Your Guide To Spring’s Dramatic Mercury Retrograde

Triple check everything.

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Mercury retrograde is here again, and it's rocking the boat from May 10 to June 3. Mercury's backspin takes place in chatty Gemini and romantic Taurus, inducing major confusion around self-worth, finances, and relationships. Be prepared with these do's and don'ts.

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DO: Double-Check Your Tech

The first half of Mercury retrograde takes place in its native sign, Gemini, meaning the usual chaos of tech issues and social media blunders are likely to ensue. Brace yourself for computer crashes, proofread captions, and think before you post.

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DON’T: Book That Flight

Geminis are ruled by the third house of communication and travel, so Mercury's backspin puts a lot of pressure on these areas. Flight delays and mishaps are bound to find their way to your travel plans, so it's best to put it off until Mercury goes direct.

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DO: Proofread Work Emails

The latter half of Mercury retrograde will be spent in Taurus, which is ruled by the second house of finances, making work a target for cosmic chaos. Avoid office confusion by double-checking for errors in emails and other forms of communication.

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DON’T: Make Rash Decisions

Between Mercury spending time in overthinking Gemini and stubborn Taurus during its retrograde, it can be easy to respond passionately and make decisions that may have long-term consequences. Take your time processing before reacting.

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DO: Review Your Finances

While earth sign Taurus is all about money and personal assets, the bull also has a taste for the finer things. You may be tempted to splurge, but it's a good idea to revisit your financial plans, budgets, and spending habits instead.

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DON’T: Sign Contracts

Sealing the deal during Mercury retrograde is generally a huge no-no. If you must, remember to read the fine print, especially when discussing the long-term. Best to sleep on it before cementing anything.

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DO: Reflect On Your Past

The tension sparked by Mercury's backtrack may be overwhelming, but it's a great time to look back and review past lessons. Since both Gemini and Taurus energy is relational, it could benefit you to reflect on what you've learned in your relationships.

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