This Is What New York Creatives Always Pack In Their Bags

Is your bag an endless abyss of stuff you don’t need? Well, it can’t be worse than ours. We asked the staff at Bustle Digital Group to show us what’s in their bags... without any warning. These New York City creatives pulled out all of the surprises. What, you don't casually carry a Victorian party dress into work with you?

If you aspire to be a New Yorker, a creative, or both, pop some of these items into your bag to get a head start. Maybe you want to be a creative director, in which case BDG's Bry recommends always carrying a good anti-vom medication. If that's not your jam, consider video producing, a career path that requires owning teeny little macchiato travel cups. Maybe you just need a really good lip mask to become the beauty editor you've always dreamed of being. No matter the creative decision, one thing is for sure: Sunglasses are required.

In the end, it's OK if you don't have your best friend's high school graduation photo in your wallet, or a pair of shoes given directly to you by the Universe. You're creative enough already, but some inspo can't hurt. Pop in your AirPods, slap on your favorite Glossier product, and settle in for this bag haul.

Executive Creative Director: Lauren Sofair

Executive Producer: Whitney Buxton

Producer: Lauren Tegtmeyer

Director of Photography: Marshall Stief

Camera Operator: Jasmine Velez

Design Director: Andenew Ayele

Motion Designer: Jeff Donlan

Post Supervisor: Amy Adair

Editor: Fia Ramo

Video Assistant: Sasha Mahmood