People Really Want These 25 Most-Wished For Sex Toys On Amazon

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by Maria Del Russo
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Is it just me, or can it be incredibly difficult to figure out what you want when shopping for a sex toy? Gone are the days of good ol' classic vibrators and dildos: These days, there are so many options when it come to sex toys and sex-cessories. Want a masturbation cup that moans? You've got it. Or how about a rhinestone-encrusted butt plug? Yep — that exists too. But if you don't know where to even begin, have no fear: this list of Amazon's most-wished for sex toys is a great place to start.

If you're unfamiliar with Amazon's most-wished for feature, here's the rundown: it's the place where they round up the products that customers can't help but add to their carts and garner the best reviews. In the cases of things like sex toys, this is especially handy if you don't want to quiz your group chat on what kind of nipple clamps they like best.

Whether you're looking for a new vibrator or have no idea as to what you're looking for at all, get inspired by these sex toys Amazon shoppers are buying right now. There's something on this list for everyone — so keep scrolling to see what these hyped-up products are all about.


A Cult-Favorite Clit-Sucker Reviewers Call "Life-Changing"

If you love the feeling of oral sex, you need to try this fan-favorite clit-sucking vibrator. The Satisfyer Pro 2 uses pressure wave technology to create a sensation that mimics the feeling of a real mouth. Reviewers who have had trouble orgasming in the past swear it's life-changing, writing things like, "The Satisfyer Pro 2 made me orgasm EIGHT TIMES in 45 MINUTES. I felt boneless afterwards. I couldn't move. I have never had such intense sexual pleasure in my life. I felt like a sex goddess."


A Classic Rabbit Vibrator With Over 1,300 Perfect Five-Star Reviews

One thing is for certain when it comes to vibrators: you can never go wrong with a classic rabbit. And this one has over 1,300 perfect five-star reviews and counting. Rabbits are revered for their ability to stimulate both the G-spot and clit, thanks to the penis-shaped tip that goes inside of you and the "bunny ears" that lie outside of your vagina. Both parts vibrate, and you can choose from 10 different vibration modes and three thrusting modes to achieve that elusive blended orgasm.


A Thrusting Dildo That Looks Incredibly Realistic

Hate bouncing on a dildo? This thrusting option does the work for you. In addition to thrusting, it rotates and has five different vibration modes. What's more, it has a strong suction base for hands-free fun and is designed to look and feel like a real penis, complete with 3-D textured veins and all.


This Three-Prong Vibrator That Can Be Used Basically Anywhere

This three-pronged vibrator can be used so many different ways — just check out this handy guide. It has three powerful motors in each "tip," which can go in you, on you, or in/on someone else. USB-rechargeable and waterproof, it's equipped with seven different vibration modes for you to choose from.


A Luxury Lube That's Pretty Enough To Display

Sure, this silicone-based lube is a great option for sex (especially sex in water). But it can also be used to tame flyaways in your hair and to prevent chafing. Plus, it's attractive enough to sit proudly on your nightstand — in fact, it's actually kind of chic?


A Clit-Sucking Vibrator That Feels Like A Real Mouth

This sex toy takes the convenience of a wearable vibrator and pairs it with the toe-curling sensations of a clit-sucker. The outer "arm" nestles against your clit, while the longer shaft goes inside of you and stimulates your G-spot. Blended orgasm, coming right up!


A Tiny Vibrator that Mimics The Feeling Of Manual Masturbation

This small vibrator provides sensations similar to that of manually masturbating with a finger; it's the perfect toy for anyone who requires serious clitoral stimulation to get off. It rubs against your clit like a finger would, but you can also use it on your nipples (or it can go inside of you, too). But this toy goes at 1500 rounds per minute — much faster than any finger could ever move! Reviewers report that despite its slim size, it's super powerful.


A Wedge Pillow That Makes Sex Much More Comfortable

If you've been dragging your feet on buying a sex pillow, the time to make the splurge is now — and the pillow should be the Liberator. It can be used in countless different ways and positions to provide lift, encourage deeper penetration, and, most importantly, make sex more comfortable. One reviewer wrote, "A pillow just could never do what this does! We have only used a few times but WOW! Experimentation is fun but you need a book on all the new positions you can achieve with this!"


This Best-Selling Pocket Pussy That Feels Like The Real Thing

The Tracy's Dog Pocket Pussy has a realistic exterior that looks like a vulva, and a textured interior that feels like one. A number-one best-seller on Amazon, reviewers report a "very lifelike feel" and "intense stimulation." Worried about clean up? This one disassembles for easy washing.


A No-Frills Vibrator For Sex Toy Minimalists

Not all sex toys need to be adorned with bells and whistles. Case in point? This simple vibrator, which can be used on your clit, inside your vagina, or inside your anus. It has nine different vibration modes and hundreds of rave reviews, resulting in a 4.7-star overall rating and best-seller status on Amazon.


This Wearable Vibrator That's Great For Public Play

Those who want to experiment with public play should reach for a wearable vibrator with a remote, like this one. It's slender enough to slip into your panties, has 12 different vibration modes, and the remote can be used up to 15 meters away. Just remember — go slow and have a subtle safe word to let your partner know if things get too intense.


A Soft, Realistic Dildo With a Suction Cup Base

Dildo newbies will absolutely love this soft, realistic-looking dildo. It provides 6 insertable inches and has a strong suction cup base, so you can mount it on any smooth surface and ride it like a real penis, even in the shower. Reviewers praise this dildo’s soft feel and almost too realistic look.


A Set Of Curved Butt Plugs For Gradual Anal Training

Get your anal training on with this Yossposs butt plug kit. A number-one best-seller, it comes with three different sized plugs to start you off on your anal journey (start with the smallest one, then gradually work your way up to the largest). The plugs' flared base ensures they won't go too far in or get stuck, and they're made of latex and phthalate-free silicone that's totally skin-safe.


A Sleek Bullet Vibrator That's Perfect For Travel

Bullet vibrators are perfect for when you want to take your orgasm on the road, because they're tiny and discreet. This one — another number-one best-seller on Amazon — has hundreds of rave five-star reviews from shoppers who are impressed with how powerful the tiny device is. Fans call at "a beast" and "the best little miracle." Choose from silver or black.


A Vibrating Cock Ring That Stimulates Your Partner, Too

Cock rings are great for helping an erection last longer, but this one goes the extra mile. Thanks to its vibrating arm, it can also rest against your partner's clit (if they have one) to give them added stimulation, too. No partner? Flip the ring around and let it massage your testicles instead.


A Sex Pillow With A Hole For A Dildo

This half moon-shaped-pillow is a perfect gift for folks who love doggy-style — or who just need a little extra support in the bedroom. Worried about how you'll store it? This pillow deflates, so you can stash it just about anywhere discreetly. As a bonus, it has a hole for a dildo, so you can ride it during your next solo session.


An Inflatable Butt Plug That's Great For Beginners & Pros Alike

Anal training kits are great, but they also eventually leave you with plugs smaller than you'd like to use. This inflatable plug, on the other hand, expands with the help of a pump. That means you can play around with the size that you're comfortable with without having to use multiple plugs. One reviewer commented, "This is so much fun. It's great as a standard butt plug but mind-blowing when you start to inflate. It's easy to use and easy to clean."


A Textured Cock Ring That'll Please Your Partner, Too

This textured cock ring is capable of much more than you'd think. Not only can it be tied around a penis (and testicles) various different ways, but its rope-like design gives partners with vulvas something bumpy to rub their clit against. That means more pleasure for both of you.


The Perfect Bachelorette Gift

A bachelorette party is the perfect excuse to gift this confetti-specked dildo. But it's more than just a party favor. Its 7.7-inch size (with 6 inches being insertable) makes it ideal for dildo beginners, while its strong suction cup base can be secured upon any smooth surface, like a bathtub ledge or shower wall.


A Set Of Discreet Masturbation Cups That Look Like Eggs

Masturbation cups are great, but sometimes the cleanup can be a hassle. Enter the Tenga egg: a single-use, disposable cup that feels just as as a pocket pussy. Plus, they don't look like masturbation cups, which makes them a discreet option for those hoping to masturbate on the DL.


A Tongue-Shaped Vibrator With 8 Different Modes

Designed to feel like a tongue, this vibrator is made of soft, flexible silicone that some reviewers say feels better than the real thing. Designed with eight different sucking patterns and five licking modes, this can be used so many different ways: to stimulate your clit, nipples, vagina, anus — you get the idea.


A Vibrating Butt Plug That's Shaped Like Anal Beads

Combining anal beads with a butt plug, this vibrating sex toy is another number-one best-seller on Amazon. It can be used in both your vagina and anus — just make sure to use a condom if you're switching between the two. Don't love (or need) the vibrations? It's powered by a removable bullet, so you can use it sans vibrations, and use the bullet on its own, too. Reviewers say it's an especially great choice for butt plug beginners.


A Rhinestone-Encrusted Metal Butt Plug That Can Be Cooled & Heated

Metal butt plugs are ideal for folks who want to experiment with temperature play — and this one, with its 3-inch size and fabulous design, is perfect. Simply run it under hot water for added warmth, or pop it into the freezer and let the cooling sensation give you goosebumps. Plus, the rhinestone detail comes in 13 different colors.


A Mini Magic Wand That Doesn't Skimp On Power

Don't let the size of this mini wand fool you. Offering 20 times the pulsations, it provides just as much power as your oversized wands — just in smaller, travel-friendly dimensions. Over 1,200 reviewers gave this popular toy a perfect five-star review, writing things like, "This changed my whole world."


This Finger Vibrator That Makes Second Base So Much More Fun

Just because you love manual masturbation doesn't mean you can't spice things up a little. This tiny vibrator slips over your finger to amp up your next solo session, but you can also use it to incorporate a partner into your masturbation time. It has a textured tip for extra stimulation too.

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