Of All The Clever, Useful Products On Amazon, These Have the Best Reviews

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Reviews are everything when you’re shopping online. Since you can’t physically inspect the product you’re looking at, the reviews are all you have to go off of when deciding whether you’ve found something that’s fabulous — or just a total flop. But if you don’t have time to read them yourself? Not a problem, as I’ve put together this list of useful products you can find on Amazon that have hundreds, if not thousands of four- and five-star reviews.

Regardless of what your tastes are, I’ve made sure that this list has a little something for everybody across a wide variety of categories. There are waterproof Bluetooth speakers for when you want to jam out in the shower, solar pathway lights for your garden, and even a purple mask that removes brassy tones from hair. So what are you waiting for? Your roommates are tired of hearing you sing a capella in the shower — keep scrolling for more highly-reviewed Amazon products.


This Pet Hammock That Helps Keep Your Car Clean

Tired of trying to vacuum pet hair out of your car? This backseat hammock not only helps keep hair to a minimum, but it’s also waterproof — just in case your pet has an accident. Plus, the lightly padded surface helps keep them comfortable while traveling.

  • Positive review: “The straps hold the cover up great on all sides, it doesn’t collapse or fall down, and the sides by the door help to prevent my dog from slipping into the door pockets!”


The Exfoliating Foot Peels With More Than 12,000 Positive Ratings

With more than 12,000 four- and five-star ratings, it’s clear that these foot peels are a bit of a game-changer when it comes to home pedicures. Simply let your feet soak for an hour, then watch as that flaking outer layer of skin begins to peel away over the next two weeks.

  • Positive review: Within a few days of using this foot peel mask, my heels were finally smooth.”


A Fruit-Infuser Bottle That Helps You Add Flavor To Plain Water

Not a fan of drinking plain water? Fill the infusion core inside of this bottle with your favorite fruits, and their flavors will gradually seep into the water to give it a deliciously fresh taste. The top is also leakproof, and the grip on the side helps you maintain a firm hold while sipping.

  • Positive review: “Each mixture is delicious after 2 hours of sitting, and even more flavorful after at least 4 hours of sitting.”


The Derma Roller That Can Help Skincare Serums Absorb Better

With a few gentle glides across your skin, this derma roller can help exfoliate your complexion which can help your serums absorb easier. At $15, it’s significantly cheaper than a professional microdermabrasion session — and many reviewers even raved about how it’s “easy to use.”

  • Positive review: “I’ve also been using a vitamin C serum (as recommended by other reviews here) and I feel like using both together has really made a huge difference for me. Seriously, if you’re on the fence about getting this, do it! It’s made a world of difference for me!”


A Bag That Keeps All Your Knitting Supplies Together

Needles, yarn, scissors, crochet hooks — this extra-large bag has room for all of it and more. The inside is large enough to hold up to 10 skeins of wool, while multiple pockets around the sides give you tons of room for all your other tools. Plus, you even have the option of carrying it using either the top handle or the attached shoulder strap.

  • Positive review: “Took a chance and so glad I did. This is a wonderful bag. Made very well, material is very good quality, stands up on it's own even empty!”


These Sheets That Are “Soft & Cool,” According To Reviewers

Whereas some sheets can leave you warm at night, thousands of reviewers wrote about how breathable these ones are. And with an extra-deep fitted sheet that’s suitable for mattresses up to 16 inches, it’s less likely to ride up while you’re lying down. Plus, they’re both moisture- and fade-resistant.

  • Positive review: “These sheets are very soft and cool.”


A Mask That Helps Neutralize Yellow Tones From Blonde Hair

If you’d prefer your blonde hair to look a little less yellow, this mask might be able to help. The purple pigments are opposite from yellow on the color wheel, which means they can help neutralize brassy tones so that your strands are left looking more silvery. Plus, it’s even fortified with nourishing coconut oil to help smooth out any unwanted frizz.

  • Positive review: “I put this on my hair for 5 minutes and not only did it remove almost all of the brassiness and rust, but it also nourished my hair in the process instead of drying it out like other purple shampoos/masks that I have tried beforehand. Definitely worth the purchase!”


This Lavender-Scented Body Wash Packed With Shea Butter, Aloe Vera & More

Shea butter and aloe vera are only a few of the hydrating ingredients you’ll find listed on the back of this body wash. Its gentle lavender scent leaves you smelling refreshed, and the organic formula is even suitable for sensitive skin. Many reviewers also wrote about how it “smells great,” and even more appreciated that “a little goes a long way.”

  • Positive review: “This soap is absolutely amazing. I have dry sensitive skin, and this product doesn't over dry my skin.”


The Velvety Scrunchies Made From Soft Polyester Satin

Thanks to the soft satin fabric encasing the elastic, these polyester-satin scrunchies can help reduce unwanted frizz simply by wearing them. The band on the inside is suitable for thicker heads of hair, and they even come in five different shades: black, silver, leopard, blush, or stripe. Or, there’s also a variety pack option if you can’t decide which color to pick.

  • Positive review: “Love these!! I always sleep with my hair up, and these scrunchies not only keep my hair from creasing, but the satin is better for my hair at night. I use a silk pillowcase at night for the same reason.”


A Soft Milk & Honey Cuticle Oil That’s Lightweight, Yet Moisturizing

The next time your cuticles are looking a little dry, try giving them a few drops of this lightweight, hydrating oil. It’s made with milk to help soften skin as well as nourishing honey to help lock in moisture. Plus, there are tons of scents available ranging from berry freshness to candy vanilla.

  • Positive review: “I love how lightweight the oil is but it is still hydrating on my hands.”


This Pillowcase That Can Help Smooth Away Frizz

Since this pillowcase is made from soft polyester satin, it’ll create less friction against your hair while you relax. The result? The potential for less frizz when you wake up in the morning. Choose from 11 colors, as well as standard, queen, or king sizes. Each one has a zipper to help ensure your pillow won’t slide out mid-snooze.

  • Positive review: “I was stunned when I opened the package at the luscious look and feel of this pillowcase. The look and feel of fine silk at a great price and is machine washable.”


A Lightweight Shower Cap That Helps Preserve Your Hairstyle

Need to take a shower, but don’t want to get your hair wet? This shower cap is an easy way to help keep your strands dry, and it’s significantly lighter on your head than that bulky towel you might’ve been using. Plus, the waterproof design helps your head stay dry — even if you accidentally step all the way underneath the showerhead.

  • Positive review: “This shower cap is so stylish and it fits all of my hair without getting it wet. I like the durable material and the elastic band that helps it stretch.”


The Brush That Gently Detangles Knotted Hair

This detangling brush can help smooth away any stubborn knots with ease. The bristles are tipped with small cones, allowing them to gently separate tangles with minimal pain involved. And unlike some brushes, this one is suitable for use on wet or dry hair.

  • Positive review: “This is my new favorite brush and I use it all the time.”


A Tiny Desktop Vacuum That’s Perfect For Tiny Messes

Whether you have dust on your desk or crumbs under your keyboard, this tiny vacuum can help get your space looking neat and tidy. It only requires two AA batteries — which aren’t included — to run for over an hour. And unlike full-sized vacuums, this one produces hardly any noise while it’s running.

  • Positive review: “Very efficient little desk vacuum. Suction power is perfect! Cleans my desk and keyboard in one quick switch.”


A Utensil Stand That Also Fits Lids, Books & More

Are you still using a folded paper towel as a utensil rest? Now’s your chance to upgrade to this stand, as it’s currently available for less than $25. It’s large enough to fit multiple utensils at the same time, as well as a pot lid, cookbook, and more. Plus, the weighted base helps keep it from tipping over.

  • Positive review: “Holds spoons upright and has a removeable plastic tray for easy cleaning of drips. Very steady even with my largest and heaviest cast iron lid.”


The Floating Shelves With Paulownia Wood Bases

Not only are these floating shelves made from solid paulownia wood, but they’re also the perfect size to store spice bottles in your kitchen. You can even put them in your bathroom so that you have somewhere to keep skincare bottles — or if your bedroom could use a little more storage, they’ll also work great for holding books and picture frames.

  • Positive review: “These shelves worked so well for the project we designed. They were easy to install and are holding up well. They look nice as well.”


A Cushioned Kitchen Mat That Can Help Reduce Fatigue

If your legs often become sore after standing in the kitchen for long periods of time, this mat can help. It’s packed with memory foam that’ll provide some cushion, and the nonslip bottom helps prevent it from sliding around on smooth tile floors. Choose from five colors as well as three different sizes.

  • Positive review: “I absolutely love this mat. I opted for the longer one so it would cover the sink to prep area to stove. It’s perfect.”


This Vitamin C Serum That Can Help Brighten Skin

If you smooth this serum into your skin after cleansing your pores, it can help brighten your complexion. It contains the three essential ceramides, 10% of vitamin C, and hyaluronic acid that helps lock in moisture. Plus, the lightweight formula shouldn’t leave you feeling greasy.

  • Positive review: “My skin looked fresh and supple. I was really wowwed!”


These Bamboo Cotton Makeup Remover Pads That Are Totally Reusable

I’m a huge fan of these makeup remover pads — and not just because I own two sets of them myself. They’re made from soft bamboo cotton that glides across my face, whether I’m scrubbing my pores clean or applying an exfoliating serum. And since each order includes a drawstring pouch, it’s easy to keep them packaged together in the wash.

  • Positive review: “I bought these and received them so quickly! These reusable cotton pads and used them to remove my daily wear makeup. It works like a charm with either of my liquid makeup removers!”


The Flickering Candles That Are Completely Flameless

Whereas some LED candles are obviously fake, these ones flicker just like real candles so that they look like the real thing — even up close. They only require two AA batteries in order to provide more than 350 hours of light, and the LED bulbs even have a lifetime of more than 50,000 hours.

  • Positive review: “Love love love these candles!!! So realistic. The gray glass is just the right color. They fit nicely in the pillar holders. Would definitely give for gifts.”


A Set Of Labels To Help Keep Your Spices Organized

These labels are an easy way to make your spice rack look Instagram-worthy without ever having to pick up a marker. They’re waterproof in the event of spills — and if you ever have second thoughts on what spices go into which jars, they’ll peel off without leaving behind any residues.

  • Positive review: “These labels are great. I love them. They were just the right size for the spice jars I ordered. Would definitely buy again. Comes with an awesome spice check list on the back. This is the start to the organization of my kitchen.”


This Clothes Steamer That You Can Take With You

Thie garment steamer is small enough to take with you while traveling. Despite its compact size, the water reservoir is large enough to produce up to 10 minutes of continuous steam, and it only takes about 25 seconds to heat up. Plus, each order also includes a brush attachment to help remove lint.

  • Positive review: “I love this steamer!! I've been using it for a while now, and it's just perfect! There's is nothing I hate more than ironing, and always try to avoid it. This steamer works like magic!”


A Facial Steamer That Can Help Open Up Your Pores

Use this facial steamer before applying your skincare routine, and it can help open up your pores so that all those serums are more readily absorbed. Plus, the nozzle can be adjusted up or down for extra comfort, and you’ll get a set of stainless steel blemish-treating tools with your purchase.

  • Positive review: “Buy it! Buy it! Buy it! This unit is very compact, however, it packs a powerful punch. I have used this steamer approximately six times since purchasing it. The output is consistent and it heats up well.”


The Shelves That Add Storage To Cramped Corners

Not only are these shelves made from tough steel, but they also fit into tight corners so that you have even more storage space in your kitchen or bathroom. The best part? Each shelf is sturdy enough to hold up to 8 pounds, making them suitable for heavy dishes.

  • Positive review: “We are able to fit over 20 plates on each shelf. The shelf can easily hold the weight of our plates. It also has adjustable legs in case you need to adjust the level.”


These Solar-Powered Pathway Lights That Are Easy To Install

Unlike some pathway lights, these ones don’t require any complicated wiring in order to get them working. Just press the stakes into the ground, and the embedded solar panels will keep them powered without any additional electricity needed. And since they’re also waterproof, there’s no need to worry about rain.

  • Positive review: “Beautiful lamps with an elegant design. They were easy to install and automatically turn on at night and turn off at dawn.”


An LED Faucet Attachment That Changes Colors

Add this LED attachment to your sink, and it’ll change the color of your water to either red, blue, or green depending on its temperature. There are no batteries required, as the flow of water is all it needs in order to work — and many reviewers mentioned how it’s “easy to install.”

  • Positive review: “The LED lights are bright and work very well as temperature changes. As some have said splashing may occur as water comes out in a very direct high power type of stream overall it's a cool product at a great price.”


The Expandable Organizer That Helps Prevent Scratched Pans

Stacking your pans inside of each other can accidentally scratch away the nonstick coating, and that’s why I’m a big fan of this expandable organizer. It keeps your pans neatly separated so that they don’t rub on each other, and there’s even space for more than 10 pans, lids, or even dishes.

  • Positive review: “The expandable pot rack is exactly as described. Easy to setup and very flexible with the width needed for different pans. I ordered 3, love that my cabinets are organized and clutter free now.”


A Storage Cart That’s “Perfect” For Small Spaces, According To Reviewers

Looking for ways to add storage to cramped areas? Search no further than this rolling cart. Four easy-glide wheels on the bottom make it easy to push around your home, and you can even put it together so that there are either two or three shelves — the choice is yours.

  • Positive review: “Did this little cart ever clean up my shower stall [and] sink! This is the perfect storage cart for small spaces.”


These Dividers That Help Keep Your Wire Shelves Organized

If you have multiple piles of clothes sitting next to each other on your wire shelves, you’ve probably noticed how they can bleed together — and that’s where these dividers come into play. They’ll clip into your wire shelves to help keep your stacks neatly separated so that they don’t devolve into a jumbled mess, and you even have the choice of two colors: white or silver.

  • Positive review: “Wire shelf dividers in my closet are exactly what I didn’t know I absolutely needed!”


These Sturdy Storage Bags With Easy-To-See Windows

Unlike some storage bags that can rip after just a few seasons, these ones are made with reinforced seams so that it’s unlikely they’ll fall apart. The transparent window on the side makes it easy to see what’s inside without having to unpack anything, and the zipper is even made from tough, rust-resistant stainless steel.

  • Positive review: “The material is durable and the window is a nice added feature. I'd definitely recommend these for people who need good closet or bedroom organization/storage.”


A 9-Inch Cast Iron Skillet That So Many Reviewers Adore

Not only does this cast iron skillet have an average rating of 4.7 out of five stars (along with over 100,000 five-star ratings), but many reviewers commented on how evenly it heats up. And since it arrives pre-seasoned, you can easily start cooking with it right out of the box.

  • Positive review: “The heat distributes evenly so cooking with all sorts of food will be easy since there are no spots that heat better than others.”


This Cool Mist Humidifier That Runs All Night Long

With an extra-large water reservoir that provides up to 25 hours of cool mist, this humidifier is an excellent choice for anyone who finds themselves waking up in the middle of the night due to dry air. The motor runs at an ultra-silent level, and it’s designed to automatically turn off once the reservoir runs dry.

  • Positive review: “Love the small humidifier I purchased — I use it in a bedroom and it makes a tremendous difference!”


A Triple Soap Dispenser That Can Help Reduce Shower Clutter

If the walls of your tub are cluttered with bottles of soap, try transferring them into this dispenser to help tidy things up. Three chambers give you room for shampoo, conditioner, and body wash. Plus, there’s no drilling required to hang it up: Just use the included waterproof adhesive to stick it right into place.

  • Positive review: “With three of us using one shower, bottles quickly clog up the space around the tub. This eliminates three of those bottles and allows dispensing to limit the amount of product being used, so it saves money.”


The Exfoliating Scrub That Helps Smooth Keratosis Pilaris

The glycolic and lactic acids in this scrub work together to help soften unwanted bumps caused by keratosis pilaris — and unlike some scrubs, this one is made without any drying alcohols. The formula is fragrance- and paraben-free, and it’s been tested by dermatologists.

  • Positive review: “This by far is one of the best products I have ever used and will never not use again. After the first use I noticed an immediate difference and after the first week I was completely healed!”


These Fast-Working Patches That Help Heal Blemishes

The next time you’re trying to heal a surprise blemish, try covering it up with one of these patches. They’re lined with hydrocolloid dressing that draws out impurities, helping flatten that blemish so that it’s less noticeable — all within just a few hours. Each order comes with 48 patches.

  • Positive review: “They worked great for me. I love that they are not messy. You can just stick one on a spot and not worry about it.”


The LED Lights That Add Personality To Your Television

If you feel like your entertainment center is missing something, that “something” might be these colorful LED lights. They can help reduce eye strain by dulling how bright your television looks when you’re watching shows in the dark. You can also adjust the brightness up to 10 levels — and reviewers appreciated how they’re “super easy” to install.

  • Positive review: “I love this! It's everything they say it is — it produces a good glow behind my TV that I actually just leave on all the time because it brightens that dark corner of the room.”


An Egg Cooker That Gets Breakfast Made Quickly

Need to eat something quick before heading out the door? This rapid egg cooker can hard- or soft-boil up to 12 eggs at a time — and since it’ll automatically turn off once your eggs are done cooking, there’s no need to check on their progress. Plus, there’s enough space to poach up to four eggs at a time, or even cook up an omelet.

  • Positive review: “I love that it is so compact and stores easily yet can boil an entire dozen eggs at one time. We’ve hard boiled, poached, and made omelets and have all turned out great.”


This Shampoo Brush That Reviewers Call A “Game-Changer”

Not only did some reviewers call this shampoo brush a “game-changer,” but each order comes with two attachments: one for scrubbing away dirt, and one for massaging your scalp. The bristles are made from soft silicone, and consistent use can even help stimulate blood flow in your scalp.

  • Positive review: “If you’re looking for a great scalp massager and scrubber in one, look no further! This is the one.”


A Laptop Desk With A Retractable Mouse Pad

Whereas most laptop desks don’t have space for a mouse, this one features a retractable mouse pad so that you aren’t forced to use the touchpad that’s built into your laptop. At less than 3 pounds, it’s easy to take with you all around your home — and the thick base helps transfer away heat to keep your laptop from growing too hot.

  • Positive review: “The pop out mouse pad is an awesome feature, retracting for storage and transport. It's sturdy and we'll put together.”


The “Super Cute” Butter Dish That Tons Of Reviewers Recommend

Warm butter spreads more easily than cold — but that’s only part of the reason reviewers recommend this butter dish. Its deep frame helps prevent the butter from getting stuck to the lid, while the bamboo lid gives it a decorative touch.

  • Positive review: “I am so glad I bought it!! It is super cute and functional.”


These Under-Cabinet Lights That Cast A Gorgeous Glow

Not only do these under-cabinet lights cast a gorgeous glow across your kitchen, but they also work great underneath shelves or even next to your bed. There’s no complicated wiring required for installation — and they only need three AA batteries (not included) to stay lit for hours.

  • Positive review: “Excellent delivery service, remarkable value for such an item. Very easy to install underneath the kitchen cabinets, I can now see what I am doing.”


A Set Of Silky Sheets Made From Polyester Satin

Just like a polyester-satin pillow, these smooth sheets are gentle on your hair while you rest. They’re also incredibly soft and come with a fitted sheet that can accommodate mattresses up to 15 inches deep. And thanks to the elastic around that fitted sheet, it should stay in place. You can choose from eight colors.

  • Positive review: “We've washed them 3 times and they come out just fine and less wrinkled than our old cotton sheets do which is also super nice.”


This Sleek Bucket That Helps Keep Your Wine Chilled

Whether you’re sipping on wine or champagne, this chilling bucket can help keep your bottle at a deliciously cold temperature. It’s made from food-grade stainless steel, with insulated walls to help keep the ice inside frozen — and the insulation even keeps the outside from sweating so that no water rings develop on your table.

  • Positive review: “This wine chiller is awesome for keeping your beverage cool. We absolutely love it. I have actually left my wine in this overnight and the next morning the wine bottle still had a little chill to it.”


A Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker With A Long-Lasting Rechargeable Battery

Don’t worry about bringing this Bluetooth speaker outside, as its waterproof exterior can handle light splashes. The powerful rechargeable battery also lasts for up to 24 hours — so if you forget to charge it before a trip, there’s a good chance you’ll still have some juice left. Plus, the Bluetooth connection has a range of up to 65 feet.

  • Positive review: “Why did I wait, this thing rocks! Have only had it for a week, but took it with me on a trip and was fun to have something better than a phone to play tunes while getting ready in the morning.”