A List Of Do's & Don'ts For The Full Blood Moon On Oct. 9 & 10

From self-care tips to spiritual rituals.

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The October 2022 full blood moon is rocking the boat in firecracker Aries. Starting Oct. 9, we'll get two full nights of the fire sign's fearless energy. This lunation is all about independence and self-love, so if you want to channel your inner ram, follow these dos and don'ts.

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Do Take A Cleansing Bath

Full moons are about release, and October's lunation provides the perfect setup to center yourself with a cleansing bath ritual to let go of negativity. Light candles and burn essential oils and recite mantras to assert your power, like "I'm brave and worthy."

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Don’t Isolate Yourself

Aries is ruled by the first house of self and identity. With an emphasis on our autonomy, naturally, the blood moon can feel like an isolating period. While it's a good idea to prioritize yourself, it's still prime time for community, too.

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Do A Manifestation Ritual

Full moon energy is powerful when it comes to attracting your desires. Use Aries' warrior confidence to get what you want. Whether you want to spark a new romance or land that promotion, there's no better force to manifest with than a competitive Aries.

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Don’t Be Selfish

Aries is about independence. And while the ram tends to be self-serving at times, Libra season is teaching us how to lean on others. Be extra mindful of the needs and requests of others, and lift up your friends. Sharing the light is how everyone shines.

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Do Focus On Yourself

As the first sign of the zodiac, Aries symbolizes the self. While Libra season centers around partnerships, this lunation is a good reminder to fill your own cup, too. Exercise your mind and body through exercise, learning, journaling, and meditation.

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Don’t Act On Impulse

As a spontaneous fire sign, Aries energy may come as bursts of creativity. While following your passions right now may be rewarding, avoid acting on an overly idealistic desire. Weigh your options and think twice before hitting send on new ideas.

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Do Connect With Others

Although Aries is the sign of the self, we're still focused on balancing our relationships. The Aries/Libra axis helps us manage our need for freedom with the necessity of human connection. It's a good time for gathering friends for a spontaneous night out.

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