Why Aries Are The Natural Leaders Of The Zodiac

Rams never let fear hold them back.

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Aries zodiac signs’ biggest strengths include natural born leadership.
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If you’ve ever met an Aries, then you probably know it — as they’re hard to forget! These fire signs (born between approximately March 21 and April 19) have notoriously high-energy personalities and bold attitudes, and they’re always ready to spring into action. While the cosmic ram may have a reputation for being a bit headstrong, Aries zodiac signs’ biggest strengths are even more plentiful.

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Aries are one of the fire zodiac signs, which means they’re driven by passion and like to impulsively follow their heart. This element imbues them with loads of enthusiasm and zeal, so you can imagine that they’re lots of fun at a party. As a cardinal sign, Aries are also strong leaders who excel at taking initiative. They’re always down to try something new, and will be there to encourage their friends to step up their game, too.

While everyone is entitled to their own opinions, there’s actually no such thing as “good” or “bad” zodiac signs in astrology. Each astrological archetype is created equally, and there are important life lessons to be learned from each of them. That said, every zodiac sign has their own unique strengths and weaknesses. In the case of Aries zodiac signs, their trailblazing spirits are what make them stand out from the crowd.

Whether you’re trying to learn to how to vibe with Aries energy or just hoping to learn more about your astrological birth chart, it’s helpful to understand (and celebrate!) Aries zodiac signs’ biggest strengths.

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1. Aries Zodiac Signs Are Action-Oriented

As the zodiac’s cardinal fire sign, Aries are excellent at taking action on their ideas and getting the ball rolling on things. While some people struggle to start new endeavors and are unsure about what steps to stake first, Aries’ fearless and impulsive personalities allow them to dive right into situations head first — which means there’s never a dull moment or a minute wasted on an Aries’ watch.

2. Aries Make Great Leaders

Aries are the first sign of the zodiac, and their annual astrological season aligns with the beginning of spring. This imbues them with naturally strong leadership skills and an ability to confidently take initiative. They’re used to holding the torch and bravely leading people into new places, even if they don’t have much experience. Their zeal, passion, and courage inspires people to trust them and follow their lead.

3. Aries Zodiac Signs Have Got “Beginners’ Luck”

You know how I mentioned how Aries are the first sign of the zodiac? Well, this also blesses them with a whole bunch of beginners’ luck. Aries can be impulsive, and they often act before fully thinking things through — but thanks to their cosmic charisma, they have a knack for finding success even without the requisite experience.

4. Aries Have Boundless Energy

As the zodiac sign ruled by Mars, the planet of war and physical prowess, Aries are usually favored with a seemingly-endless reserve of energy. They’re like the zodiacal version of the Energizer bunny — they rarely run out of juice and can recharge and recover pretty quickly when they need a break. Aries usually thrive when they have a healthy physical outlet for their pizzazz.

5. Aries Are Fearless

Aries never let fear hold them back from saying what they feel or doing what they want. These fire signs wear their passion for life on their sleeve, and they’re not usually too anxious about the consequences of their actions. Their bold and feisty demeanor can sometimes get them into trouble, but it also helps ensure they get what they want.

6. Aries Zodiac Signs Communicate Directly

One great thing about Aries is that they don’t beat around the bush. If they want to tell you something or share their opinion, they’ll usually do it without hesitation. While this can sometimes come off as harsh to someone who prefers a more diplomatic approach, it’s hard not to appreciate the direct and forward manner in which Aries express their honest thoughts.

7. Ari Driven By Passion

As a fire zodiac sign, Aries are fueled by their passions, and they can use this emotional gusto to drive them toward their ambitions. Once an Aries sets their mind to something, it’s nearly impossible to sway them in a different direction or ask them to slow down — they want to passionately charge forward and blast into their goals.

8. They Forgive Easily

Mars-ruled Aries have hot tempers, so they’re known for being quick to anger. But while they can easily go from zero to 100 on the emotions scale, they can come back down just as speedily — which means they’re not likely to hold a grudge. Aries are naturally forgiving, so while their fights might send sparks flying, they’ll cool down and warm back up to you without holding onto resentment.

9. Aries Will Try Anything Once

If you have beginners’ luck, why wouldn’t you try as many new things as possible? Aries enjoy trying new things and saying yes to fresh experiences, so a strength of theirs is that they’ll try anything at least once — whether it’s a unique type of a food, traveling to a new place, or making a huge pivot in their career.

10. Aries Zodiac Signs Are Strong Competitors

Aries’ ruling planet Mars is known as the warrior planet, and it makes Aries one of the most competitive zodiac signs. But this is a great strength for Aries, as it makes them an amazing player in any sort of game and the type of person you definitely want on your team in life.

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