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Try These 4 Rituals For Manifesting Abundance During The Holiday Season

Here's how to get everything on your wishlist.

Try these rituals for manifesting abundance during the holiday season
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There’s just something special about the holiday season. Between long-awaited reunions with loved ones, creating new festive traditions, and the small magical moments in between, it’s easy to see why this jovial time brings the perfect energy to attract luck and fortune. During a season all about giving, why not sprinkle a bit of abundance into your life through manifestation, too?

Essentially, manifestation is the idea of actualizing your ultimate desires by believing that they’re already true. That includes attracting your dream partner or landing the biggest role in your career by basically faking it until you make it. Alyse Bacine, a breathwork practitioner and spiritual mentor, says the first step toward manifesting what you want is to acknowledge that there’s plenty of magic to go around.

“[A scarcity mindset] tells us that we are limited, that we can only have so much, that if we have one thing, we can't have another,” Bacine says. “In order to more easily manifest, we want to check in with ourselves when we go into scarcity thinking, adjust, and then make decisions or take actions from a positive, energetic place.” If you want to bring abundance into your life, you have to believe it’s possible.

The holiday season might be about generosity, but it can also instill an insatiable desire for more, bigger, and better. According to Bacine, repeating mantras like, "everything I spend comes back to me ten-fold" or "I always have more than enough time, money, and energy to do the things I desire” can help you avoid feeling overwhelmed. This also opens you up to receive the gifts you speak out into Universe.

Whether you’re trying to gain more self-confidence, manifest financial prosperity, or host and attend all of the holiday parties, we’ve got you covered. Here are four rituals you can practice now to help you attract abundance this holiday season.

Rituals To Manifest Abundance During The Holidays

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Practice Daily Abundance Affirmations

One of the most powerful ways to manifest is by repeating what you want. Roxie Nafousi, a manifestation coach and author of Manifest: 7 Steps To Living Your Best Life, suggests reciting mantras like, “I am ready to receive abundance,” or “I am deserving of abundance.”

Don’t stop there, though. Pick a certain area of your life and visualize what an improved version of it looks like and feels like. Write these descriptions down, then post them somewhere you’ll see them often, like your bathroom mirror or front door.

“You could tailor the affirmations to love, for example, and say ‘I am ready to meet my soulmate,’” manifesting expert Roxie Nafousi tells Bustle. Whatever you pick, be adamant about repeating these statements often.

Affirm The Abundance You Already Have

If you want to let the Universe know you’re ready to attract abundance, it helps to acknowledge the blessings it’s already given you. “If we train our brain to focus on the good in our lives and seeing how much we already have, we naturally feel more abundant,” Nafousi says. She suggests writing five things you’re grateful for every night.

If you’re ready to manifest a relationship, Nafousi says, “You could practice gratitude for yourself and all that you have to offer a future partner.” If you want to manifest money, you can thank the Universe for the financial blessings you've received in your life, the work you’ve done, and your profitable skills.

Set Abundant Intentions

Being intentional forces you to build a clearer picture of what you actually want. If you’re hoping to have safe and fun holiday parties, for example, Bacine recommends setting that intention right before you walk into each event. “Close your eyes, take a few breaths to ground yourself, and set an intention like, ‘This event is going to turn out better than I can imagine,’” she says.

Is love on your mind this season? Next time you’re getting ready for a date, visualize what you want to come out of it. If you want a promotion or a new side hustle, repeat your intentions while you’re tackling a project at work or dreaming up new income streams.

Try The Cinnamon Ritual For Abundance

With money being at the top of everyone’s mind this holiday, who wouldn’t want to manifest more of it in their lives? Cinnamon has long been used in rituals to ward off negativity and attract prosperity (and not to mention, it’s a staple spice for the holidays). But it can be used for pretty much anything you want to manifest. On TikTok, influencer Mary Renée claimed this ritual helped her earn over $30,000 in three months.

To perform the cinnamon ritual, take a quarter and a bottle of cinnamon. Place the quarter on the ground outside your front door. Then, pour the cinnamon on top of the quarter. Pick the quarter up and while at your entryway, repeat an affirmation such as, “I attract prosperity, a promotion, and financial abundance,” or “Money comes to me naturally.” Next, blow the cinnamon off the quarter, and finally, place the quarter outside your front door overnight.

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Alyse Bacine, breathwork practitioner and spiritual mentor

Roxie Nafousi, a manifestation coach and author of Manifest: 7 Steps To Living Your Best Life