Literally Just 21 Sex Toys, All With 5-Star Reviews


Let's get straight to the point: sex toys are awesome. Sex toys with five star reviews? Even better. Sex toys have become so mainstream and so part of our culture, that you can even buy them in drugstores. Imagine that; something that was once so taboo is now something you can pick up just an aisle away from the cough drops.

Not only have sex toys become a staple for many when it comes to masturbating, but they've also wiggled their way into the sex lives of couples — which is a great thing, because they really enhance sexual experiences.

"There's this fear that sex toys are making people less into each other, that they're too mechanical etc, but they actually improve sex, make people want to be with each other, and can connect you over long distances," Claire Cavanah, co-founder of Babeland, tells Bustle. And isn't connection and desire what sex and sexuality is all about? I'd say that's a hard yes.

Although what gets people off varies from person to person, there are still some places where we tend to overlap when it comes to sex — we are all human after all. So if you're looking for a sex toy that's been approved by one of your fellow humans and been given the coveted five-star rating, then look no further. Here are 21 toys that are exactly that.


We-Vibe Anniversary Collection

To celebrate their 10 year anniversary, We-Vibe decided to sync up (get it?) their Tango and We-Vibe Sync toys. The combo is fun for solo play, but the special edition is great for all types of relationships and sexual exploration.


2. Red Hot Flame

I have strongly believed, since getting my first bullet vibe, that you just can't go wrong with a bullet vibrator, like, ever. So it comes as zero surprise to me that a bullet vibe on Babeland would be proudly displaying five stars. They're small, powerful, discreet, and you can take (read: use) them anywhere.


The Cowgirl

Not only does The Cowgirl get a five-star rating at Babeland (I mean, look at it!), but if you head over to their home site, you'll get $250 off for the entire month of April when you use the code BUSTLE at checkout. A discount on a five-star rated sex toy? I think that's the very definition of a win-win.


Impulse E-Stim Rechargeable Remote Control Kegel Exerciser

Important facts about Kegel exercises: you're never too young to start doing them and no matter your gender, you can (and probably should). With that out of the way, if you can turn your Kegel exercises into a bit of playful fun either alone or with a partner, then it's like you've hit the jackpot. Like those people who can orgasm while working out... like, how, why, show me the way, please.


b-Vibe Novice

It should be noted that the reviewers on Adam and Eve seem to be... picky. While there are many 4.5-star ratings, trying to find a sold five wasn't exactly easy. With that in mind, let's be thankful b-Vibe exists because those customers seem to really love the Novice.

In addition to the rating, if you hop over to b-Vibe between April 20 and April 30, you'll get a free Sensual Care Set (a $30 value) with the purchase of every vibrating butt plug. And, when it comes to anal play, sensual care is a must. So mark your calendars now.


Toyfriend Smooth Classy

When you see the words, "smooth" and "classy" in the description of anything, you know it's going to deliver, and this vibrator is no different. Classified at Babeland as a "beginners vibrator," because we all need to start somewhere, this vibrator is the perfect shape and size to stimulate whatever part of your body needs some extra attention.


Lovelife Cuddle Mini

Not quite the size of a bullet vibe, but still compact enough to take on your next big trip, this vibrator by OhMiBod, with its seven vibration options, gets the job done.


Womanizer Liberty Clitoral Stimulator

Ever since Womanizer hit the market in 2015, it's been collecting fans all over the world. What makes it so special is its PleasureAir Technology that doesn't vibrate, as much as it sort of mimics the feeling of oral sex against the clitoris. Everyone I know who has tried the Womanizer has had their mind blown, which makes the five-star rating not very surprising.


LELO Ina Wave Luxury Rechargeable 10 Function Rabbit Vibrator

Although rabbit vibrators existed long before Sex and the City premiered, we can still thank the show for making the vibrator that stimulates both the G-spot and clitoris a household name. It's because of this, that the line of rabbit vibrators that are out there now is huge! But this one by LELO just happens to be one that gets five stars.

If you go to LELO's direct site, you can find yourself some sales this month. Not only that, but if you sign up for the LELO Student Discount you can get 15 percent off you purchase. Not too shabby if you have a non-paid internship.


Cinco Vibrating Anal Beads

Having declared these the best sex toy to try in June of 2018, I can attest to the fact that these beads live up to the five-star hype. Like anal play or just a bit curious? They're fit — literally and metaphorically — for both mindsets.


Je Joue G-spot Bullet Vibe

Still have yet to try a bullet vibe or need another one to add to your collection? Je Joue's bullet vibe aimed at the G-spot, with that luscious shape, is also aimed to please.


Happy Rabbit Slimline G-Spot Rechargeable Rabbit Vibrator

Again, we find another rabbit vibrator on the list. Why? Because when you use a toy that stimulates both your clitoris and G-spot, you boost your chances of experiencing a blended orgasm. As to whether or not all those who gave it five stars had a blended orgasm, we don't know. All we know is that this toy is loved and loved deeply.


Lioness Vibrator

The reason the Lioness Vibrator has five stars is because it takes sex tech to a whole new level. It senses and learns and remembers and does all those things that vibrators of days gone by couldn't even fathom. Once you get used to the app that comes with it, you're good to go.


Lovehoney Deluxe Extra Powerful Plug In Massage Wand Vibrator

Now what would a list of five-star sex toys be without a wand massager on it somewhere? Although I was surprised to find that the iconic Hitachi Magic Wand didn't quite make the cut (coming in at 4.5 stars), I wasn't surprised at all to see at least one wand with five stars. Wands are magical after all.


Satisfyer Pro 2 Clitoral Stimulator

If you can't figure out by the name alone why the Satisfyer Pro 2 Clitoral Stimulator has five stars, then it's time to do a little bit of educating. In a world where the majority of women — 70 to 80 percent — need clitoral stimulation to orgasm, a toy that's not just made to stimulate the clitoris, but actually has the name in it, is going to be on the list.


Le Wand Ripple Attachment

Maybe it's just me, but I can't look at my Le Wand Ripple attachment without saying, "Hello, lover," the way Carrie Bradshaw would talk to shoes in store windows, because it's just that good. While Le Wand massager fell just below five stars, the attachment that hits the G-spot so perfectly scored the perfect review... as it should.


BARE Cowhide Flogger

It doesn't matter where you fall on the BDSM spectrum, if you enjoy being flogged or doing the flogging, this toy is for you.


Womanizer InsideOut Rechargeable G-Spot and Clitoral Stimulator

Yes, we already saw a Womanizer toy on here, but that PleasureAir Technology is really something else. Combine that with a G-spot stimulator and the toy that was actually created to help women who have orgasm difficulty, and you have a five-star masterpiece.


Candy Apple Wrist Restraints

If you're new to BDSM, then it's hard to be intimidated by anything with word "candy" in its name. Perhaps that's why these restraints get fives stars. Or maybe it's because it makes people think of candy apples and those are fantastic. Either way, these will meet all your restraining needs.


Vixen Mustang VixSkin Bright Realistic Suction Cup Dildo

There's something truly exciting about the Vixen Mustang VixSkin Bright Realistic Suction Cup Dildo, because not only does it have five stars, but a whopping 37 people gave it five stars — definitely the highest amount of any of the reviewed toys on this list. This dildo isn't just "basically a unicorn," as the features' description says, but is extremely lifelike, can be put anywhere is, and is great for both vaginal and anal play.


Aneros Maximus Trident

At Babeland, there's actually three prostate massagers by Aneros with five stars, so that really says something. Whether you're new to anal play or totally seasoned in it, if you or your partner have a P-spot, this toy is apparently what you want, or rather, need.


And there you have it! 21 five-star rated toys for those of you who refuse to settle for anything less.