The Astrological Reason Behind Virgo’s Critical Eye

A crooked picture frame will drive them up the wall.

Virgo zodiac signs’ biggest weaknesses include being overly critical.
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If you were born between approximately Aug. 23 and Sept. 22, that means you’re a Virgo — making you naturally altruistic, helpful, and well-organized. But under Virgo’s orderly exterior lies the potential to become a nit-picky perfectionist, so beware if they cast their critical gaze in your direction! People born under the sign of the maiden have plenty of delightful qualities that make them special, but knowing Virgo zodiac signs’ biggest weaknesses can give us a more significant understanding of their complex personalities.

Virgos are mutable earth signs, meaning they’re great at fixing mistakes and solidifying a flawless plan, no matter the circumstances. However, their strong logistical skills can sometimes make it hard for them not to fixate on tiny details. But before we get too deep into this Virgo honey-roast, we must acknowledge that different strengths and weaknesses that correspond with every zodiac sign, and none are worse or better than any other. Besides, our astrological birth charts contain every single sign of the zodiac, whether or not we have any major planets in them — meaning that Virgo zodiac sign strengths and weaknesses are applicable to all of us in at least some small way.

Whether you’re a Virgo or not, understanding Virgo zodiac signs’ traits will allow us to get to know yourself (and the Virgos in your life!) on a deeper cosmic level.

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1. They Can Get Nit-Picky

As the sign associated with purity and organization, Virgos can be particular about details and become fussy about things having to be “just so.” Unfortunately, this can lead to them coming off as nit-picky and uptight, especially if they go into control freak mode over something small. Virgos should practice letting go of the little things and simply letting them be.

2. Mistakes Drive Them Crazy

Virgos are incredibly observant and they have a hawk-eye when it comes to details. They’re guaranteed to notice that typo in your text message or spot that tiny snag in your sweater. And that slightly crooked picture frame on your wall? You can bet it’s sticking out to them like a sore thumb. But it can sometimes be hard for a Virgo to let even the most inconsequential error roll off their back once it catches their eye, so they often end up fixating on whatever seems off.

3. They Want Perfection Or Nothing

Virgos are one of the hardworking earth signs, and they have high standards when it comes to just about everything. Because of this, they’re always striving for the best — whether it’s in regards to work, relationships, or anything else. However, “perfection” is an illusion in our imperfect world, so if Virgos aren’t willing to be satisfied with anything other than the unattainable, then they’ll often find themselves disappointed.

4. They Can Come Off As Critical

The drive to be of service to others is one of the things that makes a Virgo tick. This often manifests as them picking up on things that they think could be improved and then bringing those things to peoples’ attention. While their observations are always meant to be constructive, they can sometimes come off as harsh or overly-critical. That said, Virgos should be careful that their commentary isn’t being perceived as more hurtful than helpful.

5. They’re Tough On Themselves, Too

It’s true that Virgos have high expectations for just about everyone, but no one experiences the brunt of a Virgo’s perfectionistic tendencies like they do. Self-improvement is a big deal for Virgos, and doing their best at all times is extremely important to them. If they don’t live up to their own standards or perform at the level they wanted to, they can be really hard on themselves. That’s why practicing self-love and compassion is a must for every Virgo.

6. They Want To Fix Everything

You know how Virgos have a tendency to let even the tiniest mistakes get under their skin? Well, that leads us into another one of their weaknesses: they’re “fixers.” Once they notice something that could use some improvement, they have a burning desire to make it “right.” However, not everything can (or needs to) be fixed. Virgos need to remember that it’s not always their place to step in and try to remedy something — because everyone does things differently, and that help might not actually be welcome.

7. They Can Be Rigid About Their Routines

Virgo is the sign associated with the sixth house of the zodiac, which is all about our day-to-day habits. That’s what allows Virgos to be so good at scheduling, timing, and staying on top of their routines! However, just because a routine works doesn’t mean we should stick to it forever, and sometimes Virgos can forget that. It’s important for them to consciously mix things up and not get too rigid when it comes to their daily grind.

8. It’s Hard For Them To Accept Help

Virgos are the altruists of the zodiac, so they’re always striving to improve things, offer up a favor, and be helpful to others. But their service-oriented nature sometimes blocks them from being able to ask for or accept help for themselves. Virgos should practice staying open to others’ assistance and remembering that everyone needs a helping hand from time to time.

9. They Sometimes Overthink Things

As one of the signs ruled by cerebral planet Mercury, Virgos are naturally analytical people who can’t help but think through the details of every situation. However, this also makes them one of the zodiac signs most prone to overthinking — as they often imagine every possible outcome to a situation, and sometimes fixate on the negative ones. This can lead to unnecessary worry and stress if left unchecked.

10. Yes, They Can Actually Be Quite Messy

You might not expect this from the sign known for being the most organized of the zodiac, but many Virgos can actually be quite messy. While we imagine that all Virgos live in pristinely tidy homes, with all their files in perfectly organized folders, that’s not always the case. But the difference between a regular mess and a Virgo mess is that Virgos have a method to their madness — they always know where everything is, even if their system looks chaotic from an outsider’s perspective.