Mercury Retrograde September 2022 Will Affect These Zodiac Signs The Least

Embrace the backward-moving flow.

The zodiac signs least affected by the September 2022 Mercury retrograde.
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Another Mercury retrograde is about to commence, so get ready to start double-checking those details and communicating with extra clarity. From Sept. 9 through Oct. 2, swift-footed planet Mercury will be slowing things down for us, causing the potential for everything from misaligned meeting schedules to confusing conversations with our loved ones. This three-and-a-half-week backspin could certainly bring about some frustrating delays or mix-ups, but for the handful of signs least affected by the September 2022 Mercury retrograde, it’s more likely to pass without any major mishaps.

As the planet of logistics and mental matters, Mercury’s infamous retrograde periods are known for causing mishaps in the realms of timing, talking, texting, technology, and more. While these backspins have a reputation for being obnoxious, they’re not inherently bad — they simply direct us to slow down and assess where we’re at instead of starting anything new. The real trouble with Mercury retrograde arises when we try to charge ahead instead of embracing the backward-moving flow. That said, retrogrades are a good time to review our current plans, revisit our recent decisions, and be more intentional with the information we share or consume. Afterward, we’ll be able to move forward with more clarity and confidence.

While no zodiac signs are totally spared from the cosmic impact of Mercury retrograde, the fixed zodiac signs might be getting a well-deserved break. It’s been a rough summer for the zodiac signs of this modality, as Leo season tensely activated tough-love planet Saturn in Aquarius, chaotic planet Uranus in Taurus, and the North and South Nodes of Destiny in Taurus and Scorpio, respectively. However, the September 2022 Mercury retrograde is taking place in cardinal air sign Libra, then backtracking into mutable earth sign Virgo two weeks in — meaning the fixed signs may not feel the intensity quite like some of the others.

Read on to find out if you’re one of the lucky few zodiac signs that Mercury will be taking it easy on during this retrograde.

Taurus Zodiac Signs (April 20-May 20)

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It’s been a summer full of major changes for you, Taurus. Unpredictable Uranus has been lighting up your sign, forming electrically-charged connections with energetic Mars and ushering in all sorts of unexpected twists in alignment with the North Node of Destiny.

With that in mind, the slower pace of this backspin might feel like a welcome reprieve from the chaos — that is, if you work with the retrograde energy rather than against it. Avoid packing your calendar with commitments during this period, as the likelihood of communication errors or timing mix-ups is high. Instead, give yourself some extra time to review your current schedule and make it more conducive to the shifts that have taken place in your life recently. Sometimes being productive looks less like charging forward and more like taking care of what’s already in front of you.

Leo Zodiac Sign (July 23-Aug. 22)

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Summer is your season, Leo, and soon it’s coming to an end — so this retrograde offers you a helpful chance to reflect on your recent choices, look over your financial situation, and take stock of your social life. The first two weeks of the retrograde will hit your chart’s communication sector, so it’ll be easy to say something you don’t mean or misinterpret someone else words. However, this also offers a chance to smooth over any small interpersonal dramas that may have bubbled up over the summer months or casually catch up with friends from your past who you haven’t seen in a while. Use this slower-paced energy to clean up your calendar and get your bank accounts balanced as you transition into a new season.

Scorpio Zodiac Signs (Oct. 23-Nov. 21)

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Most of Mercury’s upcoming retrograde takes place in your quiet and solitary 12th house, Scorpio, so the effects may be a little more subtle than usual. This could be an especially introspective and mystical period, and you might find yourself revisiting past dreams or requiring extra alone time in an attempt to connect with your sense of intuition. If there are spiritual downloads that your conscious mind has either ignored or hasn’t had an opportunity to process, now is the time to allow these ethereal messages to come through.

Keep in mind that we’re being plunged back into eclipse season just a few weeks after this retrograde ends with a powerful solar eclipse in your sign — so use this backspin to clear the clutter from your subconscious before the autumn’s cosmic events usher you into a new era.

Aquarius Zodiac Signs (Jan. 20-Feb. 18)

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It’s not that this retrograde is going to be a walk in the park, Aquarius — in fact, it could certainly have some tangible effects on things like traveling, school work, or money loans, if any of that currently applies to you. However, you might also find that it brings an opportunity to clarify your higher belief system and shift your current paradigm. Instead of holding onto old dogmas or labels simply because they once resonated with you, use this energy to look at your opinions with fresh eyes and assess whether they still align with who you are today.

This retrograde-fueled perspective shift could also spark a renewed interest in some former topics of study or aspirational pursuits from your past. Just because you didn’t reach a specific goal or go after a certain dream before doesn’t mean it’s too late to make it happen now. If the passion is still there, don’t be afraid to chase those rainbows.