceful. These hard workers will put their all toward manifesting their tangible goals, but they also know how to slow down and enjoy life’s sensual pleasures. Earth signs are masters of the material realm, and their practical way of engaging with life can help all zodiac signs get more grounded in their physical reality.

In astrology, there are various ways of categorizing the 12 zodiac signs, and one of the most important groupings is that of the four elements — fire, earth, air, and water. There are three signs assigned to each element, and those signs are greatly influenced and motivated by the qualities of their elemental ruler. When it comes to earth signs, they interact with the world in a primarily tangible way, putting an emphasis on practical matters, physical and financial security, material resources, and sensory experiences.

Our birth charts are made up of all 12 zodiac signs, and each plays an important role in the big-picture of our cosmic profile. So, even if you don’t have any major planets in the earth signs, their archetypes still have a presence in your chart and an influence on who you are. Here’s everything you need to know about these down-to-earth cosmic players.

What Are The Three Earth Signs?

Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn are the zodiac’s three earth signs. While each of these signs have their own unique characteristics and planetary rulers, they all share similar earthy motivations. Additionally, each of them has a different astrological modality — and the three modalities include cardinal, fixed, and mutable signs. Each group of elements includes one sign of each astrological modality, which differentiates the way their elemental qualities manifest.

Taurus zodiac signs (April 20 - May 20) are the fixed earth signs. Because they’re ruled by sensual planet Venus, Tauruses are especially fond of indulging in sensory pleasures and earthly luxuries. While these bull babies can be a little stubborn and resistant to change, they’re also deeply dependable and committed to finishing anything they’ve started.

Virgo zodiac signs (Aug. 23 - Sept. 22) are the mutable earth signs. Ruled by mental planet Mercury, they’re perhaps the most logical, observant, and well-organized of their earthy comrades. Virgos are deeply practical and love to be of service to others, and they know how to stay grounded even amidst the most chaotic storms.

Capricorn zodiac signs (Dec. 22 - Jan. 19) are the cardinal earth signs. They’re ruled by stern planet Saturn, giving them a responsible and serious edge and blessing them with an unwavering sense of discipline. Capricorns excel when it comes to making realistic plans and building a solid foundation for their goals — but they love to enjoy the fruit of their labor, too.

Earth Sign Traits

Earth Signs Are Down-To-Earth

It might sound redundant, but it’s true! Earth signs seem to have roots growing deep into the soil beneath them, keeping them grounded in their reality and focused on the tangible matters in their lives. They look at life through a practical and reason-based lens, which makes them pragmatic but supportive advice-givers. Their realistic and no-nonsense outlook also helps them excel when it comes to setting and accomplishing their goals.

Earth Signs Are Hardworking

Some of the most dependable and hardworking people you’ll ever meet will likely be earth signs — making them excellent colleagues who tend to stand out in the workplace. Collectively, these star babes understand the importance of being detail-oriented, dependable, and disciplined, and their sensible goal-oriented nature always helps them secure the bag. Because earth signs are deeply connected to the material realm, achieving financial success and stability is usually of great importance to them.

Earth Signs Love Pleasure

Contrary to popular belief, all work and no play is not an option for earth signs. Highly physical and sensory-oriented, earth signs are deeply present with their bodies and senses — meaning they love indulging in material delights more than just about any other signs. Having fun in bed, delicious food, quality goods, and luxury experiences all tickle an earth’s sign’s fancy. They’re the true material girls of the zodiac. Additionally, earth signs love connecting with the healing beauty of nature and being one with the natural cycles of our planet.

Earth Sign Compatibility

While there are lots of different factors that contribute to the astrological compatibility between two people, one simple way to gauge a cosmic connection is by looking at zodiac sign’s elemental compatibility. Earth signs have an easier time connecting with certain elements than others — but there’s always some common ground to be found.

Are Earth Signs & Earth Signs Compatible?

Earth signs pair very well with their fellow earth signs, as their grounded approaches to life and practical ways of moving through the world are highly compatible. They’re likely to be supportive of each other’s work and careers, and can offer each sound advice that helps the other reach their goals. Earth signs also love to chill and enjoy life’s pleasures, so expect plenty of luxurious nights in or relaxing outdoor getaways.

Are Earth Signs & Air Signs Compatible?

Earth signs like to keep both feet sturdily on the ground, but air signs prefer to have their heads up in space — and this can sometimes make it hard for this pairing to see eye-to-eye on things. An air sign’s tendency to conceptualize everything can be frustrating for pragmatic earth signs, who’d much rather focus on reality than a “what if” scenario. However, air signs can sometimes help earth signs lighten up and think about things in a refreshing way.

Are Earth Signs & Water Signs Compatible?

Earth signs and water signs blend together beautifully, as both energies are more internally-focused and really appreciate the feeling of comfort, trust, and stability. While water signs are much more emotional than earth signs and tend to lead with their sentimental sides, they both like to move through life at a slower and more gentle pace that leaves lots of room for reflection. This elemental dynamic fosters lots of emotional openness and trust.

Are Earth Signs & Fire Signs Compatible?

A blazing fire can fully scorch the earth — and this is true when it comes to this elemental pairing, too. Earth signs are practical and crave stability, and they like to make decisions based on reason. Fire signs, however, prefer to follow their hearts and lead with their passions, even if their plans don’t make sense on paper. While outgoing and impulsive fire signs can be exhausting for our no-nonsense earth babies, they can also help them to loosen up and focus on having fun.

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