43 Clever Products That Help You Get Annoying Sh*t Done

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There's nothing quite like kicking back and relaxing after a long day — until you remember all those chores that need to get done. That overflowing sink and pile of wrinkled clothes aren't going to tidy themselves, right? Luckily, there are tons of clever products on Amazon that can help you get all the annoying sh*t in your life done.

And don't worry — I've made sure to include a variety of items; not just stuff for your dishes and laundry. There are tweezers that help you put on fake eyelashes, as well as a bento lunchbox that's completely leakproof. And if your eyes are strained after a full day of work on the computer, try wearing the blue light-blocking glasses I've featured in here. They block the blue light waves emitted by electronic screens, which can in turn help prevent eye fatigue. Besides, who can resist a night light for your toilet? I know I'm tired of getting blinded by my ceiling light when I get up at night.

It doesn't matter what kind of chores you're stuck with — there are so many brilliant products on Amazon you'd be hard-pressed not to find one that can help you get everything done.

Keep scrolling for some of my favorites.


The Defrosting Tray That Thaws Meat Without Electricity

Submerging frozen meat in hot water can cause bacteria to grow when the temperature reaches a certain point, so this defrosting tray is a good alternative. It's made from conductive aluminum that draws cold away, and there's no electricity required. Just place your meat on top, and it's ready to go.


This Meter That Shows If Your Plants Need Water

Over-watering your plants is just as bad as not watering them at all, so make sure you're not drowning them by sticking this moisture meter into the soil. The extra-long probe reaches deep into the pot to get an accurate reading. Plus, there are zero batteries required.


The Scrubber That Reaches All Over Your Back

There's no need to bend and twist to wash your back when you've got this scrubber, as the handles on both ends let you rub it back-and-forth without straining. The loofah fabric helps exfoliate away old skin, and many reviewers raved about how it's "well-made."


A Milk Frother Made From Stainless Steel

When your regular morning cup of joe starts to taste a little stale, why not use this frother to spice it up with some deliciously whipped milk? The powerful motor froths your drink in just 20 seconds, and the whisk is made from stainless steel (so there's no need to worry about rusting).


These Tweezers That Help You Put On Fake Eyelashes

You won't find these tweezers in a manicure kit. With specially-designed curved tips and rubber caps, they're perfect for putting on fake eyelashes quickly. They're easier than using your fingers, and the rose gold color is undeniably cute.


A Kit With Everything You Need To Wash Your Car

From miniature air vent dusters to glass cleaning tablets, this car-washing kit has everything you need to get your vehicle sparkling like new. It all comes packaged in a convenient toolbox, one reviewer even raved that "the large towel dried my entire mid-sized SUV, and still could dry another vehicle."


The Bento Lunchbox That Keeps Food Separated

I'm one of those people who doesn't like when the food on my plate mixes together — which is why I use a bento lunchbox like this one whenever I'm packing food. The lid is leakproof as well as airtight, and each order also comes with a reusable spoon that's completely BPA-free.


These Glasses That Block The Blue Light From Your Computer

The blue light emitted by electronic screens can leave your eyes feeling tired and fatigued, making these blue light-blocking glasses a must-have if you spend all day staring at your computer. They come in a variety of colors and prints — including leopard — and many reviewers raved about how they're "good quality."


The Laundry Basket That Collapses For Easy Storage

No matter how cramped your mud room is, there's probably space for this laundry basket. Once your clothes are folded, the sides collapse down so that it's easy to stash away. And since the walls are waterproof, it also works great for transporting dirty items.


A Pet Hair Remover That Doesn't Use Sticky Sheets

There's no need to buy sticky sheet refills when you're using this pet hair remover, as the grippy bristles latch onto hair — no batteries required. It's reusable as many times as you like, and all the collected hair gets neatly stuffed into the built-in dust catcher.


This Washer That's Specially Made For Makeup Brushes

Using dirty makeup brushes can clog your pores, so why not get them sparkling clean by using this washer? Not only is it designed to fit nearly any size of brush, but it only takes about 10 seconds of agitation to cleanse your bristles. Plus, each order also comes with two AAA batteries.


The Sleek Box That Hides Messy Cables

When your desk or television is overflowing with messy cables, this box is a must-have. It's large enough to fit bulky power bricks — and since it's made from fireproof ABS plastic, it won't melt if things heat up. Plus, the nonslip rubber feet keep it from shifting around.


This Egg Cooker That Gets Breakfast On The Table Quickly

Able to soft-, medium-, and hard-boil up to seven eggs at once, this egg cooker is an almost-mess-free way to get breakfast on the table quickly. The compact size makes it great for cramped kitchens, dorm rooms, or even an RV. Plus, it can also poach two eggs at once (or even cook up a pre-scrambled omelet) with the right attachments.


A Stand For Drying Plastic Bags & Bottles

Washing and re-using plastic baggies is an easy way to save money, so why not grab this drying stand? There's enough space for up to eight bags, and you can also use it to dry plastic bottles. Once you're done, it neatly folds up for compact storage.


These Picture Hooks That Hold Up To 100 Pounds Each

Just press the pointed end of these hooks through your drywall, and you'll be able to safely hang up flower pots, portraits, mirrors — anything up to 100 pounds. They're made from tough steel that won't bend, while the slim profile leaves a smaller hole behind than regular screws.


An Omelet Maker That Does The Work For You

Flipping an omelet isn't always easy, which is why this omelet maker cooks your eggs from all sides — no turning required. The heating plates are coated with a nonstick formula so that your omelets can easily slide out, while the indicator light tells you when it's ready to cook.


The Mop & Broom Holders That Mount To Your Wall

Not only do these broom holders come with all the screws and anchors necessary to mount them to your wall, but they're also made from rust-resistant stainless steel. Each one is able to hold up to 30 pounds — and if you're wary about drilling, rest assured that each order also comes with sticky adhesive.


This Double-Sided Brush For Tall Glasses

No need to squish your hand into tall glasses to get them clean — just use this tall brush. The suction cups on the bottom allow you to attach it to the bottom of your sink, and the high-quality bristles easily scrub away stubborn dirt. One reviewer called it “a real time saver.”


A Set Of Mesh Bags To Keep Your Laundry Sorted

Tired of finding your clothes have tumbled into one giant knot in the dryer? Then it might be time to grab these laundry bags. They'll keep your garments separated so that your delicates don't get tangled — and since they're made from tough nylon, they're also tear-resistant.


These Shelf Dividers To Help Keep Everything Sorted

It's almost too easy for your stacked garments to fall on top of each other on your shelves — but sliding these dividers between your piles might be even easier. They're made with sturdy acrylic and clip right on. Choose from packs of two, four, six, and eight.


A Self-Cleaning Litter Box That Requires No Scooping

Designed for small to medium cats, this litter box does all the work for you. Once it's ready to be emptied, simply roll it over so it's upside-down — all the litter will sift through the built-in strainer. Return it to its upright position, then pop out the strainer so you can easily dispose of your kitty's waste.


The Kit With Everything You need To Clean Your Keyboard

With seven different tools for you to brush, scrub, sweep, and pick away grime, this kit can help breathe new life into your dirty keyboard. The tools are flexible enough that they won't leave behind scratches. Not to mention, they're also static-resistant.


This Microfiber Duster That Extends Over 8 Feet

This extra-long duster has an extendable pole that can adjusted up to 100 inches long (that’s more than 8 feet). The duster’s soft microfiber head is bendable and rotates up to 90 degrees. Reviewers have reported that it works great on ceiling fans, tall ceilings, and other hard-to-reach areas — without dragging out a ladder.


A Kit That Turns Your Drill Into A Powerful Scrubber

When all the cleaning sprays and scrubbers in your house just aren't doing a good enough job, you'll definitely want to check out this kit. It comes with three interchangeable brush heads that plug into any power drill. And since the bristles are made from tough nylon, they're also fray-resistant.


A Pair Of Rubber Gloves With Scrubbing Ridges

You don't need a sponge when you've got these rubber gloves, as the palms feature silicone bristles that help you scrub away dirt and grime. They're great for everything from dishes to bathroom tile — and they even dry quickly to help keep your counters clean.


This Electric Scrubber For Cleaning Tough Grout

It can be difficult to get the grout between your tiles clean — unless you're using this electric scrubber. The narrow brush head makes it easy to get into those tight nooks and crannies. Plus, one reviewer even wrote, "We have a lot of salt & lime in our water, and this tool helps keep it off my faucets."


A Pair Of Nail Clippers With A Swivel Head

Instead of twisting in awkward positions to trim along the curve of your nails, just use this clipper with a swivel head. You can turn the head a full 360 degrees, and the wide ergonomic handles help you keep a firm grip. It's even made with rust-resistant stainless steel.


This Powerful Miniature Iron You Can Take With You

Unlike many other standard irons, this one features dual voltage so that you can use it abroad while traveling. The water tank only takes about 15 seconds to heat up, and the adjustable temperature makes it suitable for many different types of fabrics. Since the power cord is extra-long, it's also easy to use even when the outlet is far away.


A Retractable Hanger That Takes Up Little Space

Mount this retractable hanger in your mud room, and you'll instantly have an extra 10 inches of closet rod for your garments. It's so sturdy that it can hold up to 60 pounds, and the aluminum casing helps prevent rust. Choose from white or silver.


A Fabric Shaver That Keeps Fabrics Looking Like New

If you notice lint and pilling on your clothes, snag this fabric shaver. It skims over fabric to remove excess fibers — when you’re done, just open and empty out the collection container. The blades are made from sharp stainless steel, and the multiple height settings let you tackle a variety of materials safely.


This Cloth That Washes Away Makeup With Only Water

If you have sensitive skin that dries out easily, don't worry: This cloth doesn't require any cleansers or serums in order to wash away your makeup. It's effective on all types of makeup — including waterproof mascara — and once it gets dirty, simply toss it into the wash for a quick clean.


A Food Chopper With A Built-In Cutting Board

Unlike regular scissors, these food choppers feature a built-in cutting board that lets you cut up your ingredients directly over the stove. The silicone grips on the handle are ergonomically designed for comfort, and they dissemble for easy cleaning when dirty.


The Dispenser For All Your Grocery Bags

Got a drawer that's overflowing with plastic grocery bags? Open up some storage space by popping them all into this handy dispenser. It easily mounts to your walls using the included screws — and there's enough room for up to 18 standard-sized bags.


These Resistance Bands That Stack Up To 150 Pounds

With carabiner clips at the ends, you can easily use this set of resistance bands all over town. Simply clip them to fences, posts, or even take them to the gym. Plus, if you stack them on top of each other, you can achieve weights up to a 150 pounds.


A Smart Watch You Can Wear In The Pool

Most smart watches are only water-resistant, whereas this one is so waterproof that you can even wear it while swimming. It features nine sport modes to help accurately track your activity levels, but the best part is that the rechargeable battery can last for up to one full week.


The Tool That Helps You Portion Your Pasta

Kitchen scales can take up a ton of storage space, whereas this pasta tool will easily fit with the rest of your cooking utensils. The notches are sized for portions up to four people, and it's made from stainless steel that's resistant to rust.


A Mason Jar For Making Delicious Cold Brew

Buying pre-made cold brew gets expensive over time, so why not make your own with this mason jar? The reusable filter is made from stainless steel, and the flip cap makes it easy to store your coffee for later. Plus, all parts are completely BPA-free.


An Electric Toothbrush With 5 Cleaning Modes

This electric toothbrush features five cleaning modes and three different intensity settings to help you whiten, polish, and cleanse your teeth. The rechargeable battery lasts for up to 30 days, and you can even use it in the shower since it's waterproof. Plus, it comes with four extra brush heads and a travel case.


A Nail Buffer For An Extra-Smooth Manicure

I've been doing my own gels for about a year now, so trust me when I say that a three-step nail buffer like this one is a must-have. The buffing pads are replaceable once they've worn down, and many reviewers raved about how it left their nails looking "smooth and shiny." Simple file, smooth, and then polish.


A Personal Blender That Doubles As A To-Go Cup

Not only is this blender small enough to take anywhere, but it turns into a to-go cup once you've mixed up your smoothie or shake. The one-touch operation makes it a breeze to use, and the stainless steel blades easily cut through fruit and other ingredients.


A Deep-Cleansing Oil That's Loaded With Antioxidants

Unlike many other makeup remover serums, this deep-cleansing oil is formulated with vitamins and antioxidants to help nourish dry skin. It's suitable for all types of skin — even if you've got a sensitive complexion (according to many reviewers who've said so). Plus, it's also effective on waterproof mascara as well as eyeliner.


The Motion-Activated Toilet Night Light With 16 Colors To Pick From

Pink, purple, orange, blue — with 16 different colors to choose from (as well as a rotating carousel mode), this toilet night light is a fun way to help guide your way to the bathroom. The flexible arm is made to fit onto nearly any toilet, and the brightness is adjustable up to five levels.


This Gadget That That Mixes Up Milkshakes

Even though it's advertised as a milkshake maker, this retro-style mixer can also be used to make slushies, smoothies, or even batter. Plus, the included cup and mixing rod are both made from stainless steel that are resistant to rust.

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