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This TikTok Trend Is A Quick Fix For The Sunday Scaries

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A screenshot of a "reset day" TikTok. The "reset day" tiktok trend is all about hitting the pause bu...

If you’re prone to the Sunday scaries, a scroll through the more ASMR-y corners of your For You page might be the perfect antidote to your end-of-the-week spiral. There’s something undeniably therapeutic about watching a grocery haul transition into a color-coded pantry cabinet, or feeling vicariously pampered by a step-by-step skincare routine. But there’s one new CleanTok trend that will encourage you to tackle your Sunday scaries proactively. Enter: The reset day.

A “reset day” TikTok is kind of like a “Sunday routine” TikTok, but practiced on any day, and in any way. And it’s a hit with TikTokers who feel that their lifestyle is in need of a quick touch-up. The #ResetDay hashtag has been used in over 3 million videos, with some of the most popular reset day TikToks garnering over 100k views. Reset day videos might show users making their bed with fresh sheets, or wiping down their whole house, or restocking odds and ends around the house — all set to mellow tunes.

Whether you’re looking for inspo on how you can implement your own reset day routine, or are just ready for a new soothing corner of TikTok to scroll through, here’s everything you need to know about the reset day TikTok trend.

What Is A Reset Day?

A reset day is exactly what you need it to be. It’s the practice of dedicating a full day to “resetting” whichever parts of your life feel off-kilter. This could just mean cleaning up after a disorganized weekend, or making a new to-do list for the week ahead. However, it could also commence a full lifestyle overhaul if someone is using a reset day to kick off a new routine.

Most reset day TikToks take place on a weekend, with Sunday being the most popular day. (For obvious reasons, like prepping for the work week or doing that load of laundry you’ve been putting off.)

Reset Day TikTok Examples

One of the best parts of a reset day is that a “reset” can mean whatever you want. And Reset Day TikToks can vary a lot in this way.

Of course, there’s the hyper-productive reset day, complete with a visit to the gym, full-home cleanup, and weekly to-do list. But there’s also been a rise in self-care reset days, designated for journaling, skincare, candle-lighting, cookie baking, and more.

Some users have made hyper-specific reset days, making it especially helpful for those with a similar lifestyle. For instance, there’s the college student reset day — complete with cleaning one’s dorm and hitting the library. Or, there’s the nap-sized reset for moms whose free time is limited to their baby’s sleep schedule.

As one would guess, the New Year has fostered many resolution and renewal-oriented reset days. And, as the trend has developed, some users have come up with innovative resets that don’t take a full day — like this quick and approachable creative reset that just calls for your favorite song and some carefree doodling.

Even if your dream reset day involves cutting down on screen time, a quick scroll through reset day TikTok is sure to offer some inspiration for your reset routine.