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The Post-Quarantine Dating Rule To Follow, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

You may want to re-think some of your own rules.

by Kristine Fellizar
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When it comes to dating, the only rules you need to follow are the ones you create for yourself. And now that you're social distancing, you may want to re-think some of your own rules if you're looking to find "the one." For example, in pre-pandemic times, you may have forbidden texting an ex. But after taking some time to reflect in quarantine, you may have realized that everyone deserves a second chance — even your past flame. If you're thinking of changing your approach to dating post-quarantine, let the zodiac be your guide. According to astrologers, every sign has a post-quarantine dating rule they should try.

Astrology can be a useful tool for navigating your love life. As Alexandra Chrysohoidis, astrologer and intuitive tarot reader, tells Bustle, understanding your sun sign can bring clarity to your key traits, as well as your past relationships and current love interests. "The more you know from an elemental, symbolic, and cosmic perspective, the more you understand the influences at play in your relationships," Chrysohoidis says.

Since every sign is different, what works for one sign may not work for you. So, here's the post-quarantine dating rule you need to listen to, based on your zodiac sign.

Aries (March 21 — April 19)

As the fiery first sign of the zodiac, you've been itching to get back out there for a while now. You're known for your fast-moving, passionate, and impulsive nature. But as astrologer Arriana Fox tells Bustle, your love life can actually benefit from taking your time. "Slow it down so you can genuinely match with those that can appreciate your creative and impulsive energy," Fox says.

Taurus (April 20 — May 20)

As a fixed sign, you tend to be very set in your ways. You hate change, and you do things at your own pace. You're a big homebody, so being in quarantine was no problem for you. However, if you want a chance at finding love post-quarantine, Chrysohoidis says to "take small steps to broaden your scope post-quarantine; go to new places, and meet new faces."

Gemini (May 21 — June 20)

As a Gemini, duality and flexibility are your strengths. You can be playful one minute and serious the next, depending on who you’re with. You’re known for being charming, flirty, and well-liked by others. However, you also change your mind a lot. If you want to find dating success post-quarantine, proceed carefully and don’t be so quick to write people off. “Look both ways before jumping back into the dating pool, or you’ll end up wondering what you missed later on,” Fox says.

Cancer (June 21 — July 22)

You’re sensitive, caring, and tend to gravitate toward people who need love and inner healing. While there’s nothing wrong with helping someone, just be sure you’re investing your energy into the right people. According to Fox, “You can save yourself the pain later by choosing wisely now. Find the one who matches you and not just the wounded one who needs your tender loving care.”

Leo (July 23 — August 22)

After being in quarantine for months, you’re ready to get back out in the spotlight. Typically, you prefer people who are just as outgoing, wild, and fun as you. But according to Fox, it may be time to change your type. “Don’t overlook the quiet ones post-quarantine,” she says. “They won’t steal your spotlight and will be as wise as you.”

Virgo (August 23 — September 22)

Out of all the zodiac signs, you’ll be one of the last ones to leave quarantine. Your health and wellness are top priorities for you, and you won’t risk that for just anyone. Once you decide it’s finally time for you to leave the house, stick with that decision. “You can do it,” Fox says. “Get out of the comfy PJs and reach out to others. It is time to meet and greet, and you’re great at first impressions.”

Libra (September 23 — October 22)

As a Libra, you’re known for being a little too indecisive. Even if you’re interested in meeting up with someone in person, you’ll likely spend days weighing whether or not to actually go through with it. Unlike Virgo, who won't leave the house due to health concerns, you’ll hesitate to meet someone because you feel like your dating skills have become rusty in quarantine. So, your post-quarantine dating rule is to stop overthinking and just get out the door. “Act don’t think, and others will see you glow,” Fox says.

Scorpio (October 23 — November 21)

You may not have had any trouble staying home by yourself when quarantine started. But you’re a very physical sign — if you've been in lockdown by yourself, you’re likely craving human touch. The good news is, you can get your fill post-quarantine. “Just remember to pace yourself,” Fox says. “There are many varieties to try, so sample all until you find your favorite flavor.” Also, make it a point to be honest with the people you start talking to. If you're not interested in a relationship post-quarantine, they deserve to know that.

Sagittarius (November 22 — December 21)

You’re not the first sign to get stuck on the past. In fact, you’re known for being an adventurous world-traveler. Staying stuck at home for a long period of time can make you feel very much unlike yourself. If quarantine has made you long for an ex, it’s in your best interest to just leave the past behind. “Post-quarantine, you’ll be waving your magic manifesting wand for love and happiness,” Chrysohoidis says. Someone new and amazing is on the horizon if you remain open to it.

Capricorn (December 22 — January 19)

Everyone knows that you’re ambitious and dedicated to your work. Even in quarantine, you’re still that sign who puts in extra hours to finish your projects. But if you want to find dating success post-quarantine, it’s time to leave the building and stop working. “Put that browser window down, get out and let the sunshine point you in the direction of fun,” Fox says. If you stop making excuses not to go out, you may find someone you actually like.

Aquarius (January 20 — February 18)

As an Aquarius, you pride yourself on being unique. There are so few like you, and so many that want to get to know you. While you like to do things on your own, Fox says your post-quarantine dating rule should be to reach out and “dazzle” others seeking fun and change. “You’ll see that you have many options to explore,” she says.

Pisces (February 19 — March 20)

You’re a total romantic who loves being in relationships. You tend to wear your heart on your sleeve, give your love freely, and put other’s needs before your own. Post-quarantine, Fox says it’s time to put yourself first. “Seek true love by following your heart and putting what you need first, not just what you want,” she says. The right person will come along, and you won't have to compromise.


Alexandra Chrysohoidis, astrologer and intuitive tarot reader

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