3 Easy Candle Spells To Try During Mercury Retrograde This Month

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There's a storm a-brewin', and it's called Mercury retrograde November 2019. Mercury began its dreaded backspin on, of all days, Halloween Day, Oct. 31 — and unfortunately, it will continue its spooky backspin through Nov. 20, which gives us three whole weeks of intense, transformational, and often frustrating astrological lessons to learn. This particular retrograde, which is the last for the planet of communication in 2019, is taking place in the dark, private, and emotional sign of Scorpio, which is bringing all sorts of intimate secrets to the surface. Doing some candle rituals for Mercury retrograde fall 2019 can be a really helpful way to protect yourself, connect with the energy of this transit, and honor your spiritual side. Plus, the retrograde started on Halloween, so if there's ever a time to get witchy during a retrograde, it's now.

Candle magic is a particularly helpful type of ritual work to utilize during this retrograde — because firstly, retrogrades are complicated transits, and candle magic is about as uncomplicated as it gets. A simple candle ritual can be performed with literally just a candle (plus your own energy, of course), so it doesn't require anything fancy. And while many candle rituals (including some of the ones below) are enhanced by additional tools that you'd be more likely to find in a metaphysical or witches' store, you can certainly perform simple candle magic with nothing but a candle and other things you probably already have at your fingertips. Why over complicate things during an already messy-as-heck Mercury retrograde period?

Another reason to work with candle magic during this retrograde? Because Scorpio, the water sign in which in which the retrograde is taking place, is full of astrological action right now — and all this water can make us feel really emotional. Working with fire can help temper this. Plus, Scorpio's traditional ruler is Mars (versus its modern ruler Pluto), and Mars is very much associated with fire energy. "Scorpio is a water sign but Mars bestows the essence of fire as well, and with it the courage to enter the fire and become transformed," wrote holistic healer Adrian Lobo on his site. Embracing this energy during a retrograde like this will be massively helpful.

Be sure to energetically cleanse yourself, your ritual space, and your ritual tools (yes, even your candles!) before beginning any spell work using whatever means resonate best with you (many people choose to use smudging tools like sage or palo santo). You might also want to take a salt bath or even an intentional shower (during which you should visualize any negative attachments and energies washing away, down the drain) before beginning your ritual work. Lastly, if you follow a nature based faith, you may want to consecrate the corners or use another traditional pre-ritual preparation ceremony.

Ready to light your candles and get witchy? Here are three simple candle spells for Mercury retrograde fall 2019 that will help you glide through.

Phoenix Energy Protection Candle Spell


This retrograde is taking place in Scorpio, and I'm sure you're familiar with the fact the Scorpio's astrological symbol is that of a scorpion - but were you aware that it's alternate symbol is the phoenix? "The Phoenix is the transformational symbol of Scorpio," shared Lobo on his site, noting that the phoenix was a symbol of death and rebirth in ancient times. "[According to myth,] at the end of its life, it built a funeral pyre and burned in the flames, only to regenerate its progeny from those very flames. The Scorpio nature cannot run from the destruction of the fire of its emotional intensity, but within that fire is the secret of immortality and resurrection."

Mercury retrograde protection rituals are an absolute must, as these transits leave us vulnerable to all sorts of mishaps, so try this phoenix protection candle spell, which is based on a simple ritual created by Original Botanica.

What you'll need: 1 tall slender candle; 1 small pot, cauldron or fire-safe bowl; a bundle of feathers that you've collected yourself (if you aren't able to find any feathers in nature, it's best to wait until you've been able to collect some); a smudging tool of choice.

What to do:

Begin your ritual by cleansing your space and yourself with a smudging tool (sage, palo santo, or lavender are good options). Place your cauldron or other fire-safe container on your altar or wherever you plan to conduct the ritual. When you're ready to begin your ritual, light the tall candle, placing in a candle holder if needed. Using the flame of the candle, light your smudging stick yet again, and pass each feather through it's cleansing smoke, one by one.

Once you've finished smudging the feathers, place them inside your fire-safe container. Remove your candle from the candle holder and tip it into the bowl, lighting the feathers on fire. Be careful to keep the entirety of the fire inside the container for safety.

As you're lighting the feathers ablaze, say the following protective incantation aloud, as instructed by Original Botanica:

"Oh mighty fire bird come bless this ash. Come through the planes, through beast gates smash, protect this place and all within. Let us hear the fire bird sing."

Keep the feathers lit with the candle - you want them to burn fully into ash, representation the phoenix's full transformation and transmutation of energy. When the candle is no longer needed, place it back in its place on your altar and allow it to continue burning safely. Once the feathers have turned into ash, wait for any embers to die off. Then, Original Botanica advised that you smudge the feathers' ash on the windows and doorways of your home. This will protect your living space and energy throughout the duration of the retrograde.

Ritual Candle Meditation To Embrace Mercury Rx In Scorpio


Scorpio isn't known as the dark horse of the zodiac for nothin'. This sign explores the deepest, most transformational parts of life — death, sex, rebirth, the occult, secrets, shames, and more. It can get spooky, but it's all in the name of truth and facing the mystery. With Mercury retrograding through this intense water sign, it can be helpful to allow yourself to get in touch with the Scorpio-ruled energy. The following ritual candle meditation is based on a Scorpio moon ritual created by The Hoodwitch and will help you do just that.

What you'll need: One red candle; myrrh-scented incense or oil; a piece of paper and a pen.

What to do:

Begin your ritual by cleansing your space, as always, and then lighting your myrrh incense or burning/diffusing myrrh essential oil in order to set the mood. On a piece of paper (or in your book of spells, if you work with one), write down the following question, as instructed by The Hoodwitch. This is going to be the focus of your meditation, so it's helpful to write it down manually and have it at the ready to re-read upon embarking on the meditation.

Am I willing to be born anew...again and again, and again?

Then sit down comfortably in your quiet meditation space. "Sitting in silence, breathe in the sign of Scorpio and place it in your heart center," instructed The Hoodwitch. Once you feel you've connected with Scorpio energy, you may light your red candle. In this ritual, the candle color red is very symbolic, as it's associated with planet Mars, the traditional ruler of Scorpio. Red candles are used in rituals of personal power, transformation, courage, and physical and mental strength — all of which we are calling upon as we sync ourselves with these Scorpio-ruled transits.

Now, focus your eyes on the flame of the red candle, allowing your vision to get fuzzy in order to access your mind's eye. "Visualize the color scarlet surrounding you, and breathe that color into your heart," continued The Hoodwitch. "[A]llow it to fill you with strength, courage, intensity, and passion." Imagine the current Scorpio Mercury retrograde as a stream of water, and visualize yourself swimming with the current of these qualities, rather than against it. Calling on these energies — strength, courage, intensity — can help you work with the retrograde's challenges and turn them into learning experiences.

Once you are ready to enter a meditative state, re-read your meditation prompt question if needed, and allow yourself to explore this thought. If you find your mind wandering, re-focus your vision on the flame of the candle and the Scorpio energy of the color scarlet. Write down your post-meditation insights and reflections if you feel inclined.

Rune Candle Retrograde Protection Spell


This Mercury retrograde period is serving us its usual antics in the form of traffic, tech issues, texting mishaps, travel snags, and timing travesties. But given that Scorpio is such a deep, private, and intensely emotional water sign, we're also going to see effects and revelations when it comes to our innermost secrets, private matters, and intimate relationships. That said, get you a protection spell that can do both: "We don’t always need protection from the outside, but may need a little boost in harmony within ourselves and with others around us," wrote Wiccan Spells. "This spell will provide a protection barrier on all aspects." The following ritual is based on a rune candle spell of protection created by Wiccan Spells and will help offer protection from inner and outer forces during the retrograde by calling on the power of the ancient symbolism of runes.

What you'll need: 5 white spell or chime candles; a candle-carving tool (anything that can get the job done will do - you won't be carving much); salt; incense in either myrrh, cinnamon, or sage; oils of the same scents (optional).

What to do:

Firstly, clear a space on your altar (or wherever you choose to set up this candle ritual), then select one of your five white candles to represent yourself in this ritual (the others will represent the four elements). Take your candle carving tool and carve in the symbol of the protective rune Algiz, which is pictured below. Then, carve your name below the rune.


Set that carved in the center, to represent you, and then place the other four candles surrounding it to the east, south, west, and north (you can use your phone's compass to find the directions!).

Now sprinkle a circle of salt around the area with the candles. This creates a circle of protection around your ritual space before you light them and ignite the transmutable power of flame. Then, light your incense of either cinnamon, sage, or myrrh (these are all highly spiritually protective herbs, so using them will enhance the protective energy and power of the ritual).

Now, beginning with that candle in the east and moving clockwise, light each candle surrounding the center candle. As instructed by Wiccan Spells, speak the following incantations for each direction aloud as you light them:

Powers of Air, hear my call grant me your protection that is all I ask for! / Powers of Fire, hear my call grant me your protection that is all I ask for! / Powers of Water, hear my call grant me your protection that is all I ask for! / Powers of Earth, hear my call grant me your protection that is all I ask for!

Once you feel you have invoked the elements (you may let the candles burn and meditate, if you wish), you may light the candle in the center, representing you as the protected entity. As you light the candle, say the following, as written by Wiccan Spells:

Powers of High, listen to my plea, May I always be protected by thee! / Banish my fears! I light with your light, I am guarded, well-protected and with a shield I rise!

Now it's time to practice some flame-gazing! Stare into the flame of your carved candle and imagine the warm, life-giving, protective light surrounding you energetically, bright and hot and white, glowing around you in a protective ball of fire. Close your eyes, and thank the elements for their presence and protection. Ask, in your own words, for their protection throughout the duration of the Mercury retrograde period. When you're ready and are feeling protected, open your eyes. Allow the candles to burn safely for as long as you can. Then bury what's left of the candles and wax outdoors. The ritual is complete.