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Pedro Pascal Eating A Sandwich Is A Meme Now, FYI

More Pedro on my FYP? No complaints here.

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It’s no secret that the internet is obsessed with Pedro Pascal, so it was only a matter of time before the heartthrob became a meme on TikTok. If you’ve scrolled through your FYP lately, you know the clip of Pedro Pascal eating a sandwich is the latest viral meme to take over the social media app. Surprisingly, though, the clip isn’t from any of his most well-known roles or movies, so if you’ve been wondering about the backstory behind the hilarious meme, here’s what you need to know.

Even if you’ve been crushing on Pedro Pascal since his Game Of Thrones days, it feels like the Pascal Renaissance didn’t officially take off until the actor’s hit series The Last Of Us debuted in January 2023. Don’t expect to find the viral clip of Pascal casually munching on a sandwich in the gritty HBO show, though, because the meme going around TikTok is actually from a March 1 interview with LADbible TV for a YouTube series called Snack Wars.

In the video, titled “Pedro Pascal & Jon Favreau Compare American and Chilean Snacks,” Pascal and director Jon Favreau try and rate snacks from their respective countries. The duo is each given a peanut butter and jelly sandwich towards the end of the video, and the actor chews on the PB&J for about five seconds before the camera cuts away. It’s not a very eventful moment in the interview, but it was enough to become a meme on TikTok, I guess.

The interview was posted to YouTube on March 1, and according to Know Your Meme, the viral clip began circulating on TikTok a few days later. It all started when @getbybus posted the video of Pascal chowing down on the sandwich in a green-screened office with the text, “When everyone on work is drowning in tasks but I still have five minutes before my lunch break is over” on March 7. From there, the clip became a template on the easy-to-use editing tool CapCut shortly after, which allowed anyone to add the viral meme over their TikToks with the push of a button.

Usually inserted over an image, the meme is meant to depict someone either waiting for something or acting unbothered and is accompanied by the soothing sound of a piano. If you listen closely, you can hear something crunching, but not it’s Pascal’s chewing that you hear — it’s actually part of the audio.

One of the most viral uses of the meme, which has over 851K likes on TikTok, comes from @junolifestyle, who inserted the clip of Pascal over an empty restaurant with the text, “When you catch up with your friends and they’re all complaining about their trash men but you can’t relate cos your man is perfect and treats you like a princess everyday.” So wholesome.

Other popular takes on the meme comes from users @kaylwrighty, who used the meme for some more office-based content a la the OG video, and @ilovechamoy, who took the viral trend in a more nostalgic direction.

This isn’t the first time the internet’s celebrity crush has gone viral on TikTok. In fact, it’s not even the first time this year, because a clip of Pascal and Nicolas Cage driving down a winding road from the 2022 film The Unbearable Weight Of A Massive Talent also went viral in February 2023. In the clip, Cage looks over at Pascal, who’s driving the car, with a confused look on his face, while Pascal smiles back at him cheerfully.

You can see all the ways TikTokers are using the tasty meme in their videos by searching “Pedro Pascal eating sandwich” in the search bar at the top of your FYP. If you want to create your own meme, you can do so by searching the same thing, tapping a video that uses the CapCut feature, then tapping the “CapCut — Try this template” option above the creator’s username.

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