The 777 Manifesting Method Is Popular On TikTok For A Good Reason

Seven is the number of abundance, after all

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A screenshot of TikTok user @babywitchred's 777 manifesting method, which is going viral on tiktok.
Screenshot via TikTok

If TikTok’s algorithm has led you down the #witchtok rabbit hole, you’re probably already aware of the fundamentals of manifesting — you set intentions, visualize what you want with all your might, and journal or speak about your wishes as if they’ve already come true. Most practitioners will tell you that manifesting requires patience, but there’s a particularly effective manifestation technique making waves on TikTok with claims of near-immediate results, and it’s called the 777 method. TikTok users are looking to the power of the number seven to attract anything from getting their crushes to text them to gaining academic success.

What methods you use to manifest really depend on what you have handy, but most of the time, all you need is a clear vision of what you want to attract and the will to take action on them. The 777 system, popularized by user @babywitchred, has been said by many TikTok users to be a quick way to ignite success, like growing your business or attracting financial abundance. Videos tagged #777method have over 10 million views. One video from @babywitchred from August 2021 shows over 30 screenshots from conversations with people claiming the 777 method worked for them.

Even if you’re not totally sold by the rapid-fire success of the 777 manifesting technique, it’s still worth it to try, especially if you need your goals taken care of on the quick. you’re particularly impatient. Keep reading to find out how to properly execute the 777 manifesting method.

How To Do The 777 Method

Before you begin with any kind of manifestation practice, start off with setting intentions. Ask yourself the reasons behind your desires. What are your intentions behind attracting that job you applied for, or wanting that cutie from the coffee shop to DM you? Your intentions lay the groundwork for your desires to materialize. Once you can coherently define what you want and the context behind it, your manifestations become clearer, too.

Once you clarified your intentions, you can start the 777 method. With notebook paper and a pen, write out a specific person’s first and last name seven times (or your own if you’re manifesting money or good grades). Then, write an action or feeling you want to evoke in someone seven times. For example, in the August 2021 video with 8.5 million views that catalyzed the trend, @babywitchred writes “[A specific person] is heavily obsessed with me.” If you have a more entrepreneurial objective of attracting booming business, you might write something like, “My Depop is going viral.”

Next, you want to jot down a small description of the expectations you want to come out of your manifestations. For love, @thiccmetalbarbie suggests you might want to write something like “[A specific person] is reaching for their phone to call me right now.” If you’re trying to attract money, @dptmanifestation suggests writing in the third person about yourself and jotting down a manifestation like, “Money comes to [your name] easily,” or “[Your name] is getting richer by the second.” While many users leave it at that, you can also burn the paper once it’s done or sleep with it underneath their pillow — it’s up to you and what you’re comfortable with.

Why The 777 Method Works

In numerology, the number seven is all about spirituality and unveiling truths hidden in our subconscious. As astrologer Erin River Sunday previously told Bustle, the number seven’s energy is all about intellect and deep spiritual wisdom, so the angel number 777 is a symbol of divine guidance.

If you don’t think your manifestations are coming to fruition, know that what you’re trying to attract might not always materialize in the way you expect. Sometimes it arrives in subtle ways. For example, @hennysobackup says if you’re attracting money, it might come to you in the form of a friend paying for your lunch, not a billion-dollar deposit in your bank account. Take notice of the little things and express gratitude for them.

It takes time, patience, and hard work to really see your desires manifest. But if you’re in a hurry or haven’t had luck with other approaches, the 777 method is always available to supercharge your manifestations.

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