Quarantine Sucks, But These 45 Products Make It Easier

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Lockdown might've been OK for the first week or two — but after several months, I'm pretty much over it. When you've dusted all your shelves, read each book, and watched every reality TV show, what's left for you to do? Not much, as I've unfortunately discovered. That's why I like to grab a few Amazon products that make staying in easier every week; it gives me something to look forward to and breaks up the monotony that has become my daily routine.

From food choppers that inspire new recipes to cosmic lights that turn your room into a starry space, I've made sure to include a little something for everybody in this list. Prefer DIY projects to cooking? There's a terrarium kit in here that's calling your name. And if you're hoping to spend some time outside with your roommates, there's even a backyard game that's tons of fun.

Whether you're looking for ways to pass the time or just trying to learn something new, there are tons of brilliant products on Amazon that can make life just a tad bit easier. Keep scrolling to check out some of my favorites.


A Pitcher That Lets You Make Cold Brew At Home

Buying cold brew at the store quickly gets expensive, so why not make your own at home with this pitcher? You can also use it to make tea, and the fine mesh filter is reusable so you don't have to buy any replacements. It's BPA-free, and the lid is airtight to help keep your brews fresh.


A Lumbar Support Pillow Filled With Soft Memory Foam

If your back needs a little extra support, try adding this lumbar cushion to your office chair. It's filled with plush memory foam that contours to the shape of your body for extra support, and the straps are adjustable to help keep it in place without shifting.


An Herb Garden You Can Grow In Your Window

With all the supplies you need in one box, this kit makes it easier than ever to grow your own fresh herbs. You don't even need any outdoor space since the nine reusable pots will fit on most window sills, and the markers help you keep track of which herb is which. Each kit comes with nine herbs: dill, basil, chives, thyme, parsley, oregano, cilantro, sage, and mustard.


A Colorful LED Backlight You Can Add To Your TV

Why add this LED backlight to your television? Not only do you get to choose from 32 vibrant colors when setting the mood in your home, but the built-in microphone even lets you synchronize them with ambient sounds. They're dimmable to help reduce eye strain, and you can control them using the included remote.


A Tool That Lets You Open Doors Without Touching Them

There's no need to feel wary when it comes to touching public door handles these days, especially when you have this handy little door-opener tool. You can also use it as a stylus since the tip is covered in soft rubber, and it easily loops onto your key ring so that you can use it anytime.


A Bathtub Caddy Tray Made From Eco-Friendly Bamboo

With an eco-friendly bamboo platform that looks great in any bathroom, this caddy tray is a must-have for anyone who loves soaking in the tub. The arms extend to fit most tubs, and they're coated with a thin layer of silicone to help prevent them from sliding around.


An Electric Wine Aerator That Does All The Work For You

Aerating your own wine can get messy if you aren't careful, so why not save yourself some stress with this electric version? The airtight rubber seal prevents leaks, and each order also comes with a velvet carrying bag, a foil cutter, as well as a wine stopper with vacuum pump.


This Two-In-One Space Heater With A Cooling Fan That's Exceptionally Portable

If you're trying to stay toasty or cool while you're on the go, this personal space heater and fan is a great pick because it's highly portable yet pulls double duty. The miniature multitasker has two heat settings with a nuanced thermostat that automatically switches on if your space gets cold, plus it features a twofold safety shutoff in case it overheats or gets knocked over. The built-in fan is great for warmer weather, and the ergonomic carrying handle makes it easy to tote between rooms.


A Pizza Stone That Comes With A Free Peel

Home cooks and professional chefs alike can appreciate this pizza stone, as it absorbs moisture from pizza dough so that your crust cooks evenly. It's suitable for use in ovens or even grills, and each order also comes with a wooden pizza peel.


This Monitor Stand Made From Clear Acrylic

Looking for a chic monitor stand? This one is made from clear acrylic that's guaranteed to match any type of decor. There's also a storage cubby underneath where you can slide your keyboard once you're done typing, or even stash a few notebooks.


A Terrarium Kit That Brings A Touch Of Outside Indoors

If you want to appreciate nature without having to sit outside, this DIY succulent terrarium kit is a great solution. This one is perfect for beginner gardeners since you only need to water the succulent about once a week. The live plant ships fresh from Florida, and includes an amethyst crystal for added vibes. “This is so pretty once assembled. The color scheme is amazing,” one reviewer raved. “Came very well packaged and was easy to put together,” they added.


A Set Of Resistance Bands That Come In Four Strengths

Quads, calves, biceps, shoulders — you name a muscle, and these resistance bands can help get it toned. Each features a thick inner layer made with non-slip latex so that you're not stuck constantly readjusting them, and they're extra-wide so that they won't curl over themselves while you exercise. Closing in on 10,000 ratings, they have a nearly-perfect 4.8 star average.


A Wobble Cushion That Helps Activate Your Core

By sitting on this wobble cushion, your abdominals are forced to constantly activate in order to keep you upright. It's also great for physical therapy or as a quick floor cushion in a pinch — and unlike other cushions, this one comes pre-inflated, as well as with a hand pump.


The Conditioning Hair Mask Made Without Silicones Or Parabens

If your strands are looking a little worse for wear, you can't go wrong with a deep conditioning mask like this one. A little goes a long way, and it's formulated with a mix of B vitamins, biotin, and algae in order to help repair damaged hair. The best part? It's completely cruelty-free as well as absent in any silicones or parabens.


This Gorgeous 2022 Planner With Room For Notes & Goals

This 2022 planner makes it easy to stay on top of your schedule while giving you room to write your notes and goals. There are even places to store contact information, and it's all held together with sturdy spiral binding. Plus, it offers several pretty covers that make planning your week feel like something to look forward to.


The Cornhole Set That's Collapsible

Lugging around a wooden cornhole set isn't always easy, but this collapsible set comes neatly packaged in a convenient carrying case. It's made from lightweight, yet sturdy PVC plastic — and it easily assembles in just a few minutes. The best part? It weighs less than 10 pounds.


A Pair Of Moisturizing Socks Infused With Jojoba Oil And Vitamin E

Got dry feet? Just pop these moisturizing socks on. They're infused with hydrating jojoba oil as well as vitamin E, and you don't need to wear them all day long — just at night while you're sleeping. One size fits most, and they're reusable for up to 40 sessions.


A Pack Of Colorful Smart Light Bulbs That Are Compatible With Alexa, Siri, And More

Just pair these smart light bulbs with your favorite assistant (they work with Siri, Alexa, Google Home, and Echo) and you'll be able to control them using voice commands without having to get up off the couch. You also have the option of controlling them via a downloadable app on your phone — and with 16 million different LED colors to choose from, setting the mood has never been easier.


These Sliding Webcam Covers For In-Between Zoom Calls

If you want to keep your webcam covered in between video calls, you can easily do so with the help of these webcam covers. Simply use the attached adhesive to stick one of the covers onto your computer camera and slide it back and forth when needed. This pack comes with four colors: black, white, teal, and pink.


The Rainfall Shower Head That's Easy To Install

Without any tools required, this rainfall shower head is incredibly easy to install — just screw it on, and you're ready to go. The arm is adjustable so you can shorten or lengthen it to fit your shower, and the whole unit is made from rust-resistant stainless steel.


This Food Chopper Made With Stainless Steel Blades

Tired of slicing away at all your vegetables? Then it might be time to upgrade to this food chopper. Each order comes with three interchangeable blades that let you chop and dice your ingredients, and they're made from stainless steel that's resistant to rust. Use the system for soft cheeses, vegetables, fruits, and more.


These Ice Molds That Let You Make Frozen Shot Glasses

Looking for a fun way to spice up a party or happy hour? Search no further than this shot glass ice mold. Each tray lets you make up to four glasses, and it's made from flexible silicone so that it's easy to pop your glasses out once they're frozen.


Aromatherapeutic Shower Fizzies With Essential Oils From The U.K.

If you prefer showers over baths, then you'll probably love these shower fizz tablets. Similar to bath fizzies, they'll release pleasant scents as you suds. Each one is made with eucalyptus and peppermint essential oils sourced from the United Kingdom that promise to relieve everything from stress to congestion — while filling your bathroom with a heavenly scent.


These Lightning Cables That Are Extra-Long

You don't have to leave your phone across the room while it's charging — just plug it into one of these lightning cables. Unlike regular ones, these cables are 10 feet long so that you can use your phone on the couch while charging it, and the connection points are reinforced to help prevent any frays. You can also get their extra-long USB-C charger for the rest of your tech.


The Screen Protector That Filters Out Stressful Blue Light

The blue light produced by electronic screens can leave your eyes feeling fatigued, so why not help yourself and your screen with this protector? It filters out blue light while reducing glare, and it's almost completely transparent so that it doesn't affect your ability to read text or watch videos.


These Screen Cleaners For Everything From TVs To Laptops

You can't use regular cleaning sprays on delicate television and computer screens, but these large wipes are made for them. They're pre-moistened with a purified water formula that's ammonia- and alcohol-free, yet they're still potent enough that they easily wipe away dirt and grease.


A Pack Of Dividers To Help Organize Your Drawers

If your drawers are jumbled and messy, these dividers make it easy to get everything neatly sorted. I use mine to organize my kitchen utensil drawers, though they also work great with pants, socks, scarves, shirts, and more. The soft foam ends won't damage your drawers, and you have the option of four colors: white, gray, chocolate, smoke, or black.


The Weighted Blanket That Won't Leave You Overheated

Even though this weighted blanket sounds like it'll be hot to sleep under, in reality it's made with breathable fabric that won't leave you feeling overheated. The stitched pockets throughout ensure that the glass bead fillings stay evenly distributed, and it's even safe to put into the washer on the gentle cycle.


A Phone Stand That's Compatible With All Smartphone Brands

Not all stands will fit all phones, whereas this universal model can handle any phone or tablet up to 10.5 inches. It's made from sturdy aluminum alloy that won't buckle under pressure, and the viewing angle is also adjustable.


These Mask Extenders That Take Pressure Off Your Ears

If the straps on your face masks leave your ears feeling sore, why not grab this pack of extenders? In foolproof Velcro, these really couldn’t be any easier. They're designed to fit most masks, and gently shift your straps so that they don't put pressure on your ears. They're made from soft fabric that won’t catch on long hair, and machine washable so you can use them again and again.


The Outlet Tower That's Perfect For Home Offices

Most power strips only feature outlets, whereas this outlet tower has eight outlets and five USB ports. The power cable is extra-long so that you can use it all around your home without having to make a daisy chain, and the upright design helps save you space.


An Electric Fly Swatter That's Genuinely Easy To Use

I've used an electric fly swatter, so I can personally confirm that it makes eliminating pests so easy. Just turn it on and swat the bug; the electric network in the middle of the mesh should do the rest. The battery is rechargeable via USB, and many reviewers described it as "satisfying."


The Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker You Can Use In The Shower

Most speakers that I know of are only splash-proof, whereas this Bluetooth one is so waterproof you can use it in the shower. It has a range of up to 33 feet, and the battery lasts for up to 10 hours when fully charged. Keep it in the bathroom, or even bring it with you to a day at the beach.


A Projector That Adds The Night Sky To Any Room

Drift off into blissful slumber as this projector unleashes the night sky into your room. You can also use it to dine underneath the stars without having to sit outside — and one reviewer even raved, "I love ambiance and when I partner this cosmic projector (which is what I think it should be called!), with my sound machine that plays crickets, it takes me to another place of altered consciousness."


A Swivel Cheese Board That Comes With A Ton Of Accessories

Not only is this cheese board made from gorgeous Acacia wood, but each order also comes with three stainless steel serving knives as well as three ceramic serving bowls. The top swivels out so that you can easily store the knives underneath — and at less than $60, it's a total steal.


A Foot Rest With A Pebbled Surface For Foot Massages

Simply put this foot rest underneath your chair, and the added slant can help improve blood circulation while you're seated. It can even help soothe back pain, and you can use the pebbled surface to massage your feet if you take your shoes off.


This Sun Shade That Won't Stop Cool Breezes From Flowing Through

Whereas most shades are made from thick, dense material, this one is breathable so that you don't have to sacrifice airflow for sun protection. Rain also passes through so you don't have to worry about water pooling in it, and there are five colors to choose from: sand, dark gray, light gray, scarlet, and rust red.


A Pack Of Stress Balls That Comes With 3 Densities

Just give these stress balls a few squeezes, and they can help increase blood flow to your hands, fingers, and forearms. They're made from durable rubber that won't pop or tear no matter how hard you press, and they come in three densities: soft, medium, and hard.


A Book Light That Produces A Soft Amber Glow

Harsh white light can be too bright for reading, whereas this clip-on lamp produces a soft amber glow that makes it easy to see the pages. The flexible gooseneck can be pointed in any direction, and the battery lasts for up to 30 hours before it needs to be recharged.


This Foam Roller Set That Helps Soothe Sore Muscles

You don't have to shell out hundreds for a professional massage — just grab this foam roller set for less than $40. Each order comes with a heavy-duty roller as well as a targeted massage stick, stretching strap, and two types of massage balls. It's great for warming up before a workout, or even just stimulating blood flow to your muscles — and everything stows neatly inside the roller when you’re finished.


The Sleep Mask That Won't Put Too Much Pressure On Your Eyes

Unlike most sleep masks, this one features extra cushioning on the inside that serves as a buffer for your eyes so that you don't feel any uncomfortable pressure. Invented by an insomnia sufferer, you can “rest” assured it does the trick. The strap is adjustable for added comfort, and the wrap-around design helps ensure that all light is blocked out — it even helps muffle noise.


These Wireless Earbuds With More Than 60,000 Perfect Reviews

Looking for a pair of wireless earbuds that won't break the bank? These Bluetooth ones are not only waterproof, but the rechargeable battery also lasts for up to six hours (or up to 30 hours when used with the case). Each order comes with four sizes of silicone ear tips, and many reviewers raved about the amount of functionality and crisp, clear sound they packed.


These Charcoal Bags That Absorb Unwanted Odors

Put them in your closet, your car, or even put these charcoal odor absorbers in your kitchen anytime you get a whiff of something. They're eco-friendly as well as reusable for up to two years — and if they ever lose their absorptive properties, simply leave them out in direct sunlight for a few hours to "recharge" them.


A Pack Of Produce Savers That Come With 8 Refills

While many produce savers require you to buy refills, this two-pack includes eight refills to help save you money. They're able to help keep your fruits and vegetables fresh for up to three times longer than usual, and each one lasts for about three months before it needs to be replaced.


This Bowl With A Built-In Dip Compartment

With a convenient dip server built into the lid, this bowl is great for everything from salads to guacamole. It's BPA-free as well as shatter-resistant, and it works great as a housewarming gift since it's functional and stylish.

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