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These Are Scorpio's Erogenous Zones, According To Astrologers

They're very hands-on partners and enjoy physical touch.

by Kristine Fellizar
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Knowing how to turn on the sexy scorpion of the zodiac can be a big mystery for some. After all, Scorpios are known for being extremely private, and are very careful about what they reveal to others. It's one of the reasons why many find Scorpios so alluring. Sure, they can be slow to let go in bed as well. But if you can stimulate Scorpio's erogenous zones, you can bring out the intense, dominant, and passionate side of your Scorpio partner.

Each sign in the zodiac is associated with at least one part of the body. Scorpio is one of the most sexual signs in the zodiac. "As Scorpio is associated with sexuality, it's only natural for this sign to rule over the organs of procreation, the genitals, and the womb," professional astrologer Esoteric Esa, tells Bustle.

They're very hands-on partners and enjoy physical touch. According to Esa, they're incredibly skilled in bed and are known for their high sex drive. Skin-to-skin connection is a must for this Water sign, and there should be no fear or holding back if you truly want to satisfy them in bed.

"Scorpio will drive you to passions you haven't known existed, but trust must be involved as they don't just let anyone in," astrologer Arriana Fox tells Bustle. "They tend to be discreet, so reading them can be challenging for many signs."

Fortunately, astrology can help you figure out the key to unlocking Scorpio's pleasure. So here are Scorpio's erogenous zones, according to astrologers.


While the genital area is an erogenous zone for many, it's the part of the body that's most associated with Scorpio. According to astrologer Clarisse Monahan, it's an extra sensitive area for them in particular. "Scorpio may try to get straight down to business, discarding foreplay," Monahan says. "Luke warm, tepid encounters do nothing for them. They like to be touched with the same intensity they dole out to their partners." So if you want to leave your Scorpio satisfied, go after what you want and don't hold back. They definitely won't.


Scorpios have a way of drawing people in with just a gaze. According to Esa, "They're able to captivate others through their eyes and can seduce simply by the way they stare deeply into another's soul." Maintaining eye contact while you're stimulating their other erogenous zones can really rev them up. They'll also love it if you keep eye contact during sex. It's one way for them to feel a deeper connection with you.


The neck is a secret sensitive spot on Scorpio's body that you should definitely focus on. Running your hand along the nape, or kissing and licking their neck will get their attention quick. "These are discreet moves, but it says so much to your Scorpio partner, as they tend to have a hidden erogenous zone within that area that stirs their senses and brings them to their knees," Fox says. Take it nice and slow, and tease them a bit. Although Scorpio prefers getting right down to it, they'll find it thrilling to be under your control for once.


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