13 Bennifer Fashion Moments To Recreate For Halloween This Year

Mimic their Gigli premiere look.

Check out these Jennifer Lopez & Ben Affleck Halloween costume ideas
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Whether you’re reuniting with your own old fling this fall, or just want a buzz-worthy photo op, Bennifer is arguably the hottest couple’s costume to dress as this Halloween. And, luckily for us, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck’s long-time love affair has offered plenty of iconic fashion moments to recreate.

From era-defining red carpet looks to coordinated street style moments, Bennifer’s couple wardrobe makes for an endless artillery of costume ideas. If you’re going for modern elegance, why not channel Bennifer’s latest looks from the Met Gala or their red carpet 2.0 debut in Venice? For rom-com lovers, you can dress as Ben and Jen a la Jersey Girl, or mimic their Gigli premiere look. Looking to go the more casual route? Dress as the duo on their outings to the Lakers or Red Sox games. (Also a great look if you or your partner “loves that dirty water” and calls Boston home like Ben.)

Much like the infinite love of Jen and Ben, there’s an endless amount of Bennifer Halloween costume ideas for you and your beau to choose from this year. Get retro, get regal, whatever you choose, you’re sure to have the party paparazzi on your tail.

Met Gala

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Nothing says “Americana” like Bennifer posing for a photo op. Ben keeps it classy and simple in a suit and bow tie. For Jennifer, you can show off your wild side with a wide-brimmed cowboy hat, rustic jewelry like a brown leather choker, brown gown, and leather belt.

Venice Red Carpet

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Sure, this wasn’t Bennifer’s red carpet debut, but it was their first red carpet appearance as Bennifer 2.0. Whether you’re having your own debut with a reignited old flame or stepping out to your first Halloween party as a couple, this look will make it clear that you’re here to make waves. For Ben, add some flair to your classic tuxedo with a black bowtie. For Jennifer, find a plunge neck white dress. If you can’t find a bejeweled neckline, wear a long silver necklace and complement it with a silver clutch. Strike a pose, and let the cameras flash.

Boston Red Sox Game

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Grab ya cup of Dunks and Sox cap because it’s time to play ball. All you’ll need for this sporty look is a leather jacket, jeans, and hoop earrings for J-Lo and a Red Sox jacket and hat for Ben. Get ready to request “Sweet Caroline” when it’s nearing the 8th inning of the night.

On-Set Style

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Nothing says 2002 quite like this candid shot of Jen and Ben on-set of one of her “Jenny from the Block” music video. For Jennifer, grab a white skirt, leather jacket, and black leather knee-high boots. For Ben, later up with a hoodie, blazer, and jeans.

Gigli Premiere

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Sure, the movie Gigli itself practically gave us nothing, but its production gave us Bennifer. So, for that reason alone, it might be the greatest movie of all time? If you and your beau are a match made in 2000s rom-com heaven, then this look is perfect. For Ben, wear a navy blue suit with a light blue button-down and tie. For J-Lo, wear a brown strappy dress and silver earrings.

Jersey Girl

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If you’re a Jersey girl yourself, or just looking for an excuse to wear a fur coat, this look is for you. Curl your hair into tight tresses for Jennifer, and complete the look with a long fur coat, white dress, white scarf, and white gloves. For Ben, wear a black overcoat, black shirt, and blue patterned tie with slicked back hair.

Lakers Courtside

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Here’s a casual look you can create from your closet that still provides plenty of retro 2000s vibes. Layer up for Ben with a white long sleeve under a green t-shirt with khakis. For Jennifer, wear a patterned v-neck sleeveless top and white pants with strappy heels.

2003 Street Style

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Here’s a look that’s perfect if you’re going for casually coordinated. Wear a white tank top and jeans for J-Lo, and a white button down and khakis for Ben. Throw on a Sox cap to complete the look, but feel free to ditch the cigarette.

Venice Water Taxi Attire

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Every couple deserves their day in the sun. And, while you and your partner might not be soaking up the Italian sun, you can still shine with this stylish look from Bennifer’s recent Venice trip. Play it business casual with Ben by wearing a navy blue suit and white button-down sans tie. Don’t forget the sunglasses. For Jennifer, wear a black and white pin-striped dress with a black leather purse and slicked back ponytail. Hop in your water taxi or Uber and step out on the town.

Vancouver Getaway

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We couldn’t miss a track suit moment from J-Lo. Find a navy striped track suit (bonus points if it’s velour) and white tennis shoes for Jennifer. For Ben, wear a sage green button down with khakis. Recruit a friend with the new iPhone’s telephoto camera to create this far-off paparazzi zoom shot.

Daredevil Premiere

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Dare to be outdated with this classic early 2000s look. While it’s unlikely you can get your hand on J-Lo’s Pucci dress from the 2003 Daredevil premiere, you can recreate her look by finding a black maxi dress with a graphic top, or adding your own fabric to the top. For Ben, stick to a simple black suit with a white tie.

Maid in Manhattan Premiere

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You won’t need to loan a socialite’s wardrobe to have your own Maid in Manhattan moment this Halloween. Find a beige layered tulle dress and a faux white fur coat for Jennifer, and stick to a classic suit and tie look for Ben. To add some extra city style, wear a black peacoat over your suit like Ben.

2003 Oscars

Patrick McMullan/Patrick McMullan/Getty Images

You’re sure to win “Best Picture” on Instagram with this Oscars look. For Ben, channel your inner old Hollywood with a black suit and skinny tie. For J-Lo, wear a mint green one-shoulder gown and a low bun updo.