Naomi Campbell's Skincare Routine Is Surprisingly Achievable

And involves a £10 face toner.

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Naomi Campbell has always been pretty private when it came to her skincare routine. However, last year she began to lift the lid on what keeps her looking so fresh. First, the supermodel shared some of her top secrets with Vogue, in a video that showcased her go-to beauty routine. And then Naomi Campbell revealed her night-time skincare routine for 2021 on her very own YouTube channel. I've broken it down so you can copy it in the hopes of getting skin as glorious as hers.

In the YouTube video, Campbell was joined by her friend, comedian Elsa Majimbo (who you may recognise from TikTok and Insta) to share her 2021 nighttime skincare routine in the early hours of Jan. 1, 2021 (6 a.m., to be exact). She talks Majimbo (and her followers) through the nightly regime, which consists of some top makeup-removing tips, plenty of masks, and the £10 zinc spray Naomi is known to love. The next morning, the pair get up to follow Naomi’s morning-after routine, which focuses on re-hydration and sheet masking, sheet masking, sheet masking.

As mentioned, Campbell has previously been pretty tight-lipped about her routine, but, as 2021 goes on, she’s been increasingly open about her top tips and insights. For example, during her recent home tour with Architectural Digest (at her luxury villa in Malindi, Kenya), Campbell revealed she does not sleep with air-con on, as she believes it gives her wrinkles. She explained: “I just love this room, it's just chilled. We have air conditioning. I don't personally sleep in air conditioning. I don't like it, it gives wrinkles, I believe.”

If you want to know her in-depth nightly routine more, I’ve studied her January YouTube video in depth and laid out each step of this covetable routine for you, but it’s totally worth watching the clip yourself for the full effect, too.

Now, do we dare to dream that one day we might have skin as amazing as Naomi’s?

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Here’s hoping…

Night time

1. A makeup removing mist

Naomi begins by removing her makeup, and she says her current go-to is the ONE/SIZE by Patrick Starrr GO OFF Makeup Dissolving Mist, along with the accompanying makeup wipes. The mist can be sprayed all over the face, or onto the wipes, which Naomi does to avoid her semi-perm lashes coming off. Sadly, you can't seem to buy the spray in the UK, but the wipes (which Naomi praises for being huge), are available.

2. Makeup removing cotton buds

Next up, Naomi removes her eye makeup in a pretty unique way. She takes some makeup removing cotton buds (cotton buds doused in a formula that dissolves eye makeup) and directly goes over her mascara, shadow, and liner. She doesn't name a brand but I've sourced an affordable alternative.

3. Zinc spray

Naomi is a BIG fan of La Roche Posay's Serozinc spray, which she uses generously all over her face. Zinc, she says, as an ingredient is "like magic."

4. A gentle toner

The supermodel then uses a gentle toner on her skin, which she applies with a cotton pad. Again, she keeps the brand under wraps, so sub in your fave such as Colossol's milk.

5. A night mask

Naomi says she tends to use a mask everyday, and sometimes two per day. She prefers a cream formula at night time, so that it can be left on to sink in as she sleeps. There are plenty of great overnight masks out there; I like this one by Glow Recipe.

6. A spray of hydration

Naomi finishes her routine with a spray gadget, which looks like it could be a beauty airbrush machine, which mists hydrating serum onto her skin.

Morning time

1. A magical essential oil concoction

The star wakes up and mixes a range of essential oils and acids together (one of which is rose oil) and pats it all over into her skin. She doesn't specify which rose oil she uses, but this Neal's Yard Remedies option promises to give your skin the hydration boost it needs first thing.

2. Activation spray & sheet masking

After using an "activation spray" (try Epara's hydrating mist), she applies a sheet mask, then leaves it on for the required time period.

3. More hydration spray

What follows is more of the magical hydration spray, after she has massaged the remaining sheet mask residue into skin (being sure to always use an upwards motion on the neck).

4. Ginseng eye cream

Naomi finishes with some ginseng eye cream. She doesn't reveal which one, but the Origins formula is always a great option.

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