51 Awesome Products On Amazon With Thousands Of Reviews That Are Selling Out

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by Emily Estep
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Online shopping — especially on a mega-site like Amazon — can be an overwhelming experience. How can you really know if you're going to like whatever it is that you've ordered — or more importantly, if it even works? Thankfully, there are tons of products on Amazon with thousands of reviews, so you'll know exactly what to expect.

Whether you're someone who likes to touch — or even try out — a product before buying it, or are looking for details that aren't listed on the main page, Amazon's customer reviews are a valuable resource.

Unfortunately, the more reviews something has, the more popular it becomes, often leading to the appearance of the dreaded "product unavailable" disclaimer. You'd be surprised by how often many of Amazon's cult-favorite K-beauty products and best-selling cooking tools sell out (though luckily, they do a good job on restocking, often within just a few days).

So what are these insanely popular Amazon products that keep selling out? We've done the homework and compiled the best, most beloved items the e-marketplace has to offer. From small-batch goods made by indie brands to nifty gadgets manufactured by international conglomerates, you'll be shocked by what Amazon is struggling to keep on the shelves.

And remember, if something catches your eye, but the product's page says "low in stock," now is the time to pounce.


A Versatile Drying Rack That Rolls Out To Fit Your Sink

With a roll-out design that fits every sink, this rack can be a versatile tool in any kitchen. Not only is it great for drying dishes, pots, and pans, it also works as a colander for rinsing vegetables, or you can use it as a meal prep platform. Thanks to it’s silicone coating, the drying rack won’t rust or slip, it’s also gentle on glassware, and heat-resistant to temperatures of up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit.


A Whisper-Quiet Humidifier That Doubles As A Night Light

On a continuous setting, this humidifier, which has two speed settings, adds moisture to the air for up to 16 hours. You can even adjust the direction of the mist to face towards you — or away from you — and it shuts off automatically when the water levels are low. It also doubles as a night light, is super easy to use, and comes with a two-year warranty.


A Footstool That Can Change The Way You Poop

This squatting toilet stool is a game-changer in the bathroom, as it encourages you to sit in a position that mimics a natural squat. It’s unique in that it has a height of 8 inches, meaning that it’s perfect for all ages to access. It also has a button that’ll help it fold for easy storage around the house.


A Set Of Makeup Brushes That Covers All The Bases

This makeup brush set comes with 10 different pieces, meaning that it’ll be perfect for anyone who’s perfected their morning makeup routine. The brushes are made of 100% cruelty-free synthetic hairs, with the handles created with aluminum and wood. With a brush holder included, this set is bound to last a long time.


A Pair Of Antibacterial Compression Socks That Boost Circulation And Reduce Swelling

Double-stitched with antibacterial fabric, these compression socks are both comfortable and functional. They're also easy to slip on, unlike many other styles, and can be washed multiple times without losing their shape. Choose from nine different color combinations for a pair of stylish socks that'll ease sore shins.


A Hyaluronic Acid Serum Loaded With Vitamins C & E

This moisturizing serum combines a ton of Vitamin C (and E) with hyaluronic acid, resulting in a formula that fights acne, reduces scarring, minimizes the appearance of pores, and plumps skin. Best of all, it absorbs easily, contains organic ingredients, and is free of parabens, dyes, and fragrances.


A Brow Gel That Won't Smudge Or Transfer

With more than 10,000 positive reviews on Amazon, this brow gel is a beloved cult favorite. Available in five different shades, it's also waterproof, so you can wear it to the gym or beach without worrying about it sweating off. The application process couldn't be easier, it sets super quickly, and reviewers report it doesn't transfer, smudge, or fade.


A Vegetable Chopper That Helps Save You From Onion Fumes

Anyone who cooks, whether sparingly or daily, stands to benefit from this vegetable chopper, which will especially come in handy when your recipe requires onions. It can cut veggies multiple ways, by slicing, chopping, and dicing. It also offers smooth cutting and grating, with the help of blades that easily snap in and out.


A Nail File Made Of Glass

What are the benefits of using a glass nail file, one might ask? They seal the nail's keratin layers — making them smoother and healthier — and also reduce the growth or spread of bacteria. This one is double-sided, with fine to medium grit that prevents damage, and will last much longer than the standard, flimsy versions you'd find at the drugstore.


A Hydrating Face Cream That Has Tons Of Vitamins

More than 2,000 Amazon users love this natural face cream that offers an extremely long list of vitamins and nutrients for your skin. Ingredients such as aloe vera, manuka honey, algae, and hemp seed oil work together to soothe inflamed skin and reduce acne scarring. Plus, the cream is said to keep your skin moisturized and protected for about eight hours, though you won’t be able to tell it’s there thanks to its non-greasy formula.


An Acupressure Mat With A Ton Of Stimulation Points

This acupressure mat can help you relax in just 10-30 minutes just by laying on it. While on the mat, it’ll massage pressure points that’ll help ease muscles and stress. Not only that, but it also comes in a ton of fun colors, from gold to purple.


A Seat Cushion That Improves Your Posture

You can take this portable seat cushion with you wherever you go, supporting your butt, hips, and thighs with contoured foam that forces you into sitting with proper posture. Since it weighs less than a pound, it's easy to transport around. Plus, it's covered in a removable cover that can be easily removed and tossed in the washing machine.


A Set Of Bath Bombs That Are Packed With Fragrance

This set includes 12 handcrafted bath bombs that leave skin smooth and subtly fragranced. Beyond adding Instagram-worthy colors and bubbles to your nightly soak, they're also packed with shea butter and cocoa butter that’ll add a bit of luxury to your experience. This set would make a great gift for anyone looking for new ways to relax.


A Toilet Spray That Keeps The Smells Away

Spray some of this Poo-Pourri in the toilet bowl — on top of the water —before you do your business, and it prevents any unwanted smells from escaping into the air. It's actually made with surprisingly safe — but powerful — natural ingredients, including lemon, bergamot, and lemongrass-scented essential oils.


A Shower Head That Filters Water For You

In addition to five massage speeds, this shower head also includes a filter cartridge that removes sulfur odor, chlorine, and more for up to 10,000 gallons of water. The media inside also limits the growth of bacteria, and it can be quickly and easily installed on almost any standard shower arm, with no tools or expertise required.


An Essential Oil Diffuser That Fits In The Palm Of Your Hand

This small, sleek oil diffuser fills rooms with your favorite essential oils. This model, which is perfect for kids, includes an automatic shut-off function and 7 color-changing options to choose from. This diffuser uses a USB charger, which means you can have it power up through your laptop during the day.


A Power Bank That's Totally Solar-Powered

As long as you have the sun, you'll have a charged cell phone, thanks to this solar power bank. It's water-resistant, shock-proof, and has a clip that allows you to attach it to your backpack or luggage. You can even charge more than one device at once with multiple USB ports, which are reinforced with rubber caps to keep the device working reliably for years.


A Two-Tiered Pillow That Adheres To Your Bathtub

Anyone who enjoys a good soak could use a bath pillow — and this one is approved by nearly 2,000 Amazon users. It has seven individual suction cups that keep it in place and allow it to adhere to any tub of any size, with a two-fold design that provides support for your upper back, neck, and head. The pillow's non-porous surface is also, of course, waterproof.


A 'New York Times' Bestseller That Will Change The Way You Work

The 4-Hour Work Week lays the blueprint for how to work less and make more — and thousands of Amazon reviewers have hopped on board. This step-by-step guide for increasing your income, traveling the world, and yet, working less, is full of tips and templates that anyone (even families) can incorporate into their everyday lives. As an example of how effective the four hour work week can be, the author Timothy Ferriss uses his own experience of going from making $40,000 per year and working 80 hours per week, to earning $40,000 per month and only working four hours per week. This new edition of the book even includes case studies from readers who have doubled their income and reinvented themselves after having read the original book.


A Cure-All Soap That Amazon Reviewers Swear By

This organic black soap positions itself as a cure-all for skin conditions ranging from acne to psoriasis — which might seem like a big claim, but not only does it have hundreds of glowing reviews and a near five-star rating on Amazon, users also left before-and-after pictures to prove that this soap is a game-changer. It can also be used as shampoo and conditioner to treat dandruff.


Bluetooth-Enabled Earbuds That Cancel Out Noise

Completely cordless, these Bluetooth headphones offer high definition sound and more than eight hours of battery life on a single charge. Whether your phone doesn't have a headphone jack or you're just tired of tangled cords, these are the solution. They can connect to devices up to 30 feet away and are waterproof, too.


A Party Game That Lets You Create Insta-Worthy Memes

If you’re not above innuendos, then this family party game may add a ton of laughs during your next gathering with family and friends. It’s also fairly simple to play — players need to combine images and captions to try and find the funniest combinations. This game is recommended for ages 10 and up, and can include up to 20 players.


A Motion Activated Night Light That Goes Inside Your Toilet

This toilet light hooks to the inside of your toilet, and with motion sensor technology, it automatically turns on as your approach it during the middle of the night. After you leave, it switches back off by itself. It also rotates between 16 different colors, has a five-level dimmer, and fits correctly in any standard toilet.


Charcoal Purifiers That Eliminate Shoe Odors

These air purifying bags will completely eliminate the smell inside any pair of shoes, while also absorbing moisture. They're made of porous bamboo charcoal, without the addition of any fragrances or chemicals. Each bag can be reused for a couple of years, and you can also toss them anywhere that could use a bit of freshening up, from the back of your car to dank kitchen cabinets.


An Exfoliating Body Scrub Made With Himalayan Pink Salt

With a mix of Himalayan salt and the oils of almond and lychee, this body scrub nourishes your skin and balances its pH. Featuring a lovely, subtle scent, this exfoliator is packed with nutrients and improves mineral hydration, which can even help ease sore muscles. The antioxidants and vitamin C from the lychee help reduce scarring, while the pink salt gently buffs away dead skin, resulting in a truly pampering hero product.


A Set Of Camera Lenses To Attach To Your Phone

You can take professional-level phone photos with the help of this camera lens kit, which includes a fisheye, wide-angle, and macro lens, all made of high-quality glass. The universal clamp works with any smartphone and each lens is super small, making the set great for travel.


An Ice Cream Scoop That Requires No Thaw Time

With a pointed tip and stainless steel design, this heavy-duty ice cream scoop cuts through cold, hard ice cream easily, so you never have to wait for your favorite treat to thaw again. It also has a non-slip handle, comes in four cute colors, and can be tossed in the dishwasher.


A Book Light That Illuminates Both Pages At Once

With two goosenecks, this book light illuminates both pages with a cordless clamp that holds everything in place. The rechargeable lights can be switched between two levels of brightness and a single charge can power it up for up to 20 hours with an included USB charger. It's small and lightweight, too, so you can bring it with you when you travel.


A Safe Stain Remover That Can Be Used On Anything From Pet Beds To Leather

Stains stand no chance against Grandma’s Secret Laundry Spray. One of the biggest secrets? It can be used on more than just laundry to help fight oil, paint, and even old stains that might have caused you to give up hope earlier. This formula is concentrated, meaning it’ll last a long time. This pack comes in a set of three, so you’ll be set for quite a while.


A Smart Plug That Lets You Operate Appliances Via Wi-Fi

This smart plug fits right into any standard outlet, and you can plug almost anything into it, connecting any device you want to Wi-Fi. You can control the smart plug via an app, as well as Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. It’s incredibly easy to set up, even for people who might not be too technologically advanced.


A Set Of Sheets That Will Never, Ever Fade

These microfiber bed sheets won't wrinkle, stain, or fade over time, and they're available in more than 40 colors (in seven different sizes). If there's any doubt in your mind that they're soft, durable, and cozy, the 32,000+ mostly-positive reviews should put you at ease. And, as the name implies, they're hypoallergenic, too.


A Hair Tool That Gives You Instant Beach Waves

If you’re looking for a touseled curl look, this Bed Head Swerve may become your new best friend during your morning prep. This tool heats up to 400 degrees, and uses Tourmaline ceramic technology to help eliminate any extra frizz.


A Peeling Facial Gel That Doesn't Sting

This much-loved peeling gel dissolves blackheads, exfoliates gently, and leaves glowing skin behind — without any stinging feeling. While many other formulas cause a burning sensation, this gel goes on smoothly and feels comfortable the entire time. You can even use it on a regular basis without worrying about irritation or longterm damage to keep your complexion clear and soft.


A Spiralizer That Works With Any Vegetable To Create Perfect Noodles

This spiralizer has a thick, durable blade that turns any vegetable into noodles, unlike many others that tend to simply shred them. When you're done, it's easy to clean, convenient to store, and even dishwasher-safe. It also comes with a vegetable peeler, cleaning brush, storage bag, and ebook of recipes to get you started.


A Heating And Cooling Wrap That Eases Cramps And Sore Muscles

While this heating wrap was specifically designed to target areas in the neck and shoulder area, it has the capability of helping manage pain and discomfort all over. This wrap, which contains organic grains, is safe to throw in the freezer or heat up in a microwave. It also comes in several colorful prints.


A Lipstick-Sized Hair Remover That Really Works

You can get rid of unwanted hairs — painlessly — with this discrete hair remover that looks like a lipstick. It's so gentle on your skin that you can use it every day, and it's super easy to use, requiring just one AA battery. It even has a built-in light that illuminates your skin for visibility, and comes in a sleek rose gold finish.


A Portable Massage Pillow With Shiatsu Nodes

A lightweight, portable design makes this shiatsu pillow massager the ultimate way to relax sore muscles. It has four deep-kneading nodes that dig into muscles to loosen up knots and get blood flowing, and its ergonomic design contours perfectly to your neck, back, abdomen, and thighs for added comfort.


An Air Purifier That Sucks Up Dust And Much More

With a powerful filter that captures nearly 100 percent of dust and allergens, this air purifier is a game-changer for anyone with dust, pet dander, or mold in their home. It kills airborne bacteria, viruses, and germs in medium-sized rooms, and can clean up to 400 sq ft in just one hour.


A Silk Pillowcase That Won't Disturb Your Hair At Night

This silk pillowcase is hypoallergenic, incredibly soft, and stays cool even when it's hot outside, helping you drift into a comfortable, deep sleep. It's perfect for anyone who likes to operate on second-day blowouts or who showers at night, because it won't mess your hair up while you sleep. You can choose between more than 30 colors and various sizes, from toddler to king.


A Neck Pillow That Supports Proper Alignment

This “dog bone” shaped neck pillow is designed to properly align your ears, shoulders, and spine, thus leading to less neck pain. This pillow will never go flat and has been created for lifelong use. Who doesn’t need a little bit of extra support during the day?


A Water Flosser For A Dentist-Level Clean

This water flosser is just like the one your dentist uses, so you can get your teeth extra clean at home. You can switch between ten different water pressures and seven different flossing tips, and its water capacity allows it to function for a full 90 seconds. Much like traditional flossing, it cleans between your teeth, resulting in healthier gums.


A Hydrating Mist To Refresh Your Face Throughout The Day

This super-popular facial spray is formulated with herbal extracts and rosewater to give your skin a quick boost whenever it feels dry, tight, or tired. It has a light, natural scent and nourishes tired complexions in addition to offering light hydration. It's also safe to use anywhere on your body and is delicate enough for sensitive skin. You can also use it to set your makeup.


A Set Of Resistance Bands To Improve Your Workout

This set of five exercise bands can help form the foundation of your workout, with a carrying bag, instructions, ebook, and access to online workout videos. They immediately add varying resistance to match your strength, allowing you to get more out of your at-home exercises without using the weights at the gym. The bands are also extra helpful for stretching and yoga.


A First Aid Kit With Everything You’d Need In An Emergency

Possibly the ultimate first aid kit, this set includes 120 medical-grade products including not only first aid materials but also survival tools. It has everything from bandages to a CPR mask. The entire kit fits in a compact, flexible case that you can stuff anywhere and it only weighs 12 pounds. The kit even comes with a bonus, mini first aid kit that you can toss in your travel bag.


A Smartphone Car Mount That Won't Ruin Your Dashboard

Unlike a lot of smartphone car mounts on the market, this one doesn't require adhesive or nor does it use magnates (which are notorious for being less than secure), instead, this mount has a silicone base that adheres directly to your dashboard. And although that might not sounds stable, it's designed to hold the phone securely even if you take a sudden turn or slam on the breaks — a claim literally hundreds of Amazon reviewers stand by.


A Dish Cloth That Lasts Seven Times Longer Than A Sponge

This is not your average dishrag. Unlike most wash cloths, this scrubber is both abrasive enough to get off hard-to-remove cooked-on food but gentle enough that it won't scratch chrome, copper, stainless steel, anodized surfaces, non-stick cookware, glass, crystal, porcelain, china or other ceramics. They're also more durable than sponges and are odor- and mildew-resistant. The unique mesh material even helps food wash through to keep the cloth extra clean, but when it does comes time to wash them you it is safe to toss them in both the dishwasher or the washing machine.


A Bottle Of Gummy Vitamins That Help Your Skin, Hair, and Nails

This gummy supplement includes biotin and folic acid, both of which have been known to help support healthy skin and hair and nail growth. This all-natural and vegan product also contains probiotic extracts, to further aid your general wellness. It’s a nice, easy, berry-flavored way to feel like you’re going the extra mile with skincare.


A Set Of Dryer Balls That Speed Up Drying Time

These dryer balls will help your clothes dry faster, stay softer, and even reduce static and wrinkles without the use of dryer sheets. This not only saves you time when doing laundry but also saves you money and lowers your environmental impact. The dryer balls are made of 100 percent, pure New Zealand wool and last for over 1,000 loads of laundry.


A Journal That Can Make You Happier, Five Minutes At A Time

This journal embraces positive energy by forcing you to focus on the good in your life for five minutes a day. Focusing on the aspects of life you’re grateful can help replace negative thoughts with positive ones and and put you in the right frame of mind to start your day. The journal is also packed with uplifting quotes and information on the science behind happiness.


A Way To Keep Your Phone From Falling Through The Gaps In Your Car

If you've ever dropped your phone through a gap between car seats, you know just how frustrating it can be. With these gap fillers, you can secure the space around the seat belt catch, saving countless lip balms, loose change, and hairpins in the process. Best of all, this means significantly less cleanup on the floor of your car.


A Pack Of Essential Oils That Covers All The Basics

This trusted pack of eight different essential oils is loved by more than 10,000 Amazon users. From lavender to tea tree oil, this kit has all the standards for aromatherapy, crafting, and filling diffusers. The formulas are 100 percent natural, with no fillers, additives, or carrier oils.

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