Your Guide To Making The Most Of May's New Moon

It’s the perfect time to manifest.

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The May 2021 new moon on May 11 is the last lunation before eclipse season, during which energy can get really chaotic. So if you’re trying to manifest your goals and work some moon magic before things get crazy, you’ll want to follow these new moon dos and don’ts.

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DO: Set Realistic Goals

This new moon takes place in the stable and sure-footed sign of Taurus, making it a powerful time to set solidly tangible plans for yourself. As a practical earth sign, Taurus energy asks us to be realistic, diligent, and hardworking about our goals.

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DON’T: Try To Move Too Fast

Taurus energy takes things slow, preferring to plod steadily and deliberately toward goals instead of rushing. That said, this new moon reminds us to have patience when it comes to getting what we want. Take your time and think things through.

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DO: Focus On What Feels Good

This new moon is the peak of Taurus season 2021, when the sun and moon align in this sensual sign's territory. This vibe is about embracing material pleasures, indulging in luxurious self-care, and honoring our senses — so prioritize what feels good.

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DON’T: Be Stubborn

One downfall of the Taurus moon? It can make us feel super stubborn. It's good to feel confident in our plans, but we must also practice staying flexible in the face of changes — especially since the next full moon is an eclipse, which could shake things up.

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DO: Make Some Moon Magic

After this new moon, we officially enter the first eclipse season of the year, during which energy can get really chaotic. Take advantage of this calm before the storm and align your goals with the lunar magic by planning a new moon manifestation ritual.

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DON’T: Ignore Your Intuition

The new moon is forming a positive sextile aspect with dreamy planet Neptune, which puts an added emphasis on our intuition and spirituality. Listen to your inner voice for insight during this lunation and trust the messages that come to you in dreams.

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DO: Start Something New

New moons in astrology are all about new beginnings, so it's a great time to make a fresh start. Because Taurus is associated with things like material wealth and pleasure, now's a time to start anew when it comes to money matters, romance, or self-care.

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DON’T: Sleep On The Momentum

Mars (planet of action) connects with unpredictable planet Uranus alongside the new moon, which can give us an unexpected boost of motivation or sudden urge to try something new. Capitalize on this momentum instead of sleeping in or getting lazy.

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