Here's Your November 2020 Horoscope, Aries

This month is about learning to be fair with yourself.

by Astrologer Six

Here's Your November 2020 Horoscope For Aries

Mercury retrograde ends on Nov 3., but don’t expect all the ghosts to be cleared out yet, especially if some of them have just recently revealed themselves. November may lead you down a spiritual awakening of sorts. With Aries Mars and Chiron retrograde in your house of self, this will be a significant time for unpacking deep-seated insecurities. Sometimes we hold onto unexpected waves of anger and jealousy, and this transit will surface those internal issues. With Mercury entering the murky waters of Scorpio on Nov. 11, try to maintain happy thoughts. This period could bring forth ghosts relating to childhood traumas. Nov. 13 may be an opportune time to talk to someone about it — there’s no shame in asking for help.

What November 2020 Has In Store For Aries’ Relationships

Your November is blessed, Aries. The romantic energy of Libra has welcomed the planet Venus and Mercury within your house of relationships. This energy calls for you to communicate with your partner — you can't just expect people to know what you mean. This month is about learning to be fair with yourself, but you must be adequate to others, too. On Nov. 3rd, Mercury in Libra will be direct, hopefully providing you with enough of a boost to be heard. You’re a cardinal fire sign and are sometimes misunderstood, as people may not be thinking as far ahead as you are. There’s no reason why you shouldn’t feel comfortable speaking your mind to those closest to you. Try to be friendly, as you’ll catch more flies with honey than you will vinegar.

Tarot Card Of The Month For Aries

Ace of Swords: Be honest, Aries. Now’s not the time to suppress what you’re thinking.