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How Long It Takes Leo To Fall In Love, According To Astrologers

by Kristine Fellizar
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Everyone loves the fiery royal lion of the zodiac. Leos are confident, energetic, and always fun to be around. They're sexy, sophisticated, and always leave their house looking their best. They're also very loyal and generous to those they love most. It's no wonder why Leos tend to attract a ton of admirers. Since they're so friendly to everyone, it can be hard to tell if they see you as someone special or not. If you want to know whether or not you're standing out from the crowd, learning about how long it takes Leo to fall in love can give you insight into how they may be feeling and what you can do to help things move forward.

"A Leo in love says a lot as they are a choosey sign," astrologer Arriana Fox tells Bustle. "You will see that a well-loved Leo is confident and secure in their relationship. Leos will find themselves more active and outgoing as they feel contentment within themselves. They will make everyone’s day brighter as they share their good mood with those around them."

When in love, you can expect to see a "showy" romance. According to Fox, the outgoing lion will expect to be enticed with romantic dinners, flowers, fragrances, and other little gifts here and there. This doesn't mean that Leo is materialistic, Fox says, but they do expect to see your affections being shown in ways they can show off.

With that said, you won't easily win their heart with fancy dinners, gifts, and compliments. Although those things can definitely help, Leos look for that special feeling in their gut that says this person is it.

"For a Leo to fall in love, they must connect with someone whose heart matches the same vibration as their own," astrologer Brad Williams tells Bustle. "A Leo will know they are in love when they can't stop their heart from beating fast, and they lose all their vanity in relationship to the partner. They lay down their guard, and like the feline, they will purr in adoration. Since Leos tend to follow their heart, they can fall in love fairly quickly."

However, as a passionate and desire-driven sign, Leos do have a tendency to confuse real love with lust. Since they're particular about the people they choose to date, it can be extra hard on them when the person they thought they loved breaks their heart. Honesty and loyalty are super important to Leo. According to Fox, Leos tend to be pretty good at quickly assessing situations. If they sense that someone isn't being sincere with them, they will show them the door.

If you're dating a Leo and you want to keep them in your life, it's important to be genuine. "Don’t try to fool a Leo with false praise and fake promises as they know quality when they feel it or see it," Fox says. Leos also love experiencing life. As a Fire sign, they don't like sitting around waiting for things to happen. So find new things to try together or a fun adventure to go on. Above all, always tell them how much you mean to them. If you show Leo some appreciation, they will do the same for you.


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