M&S' New Marmite Cheese Slices Cuts Out The Middle Man

Cheese & Marmite on toast, made easy.

Love it or hate it, there’s no denying that Marmite is a British food staple. So much so it's sparked a number of hybrid products in recent years, including Marmite houmous, Marmite peanut butter, and even Marmite pastry cheese twists. The latest to join the collection? Marks & Spencer's Marmite cheese slices.

Joining the Food Hall in packs of six slices, emblazoned with the famous yellow Marmite logo, the unmistakable sweet and salty tang of the opinion-dividing spread has been combined with a mature yet creamy cheddar cheese using West Country Milk and Barbers Cheddar.

The new product is fantastic for those of us who enjoy our cheese on toast with an extra salty tang. Now, rather than spreading marmite before the cheese goes on, you can just cut out the middle man. I also can't wait to melt these bad boy slices over a cosy jacket potato. Hmmmm. The retailer suggests adding the flavour-packed slices to a burger, topping crumpets or letting it get gooey to cover honey-roast ham on toast, too. So. Many. Choices.

The supermarket shared the exciting news on Instagram as part of Cheesemas, its cheese-themed Christmas countdown. “Say hello to our newest collaboration with Marmite... Marmite Cheese Slices!” the caption reads. “The slices have that salty sweet marmite flavour you just can't resist.”

The slices cost £2.75 per pack, and are available exclusive-to-M&S in store now.