42 Mistakes You Don't Realize You're Making That Make Your Life Harder

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As Hannah Montana once eloquently put it, “Everybody makes mistakes.” But that doesn’t mean we can’t change our habits once we’ve learned easier ways to accomplish life’s many tasks. In fact, there are a ton of ingenious products on Amazon that will make your life easier. The key is identifying the day-to-day struggles you’re experiencing, and finding new paths to conquering them.

For example, you might be throwing all of your kitchen supplies together a drawer. Then, when it’s time to cook, you can’t find your paring knife or garlic press. You can remedy this situation by investing in these length-adjustable bamboo drawer dividers that keep your utensils organized. And speaking of knives, you can make chopping, slicing, and dicing so much easier with this budget-friendly knife sharpener that restores dull, damaged blades and keeps them in great shape.

If you find that getting ready in the morning has become particularly time-consuming, there are small adjustments that will save you precious minutes. Try this cult-favorite hair dryer and styling brush that consolidates your hair routine into one easy step. If you’re applying makeup, this fast-change brush-cleaning sponge makes it super easy to switch between shades, so you don’t muddy your work.

Below, you’ll find tons of common mistakes you probably don’t even realize you’re making, as well as quick, easy, and cheap solutions you’ll wish you knew about earlier. Plus, all of these clever Amazon products come highly rated, so you can feel confident in your purchase.


Mistake: Spending Hours Scrubbing Your Oven

Fix: This 3-Pack Of Oven Liners That Catch Drips

Made from an eco-friendly, BPA-free material, these heat-resistant oven liners catch grease, drips, and crumbs that fall through your oven rack. Each liner can be trimmed to fit the bottom of your oven, and when you’re finished using them, you can easily wipe off the residue or rinse them in the sink before your next baking project.


Mistake: Not Keeping A Mask On Hand

Fix: A Compact Storage Case For Face Masks

By keeping this storage case in your bag, you’ll always have a dedicated spot to stash your face mask. The zippered neoprene pouch has space for multiple face coverings, and a carabiner clip that allows you to attach it to a backpack, briefcase, or key ring. It comes in several fun colors and patterns, so you can pick the one that fits your personality best.

  • Available colors: 9


Mistake: Not Separating Colors Before Laundry Day

Fix: This Double Hamper That Sorts Laundry For You

When laundry day comes around, it can be a hassle to sort all your clothes into lights and darks. This rolling laundry hamper has two separate compartments for keeping your laundry organized. The sturdy metal frame holds the two bags, which can accommodate 11 gallons of laundry each. Great for compact living spaces, this hamper will save you time and energy.

  • Available colors: 3


Mistake: Cluttering Your Sink With A Soap Bottle

Fix: The Sponge Holder That Also Dispenses Soap

Keep your sink area clear by replacing your soap bottle with this soap dispenser that doubles as a sponge holder. Just press your sponge down into the top compartment to activate the soap pump. Then, once you’re finished scrubbing, you can leave your sponge resting on top of the dispenser to maximize space on your counter.


Mistake: Drying & Styling Your Hair In 2 Separate Steps

Fix: The Cult-Favorite Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer Brush

Instead of styling your hair after you’ve dried it, you can use this two-in-one hair dryer brush to boost volume, add shape, and smooth strands. Boasting 240,000 five-star ratings, the oval-shaped brush has hundreds of nylon pin bristles that detangle and smooth your hair, with unique airflow vents that dry your hair as you brush. There are three heat and speed settings that give you a fully customizable styling experience that leaves your hair feeling soft and silky, not dry and brittle.

  • Available colors: 6


Mistake: Not Setting Your Lights On Timers

Fix: A Set Of Smart Light Bulbs That Are Totally Customizable

These LED smart bulbs have a built-in timer function that automatically turns them on and off at designated times of the day. Compatible with Alexa, Google Home, and Apple devices, the light bulbs can be controlled with a single voice command, or operated via a phone app. You can also adjust the lights to any color and brightness level using your paired smartphone.


Mistake: Not Sharpening Your Knives

Fix: This Compact Knife-Sharpener That’s Budget-Friendly

Over time, your kitchen knives can become dull with frequent use, but instead of buying new ones, all you have to do is sharpen them with this compact tool. Equipped with coarse and fine sharpening slots, this versatile gadget allows you to renew dull and damaged blades as well as touch up ones that are already sharp.

  • Available colors: 4


Mistake: Hauling Out An Ironing Board When You Could Just Steam

Fix: A Portable Garment Steamer That’s Easy To Use

If you’d rather not go to the trouble of hauling out an ironing board, you’ll love this portable garment steamer. Heating up in less than two minutes, it’s perfect for getting last-minute wrinkles out of clothes. The powerful unit produces up to 15 minutes of continuous steam, so you can work with multiple garments on one water fill.


Mistake: Letting Necklaces Get Tangled

Fix: This Hanging Jewelry Organizer

Untangling a heap of necklaces is tedious and time-consuming. It’s much easier to invest in this hanging jewelry organizer that sits on your dresser. The elegant metal tree has three tiers for hanging necklaces, hoop earrings, and bracelets. A catchall tray below can hold rings and stud earrings. The base of the organizer is padded, so it won’t scratch your furniture.


Mistake: Letting Cosmetics Go To Waste

Fix: These Slim Beauty Spatulas That Get Every Last Drop

When there’s just a tiny bit of foundation at the bottom of the bottle, it can be tempting to just throw the entire thing away, but you can make your cosmetics last longer with these narrow beauty spatulas that scrape the last drops from the bottom and sides of the container. The foam heads can be rinsed off and used over and over again.

  • Available colors: 3


Mistake: Not Allowing Your Bar Soap To Dry

Fix: A Pair Of Self-Draining Soap Holders

Nobody likes picking up a slimy bar of soap when washing their hands. Made of recycled wheat straw, these eco-friendly trays drain the excess water from your bars of soap after you’ve used them. The water collects in the tray and empties into your sink through the built-in funnel. These holders keep your sink area clean and soap scum-free.


Mistake: Shortening Hems With A Needle & Thread

Fix: An Iron-On Hem Adhesive Strip

When you need to shorten a hem on a dress, skirt, or pair of pants, you don’t have to lug out the bulky sewing machine. There’s an easier way to fix the hem that doesn’t require needle or thread. This iron-on adhesive tape affixes to your clothing, sealing your hemline with a strong bond that stays in place. Just cut down the strip to size, place between two layers of fabric, iron, and you’re all set.


Mistake: Slouching While You Work

Fix: This Laptop Stand That Elevates The Screen

Here’s a laptop stand made out of lightweight aluminum that keeps your computer elevated off your desk. The higher position keeps your screen at eye-level, which prevents slouching over long periods of time. Sleek and streamlined, this stand is compatible with laptops from 10 to 15.6 inches wide. If you work from home, it’s definitely a worthwhile investment — your spine will thank you.

  • Available colors: 6


Mistake: Using Elbow Grease To Scrub Your MicrowaveFix: A Volcano That Steam Cleans Your Microwave

When your microwave is covered in food residue, you don’t automatically have to do the dirty work of scrubbing it yourself. Instead, use this volcano-shaped cleaner that erupts a cloud of steam into your microwave. Just add water and vinegar, place the lid on top, and allow the volcano to heat in the microwave for five to seven minutes. The steam loosens the stains, so you can easily wipe them off.


Mistake: Dedicating An Entire Cupboard To Food Storage Containers

Fix: These Collapsible Silicone Food Storage Containers

These reusable food storage containers are made out of flexible silicone, and when you’re finished using them, they collapse to one-third of their original size, taking up minimal space in your cabinet. The set of four comes with matching plastic lids that snap on for airtight storage. At the top of each lid is a twistable air vent for microwave heating.


Mistake: Cramming Your Clothes Into Your Closet

Fix: Some Cascading Closet Hangers

If your closet is overflowing with clothes, these hangers are an easy way to create extra space along your closet rods. Each cascading hanger can hold up to five articles of clothing either vertically or horizontally. You get 10 hangers in a pack, so a single set can accommodate 50 different garments. They’re ideal for small apartments and dorm closets.


Mistake: Not Darkening Your Room For Better Sleep

Fix: These Blackout Curtains That Keep Out Light

These blackout curtains block up to 85% of outside light, creating a dark interior space that will naturally help you fall asleep — and stay asleep. They’re available in all sorts of colors, from neutrals to bright, eye-catching shades. The darker the color, the more effective the curtain will be in keeping light out of your bedroom.

  • Available colors: 22


Mistake: Not Keeping Your Cables Organized

Fix: A Pair Of Cable-Organizing Clips

Fix the unsightly mess of tangled charging wires by your desk or entertainment center with this pair of cable clips that organize them into a neat line. The self-adhesive backing sticks to wood, plastic, ceramic, and glass surfaces. One clip has five slots, while the other has three. Place them underneath or on top of your desk for an easy organizing solution that keeps your cables in check.


Mistake: Letting Your Herbs Go Bad Before You Use Them

Fix: This Container That Keeps Herbs Fresh

Preserve your fresh herbs for longer in the refrigerator by using this basket with ventilated sides. Place your mint, rosemary, cilantro, or parsley inside the basket, and insert it into the plastic chamber. Fill the chamber with water and place the lid on top, trapping the moisture inside and creating a humid environment for your greens.


Mistake: Not Keeping Your Socks Together When Washing

Fix: The SockDock Laundry Tool That Keeps Each Pair Together

Save yourself the time and hassle of pairing your socks after you’ve washed them. The Sock Dock laundry tool has several slots for holding up to nine pairs of socks. This way, they stay together in the washing and drying machine, so you can easily put them away afterwards. You can also hang the Sock Dock in your closet and use it to hold clean and dirty pairs of socks.


Mistake: Cluttering Your Shower

Fix: A Wall-Mounted Shower Dispenser

Keep your shower free of clutter by investing in this wall-mounted shower dispenser with two chambers for shampoo and conditioner. It affixes to your wall in just minutes, thanks to the sticky adhesive backing. The translucent containers show you how much liquid is inside, so you know when it’s time for a refill.


Mistake: Piling Your Shoes On Top Of Each Other

Fix: This 3-Tier Shoe-Organizing Shelf

Instead of tossing your shoes on top of one another into a pile on the floor, you can place them side by side on this sleek metal organizer. With three vertical tiers, this unit can hold up to nine pairs of shoes, minimum. Place it inside your closet, or right by your front door for easy access. Multiple shelves can even be stacked on top of each other for extra storage.


Mistake: Crowding Your Storage Closet Until It Overflows

Fix: An 8-Pack Of Vacuum Storage Bags

Maximize your storage space with these vacuum storage bags that come with a pump to help seal out air. Just load up the items you want to store, seal the bag with the included zipper, and use the pump to remove every last bit of air through the bag’s nozzle. These bags are especially useful for shrinking pillows and comforters, compressing them to a much smaller size.


Mistake: Haphazardly Throwing Everything In A Drawer

Fix: A 4-Pack Of Adjustable Bamboo Dividers

Declutter your drawers by placing this set of four sleek bamboo dividers inside. The adjustable design allows you to expand the panels to fit your individual drawer. Use them in the kitchen to divide your utensils, or in the office to organize your desk supplies. You can even use them in your dresser to keep your socks and underwear separated.


Mistake: Eyeballing How Much Spaghetti To Use

Fix: The Kitchen Tool That Measures Spaghetti

Take the guesswork out of making dinner with this measuring tool that shows you how much spaghetti to make for one, two, three, or four people. Just slide your pasta into the holes of the stainless steel device to figure out the amount you need to use. This way, you won’t end up with too much or too little spaghetti to serve.


Mistake: Using A Regular Brush To Detangle Your Hair

Fix: This Unique Brush That’s Designed To Detangle

This detangling brush has cone-shaped plastic bristles that glide through your locks without tearing them or causing breakage. The brush is safe to use on wet or dry hair, gently separating it into tangle-free strands. With a uniquely shaped handle that’s easy to hold, this brush makes caring for your hair a breeze.

  • Available colors: 6


Mistake: Not Cleaning Your Glasses

Fix: A Dual-Sided, Reusable Lens Cleaner

Whether you have prescription glasses, readers, or sunglasses, you deserve to have clean, residue-free lenses. When a wipe-down with a cloth isn’t enough, this dual-sided lens cleaner will do the trick. One side has a small brush for wiping debris off the lens’ surface, while the other side has a carbon microfiber pad for getting rid of oil and smudges.

  • Available colors: 16


Mistake: Not Supporting Your Lower Back

Fix: The Memory Foam Pillow With Lumbar Support

Support your lower back with this memory foam cushion that fits over your car seat or your office chair. Promoting proper spinal alignment, this pillow alleviates back pain and prevents strain. If you spend long periods of time sitting in your car or at your desk, this pillow will instantly improve your posture and ease tension.

  • Available colors: 8


Mistake: Using A Terrycloth Towel On Your Hair

Fix: An Absorbent Microfiber Towel That’s Gentle On Hair

Terrycloth towels aren’t nearly as absorbent as microfiber ones, and can also cause frizz and damage to your hair. Made from a thick, absorbent microfiber material, this hair towel is much gentler on strands. It’s safe for all hair types, quickly absorbing moisture so you can move on to styling faster.

  • Available sizes: 20 x 40 inches, 24 x 42 inches
  • Available colors: 4


Mistake: Not Cleaning Makeup Brush Bristles Before Swapping Shades

Fix: This Makeup Color-Removing Sponge

When applying multiple eyeshadow colors at once, it can be tricky getting one shade off of your brush before moving on to the next one, but this sponge removes pigment from bristles in mere seconds. Just swipe the brush a few times across the scrubbing sponge’s surface, and watch as the color disappears completely.


Mistake: Letting Your Phone Run Out Of Battery

Fix: A Portable Power Bank That Works With Multiple Devices

With this slim power bank, you’ll never have to worry about a dead phone while traveling. The portable external battery can power up your smartphone up anywhere from 2.5 to four times on a single charge, depending on the model of your phone. The versatile unit has a USB output port, a micro-USB input port, two micro-USB cables, and a charging cable.


Mistake: Not Using A Hair Catcher In The Shower

Fix: The TubShroom Hair Catcher

Don’t let your drain clog up from all that loose hair — nip the problem in the bud with the TubShroom. The patented device catches every hair that falls down your drain, without stopping the flow of water. The strands wrap around the TubShroom’s cylindrical body, so you can easily remove them after you’re finished washing your hair.


Mistake: Folding Your Laundry Yourself

Fix: A Laundry Folding Board That Makes Uniform Stacks

Achieving a neatly folded stack of shirts can take a while, not to mention the time it takes to make sure each line is even. This unique board makes folding your shirts so simple. Just place the shirt on top of the board, fold each panel according to the instructions, and remove your perfectly creased garment. It also works for folding dresses, pants, and towels.


Mistake: Accidentally Misplacing Keys

Fix: The Tile Bluetooth Key Finder

If you’re always misplacing your keys, you need to check out the Tile key finder. It clips onto your key ring, allowing you to track the location of your keys from your phone at all times. Simply pair the Tile with your smartphone, and use the accompanying app to “ring” your keys. It has a vice-versa design, too: You can use the Tile to locate your lost phone.


Mistake: Using A Bulky Countertop Dish Rack

Fix: A Roll-Up Metal Dish Rack That Goes Over The Sink

Countertop dish racks take up a ton of space that could be used for food preparation and serving. If you live in a compact kitchen, you should invest in this roll-up dish rack. Made of durable, rust-proof stainless steel, the rack sits on top of your sink, allowing water to drain right off into the basin below. Each end has a nonslip silicone covering that keeps the rack in place.


Mistake: Not Trimming Your Candles To Prevent Soot

Fix: This Candle Wick Trimmer That Even Reaches Into Deep Candles

Avoid soot and smoke buildup in your candles by keeping your candle wicks trimmed. Rather than using a pair of ordinary scissors, you should cut the wicks down with this stainless steel trimmer, as the unique, oblong shape allows you to reach down into tall candles without burning your fingers. The top of the clipping blade has rounded edges for catching the wick once it’s cut.


Mistake: Using A Traditional Corkscrew

Fix: This Electric Wine Opener That’s A Breeze To Use

Gone are the days of grappling with your wine bottle opener to pop the cork out. This electric wine opener effortlessly removes your cork in just six seconds. The rechargeable unit works with the single press of a button on the front. You can open up to 30 bottles of wine on a single charge, which is especially useful if you’re hosting a large dinner party.


Mistake: Trying To Vacuuming Up Pet Hair

Fix: A Pet Hair Removal Tool That’s Simple & Efficient

It’s just a fact of life — pets shed a lot of hair on the regular. But you don’t have to waste time and energy vacuuming up the fluff every day. Rather, you can keep your furniture hair-free with this pet hair remover. Roll the tool back and forth over your couch’s surface, and watch as the hair lifts up into the collection compartment. Then, you can easily dump the hair from the compartment straight into the trash.


Mistake: Not Using Dryer Balls

Fix: A 6-Pack Of Wool Dryer Balls That Speed Up Drying Time

Made completely from premium New Zealand wool, these reusable dryer balls replace chemically infused dryer sheets and liquid fabric softeners. They go straight into the dryer with your clothes, lifting your garments and allowing the hot air to circulate better. Your clothes will dry faster, which saves time and energy. Not to mention, these dryer balls reduce wrinkling and static cling.


Mistake: Letting Yourself Get Bitten By Mosquitos

Fix: The Portable Mosquito-Repelling Tool

While mosquitos are an unavoidable reality while camping, hiking, or just hanging outside, you don’t have to settle for being eaten alive by these flying pests. This portable mosquito repeller keeps mosquitos away from up to 15 feet, no smoke or citronella required. Just insert the fuel cartridge and turn the motor on. The fuel heats the unit, which activates the repellent cartridge inside.

  • Available colors: 5


Mistake: Letting Cabinet Storage Space Go To Waste

Fix: This Double-Tiered Cabinet Organizer

Double the amount of storage space in your cabinet with this organizing shelf that has two stacked tiers. The top platform sits on risers, while the spacious storage drawer fits beneath. Use it to store cleaning products, pantry items, or toiletries. You can even buy two and stack them on top of each other for even more room.

  • Available colors: 5


Mistake: Not Labeling Pantry Staples

Fix: Some Reusable Chalkboard Labels

Instead of opening each food container to find out what’s inside, use these labels to tell them apart. The chalkboard surface can be wiped down and written on over and over again. You get 48 large stickers, 30 medium stickers, and 18 small stickers, along with a washable liquid chalk marker. Not only are these labels practical, they’re super cute, too.

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