3 Ways To Practice Self-Care During October 28's Stressful Lunar Eclipse

Whatever you do, don't manifest.

Instead of manifesting during October 28's full moon lunar eclipse, try self-care instead.
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Star babes, it’s time to press pause on your manifestation rituals. The Hunter’s Moon rises on Oct. 28, 2023 at 4:24 p.m. ET (1:24 p.m ET) in grounded Taurus. While full moons like these are typically ripe for speaking your dreams into existence, this lunation doubles as a lunar eclipse. As nuanced as astrology and the power of manifestation tend to be, there’s one rule that overlaps the two: Never manifest during an eclipse. Meddling with fate might indeed bring your goals to fruition, but they might not turn out the way you’d hoped. Instead, total chaos could ensue.

Full moons bring about completion and prompt action, but eclipses complicate the picture. “Eclipses are agents of destiny, moving us through time and bringing radical change into our lives,” says astrologer Narayana Montufar. “For this reason, they are seen as wild-card astrological aspects, already having a concrete agenda that is being worked behind the scenes.”

Because this type of lunation often brings about sudden endings and unforeseen twists, your desired intentions may be quite literally eclipsed. Lunar eclipses are aligned with the nodes of fate, which is why many believe that they’re about destiny — and why manifesting can be counterproductive.

Since this lunation happens in Taurus, which rules money and self-esteem, this is a particularly tricky time to focus on your career or budget — so skip lighting your green candle or using the 369 method. However, there are other ways you can pursue your manifestation goals that don't directly require rituals.

“Harnessing the energy of the full moon in Taurus means connecting to our bodies by moving slowly, practicing self-care, and feeding our senses,” Montufar says.

Here are three self-care ideas for sustaining balance rather than conjuring magic.

Take A Mindful Bath

Feeling that eclipse fatigue? Indulge in a fancy soak. After all, four planets are in water sign Scorpio right now. Montufar recommends adding crystals and herbs (particularly amethyst and lavender) to channel the abundant energy of Jupiter, the planet that rules good fortune. A bath can help you feel refreshed and ready to manifest once the eclipse energy has passed.

Touch Grass — Literally

The cosmic vibes are off-kilter right now. If you’re feeling shaken, ground yourself by heading to the great outdoors. Earth sign Taurus feels most at home in nature, and in honor of that, Montufar recommends walking barefoot in the grass. “It’s the perfect remedy for those who feel anxious during this eclipse season,” she says. The goal is find stability.

Cut & Paste

Ruled by Venus, Taurus is all about beauty and aesthetics, which means the best way to honor the earth sign is to break out your paint brushes and getting a little art therapy. “Taurus energy loves art as well as an organic type of self-care,” Montufar says. Try getting together with a few friends for a collage night.


Narayana Montufar, astrologer and author of Moon Signs: Unlock Your Inner Luminary Power