Your Guide To September’s Chaotic Mercury Retrograde

Beginning Sept. 9, expect miscommunication, travel hiccups, and relationship tension.

September Mercury retrograde starts on Sept. 9, 2022.
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September’s Mercury retrograde is almost upon us. Beginning Sept. 9, expect miscommunication, travel hiccups, and relationship tension until the chatty planet stations direct on Oct. 2. With Mercury entering Libra and Virgo, you'll want to bring balance with these do’s and don'ts.

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DO: Consider Both Sides

Mercury, which rules communication and ideas, spends time in diplomatic Libra. The air sign is all about keeping the peace — so when the inevitable slip-ups happen, it's important to weigh each perspective before responding to them.

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DON’T: Be Judgemental

Since Mercury retrograde is stationed in Virgo at the tail end of Virgo season, the earth sign's overcritical tendencies may arise. Avoid pointing out the flaws in others or yourself, especially when things are most likely to get misconstrued right now.

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DO: Check In On Your Relationships

Mercury's backspin has a tendency to bring suppressed emotions, feelings, and issues to light. With Libra ruling partnerships, it's a great moment to slow down and reflect on the state of your relationship. What's been working — and what hasn't?

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DON’T: Obsess Over Details

While you may feel compelled to channel your inner Monica Geller right now and read into everything, it's important not to get in your head or sweat the small stuff. Mercury retrograde is bound to confuse things, anyway.

DO: Get Practical

Things shifting gears once Mercury enters pragmatic Virgo on Sept. 23. This period is all about getting organized and creating realistic goals. You’ll want to keep your planner updated and double-check your commitments, which are bound to get mixed up right now.

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DON’T: Make Big Relationship Decisions

With Mercury retrograde spotlighting relationships, hidden feelings and tension are bound to surface — but this transit is not good for finalizing anything. Avoid major decisions like breaking up or jumping into a relationship right now.

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DO: Find Balance

Libra is obsessed with finding harmony, which might be a struggle since this retrograde wreaks havoc in all facets of life. Pay attention to any lopsidedness within your relationship and your work-home life and work towards restoring balance.

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